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Requests / first season: To Love-Ru Blu-ray 1080p hi10p and/or 8bit.
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:29:46 pm »
Hi everyone ^ ^.

So, today, I just wonder if it was possible to release the first season of To Love Ru Blu-Ray, which isn't on the net ...
I would finally be able to complete this series, because I took your episodes of Motto To Love Ru 1080p, I also expect you To love Ru Darkness 1080p hi10p ... so I have the last two seasons in 1080p but not the first, so that it is also available in Blu-Ray ^ ^ so here it tightened really admirable if you go out in the first season bluray 1080p too ^ ^
-to prove it exists, here two links;

-> #


thank a lot

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