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Evil's Gratitude / Side Story: Exploration
« on: April 13, 2012, 03:07:38 am »
This section is unrelated to the main plot, but rather, side stories where you may explore the Dark City or the real world city. You are not limited to these two areas, of course. Basically, if you want to write a story that doesn't coincide with the current plot, toss it in here.

Evil's Gratitude / [RP] Enter the Cursed City
« on: April 03, 2012, 05:25:27 am »
The woman trudged through the crowded street, the hood of her jacket pulled up, and sunglasses concealing her features. Her body seemed to hum of its own accord, vibrating with a hidden energy, and people edged away from her slightly as if detecting it. Not that they could actually hear it, she mused. No, only she could, and only because she felt the vibrations in her very bones, nerve endings carrying the shock impulses throughout her frame. Hazel eyes, now a shade of golden brown, gleamed with a sardonic light as she walked with no real direction, lost in thought.

The portal opened and she stepped through, her disappearance completely unnoticed by passers-by, herself barely noticing the transition. She’d stepped into this parallel dimension where only the Cursed –others who had been “blessed” by the devil – could walk. She knew there were others here, as she had seen several before. This was the place where their souls gathered, though she knew not why. Perhaps this was their hell. It was a fair replica of the “real” city, she thought. Or perhaps the city was a replica of this one. Mirrored worlds were so bothersome that way. She pulled her left hand from her pocket, skin sparkling with what at first appeared to be body glitter as she angled her arm to check her watch.

Turning her hand over, she studied the large reddish crystal that filled the center of her palm, scraping a fingernail against the stuff. Despite the dense solidity, the crystal remained flexible, to a degree, as it was still part of her flesh. New crystal structures formed at the tips of her fingers, which she pressed together to create a single mass. Gazing flatly at the growing crystal, she watched as the slightly irregular orb disconnected from her body and fell into her other outstretched palm. She tucked the gem into her pocket with a sigh. At least she had a new piece to sell when she got back to the real world.

Evil's Gratitude / [RPG] Evil's Gratitude OOC
« on: April 03, 2012, 04:46:31 am »

You awaken in the middle of the park. It’s nearly dawn. You wonder to yourself, “How did I get here?” And then memory comes rushing back.

Last night, you had gone for a walk, and encountered someone in trouble. Unthinking, you had gone to their aid, and were offered a gift in thanks. “Alas,” they told you, “You have aided a denizen of hell.” It turns out that a gift from an evil being is actually a curse upon your mortal self.

Your soul now belongs to a demon, and your body has been warped and changed. Will the curse twist your mind as well? Will you become a slave to your curse, or will you master it? Can you find your way out of the darkness that has come from Evil’s Gratitude?

World and Background
Our stories will be set in two areas: The Real World and the Dark City. Please note the location you will be set before beginning of your post to avoid confusion. The Dark City is a portion of hell that is ruled by the devil that has cursed each human character. Minor demons inhabit this area, as do those humans who have completely succumbed to their curse, and these individuals may help or hinder your efforts.

Hell is divided into several sectors, each ruled by its own devil. These devils are constantly battling one another for power and territory, using the souls of humans they have cursed, as well as their minor demon minions. The devil who is most involved here seeks a champion to fight for him and destroy his rivals within and outside his realm. People are drawn randomly into the Dark City, and are randomly sent back to the real world. Whether this is caused by wandering portals or purely the machinations of the devil is uncertain. It may even be both.

As another plot aspect, human characters who meet one another may send emails to one another as part of the story. You may use these as introductions or conclusions to your posts. This section may or may not become a separate section.

Technical Info
This is not a D&D style roleplay, but purely story-telling. There are no dice and no stats, but rather, you tell the story in the style of a novel where your character is the protagonist. We're all telling the same tale from different perspectives. Because of the settings, each of our characters should be in some way useful to the group: powerful, intelligent, possessing some essential skill, whatever you come up with. Your common sense (and my judgement) shall be the limit to how powerful your character can be. Your character may be human or demon, or even a half breed or angel if you so choose, but know that your character isn't invincible. This is our Out-of-Character thread, everything but the RP itself goes here, including your characters. I'll create a separate thread for the RP.

Guidelines (As presented by Krozam)
- I am the Game Master, and my word is the law.
- There's no need to limit yourself to one character, but don't create more than you can comfortably control. As the GM I'll take care of the NPC's (Non-Player Character) important to the plot, but you can create your own. If you have ideas for NPCs, we can talk.
- Joining in the middle of the game is quite possible. The game is open to all.
- No god-modding. This means that you only control your own characters (unless given permission). For example, if two Player Characters fight, the receiver will decide if the hit connects or not.
- Write in the past tense and 3rd person.
- Try to keep the OOC talk in this topic, but if you must say something OOC in the game thread, use ((double parenthesis)).
- Use your common sense
- Be respectful towards the other players. I thought this was obvious, but apparently some people need reminding.

Character sheet - Please submit your characters in this format:
Name: Please include your character's name and [screen name] for email/text communications. Please include the brackets. This is a nickname/codename for characters to refer to each other, and should refer to their curse or other major trait.
Race: Please note that angels, demons, and half-breeds will be limited.
Curse: Your character will have gained some sort of power from the devil, but this curse must also be a major flaw/weakness. As noted in the introduction, it can twist body, mind, or both. Use your imaginations, but try not to go too wild! >:D
Background/Sample RP: This can be simple or elaborate, but I would like to see around 100 words minimum.

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