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General / Artist - Fujiwara
« on: November 16, 2011, 11:22:34 pm »
Her pixiv profile for those that want to follow her:
Pictures posted here in order of oldest to newest.
Alot of these are very large and can be used as wallpapers.
I've linked the full size within each picture.

Yes these pictures have been compressed due to imgur.
If you want the uncompressed I recommend that you make a pixiv account and go to her page or
send me a pm of what picture you want and I will upload it to my minus account.
(I uploaded these with imgur because it is easy to re-size them for forum posts.)

The Harmonics Stories
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Loli / Shiroko
« on: October 13, 2011, 09:14:00 pm »
Well heres the Shiroko thread I was talking about. ^_^
There are a few pics that shouldn't be in the loli thread but since this is a large post
of the same material I wanted to keep it all together.

Loli Shiroko
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Sanbi/Shiroko with Sanbi
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Adult Shiroko/Adult with Loli
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