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Anime / Post anime spoilers here
« on: December 16, 2011, 04:58:58 am »
Not sure if this is appropriate, but I have and also seen on cbox that people often want to spoil so bad.

This thread is for all that pleasure, lets say its to relieve off that carving for spoiling others.

It's the same as if you are really angry that you maybe run around a block/house/street something like that.

I did not see this kind off thread anywhere so I might as well create one.

maybe have all the spoilers in a spoiler tag, kinda ruins it since then you can post it anywhere but still relieves you off your spoileric carving.

Also might be good to write down the name of the anime you are spoiling for those who actually want to be spoiled ^^

General Discussions / [Story] The Kingdom of Goldan
« on: November 02, 2011, 07:29:43 am »
I will probobly regreat this since I'm Infinity's favorite target but I noticed that I have a story I have been writing little by little during my free time and since i'm lazy i'm gonna copy paste it.

Please give me some mercy, I just did this as it came in my head, did not think about grammar when doing it, just a little hobby of mine.

I dont think I need to say this but this is UNFINISHED


The Kingdom of Goldan
Legends and Heroes

                          Part 1
Thousands of years ago, inside the Kingdom of Goldan People, men and women, would have learned to control and master the energies inside of them. Years of traning gave those people the ability to manipulate energies within them to control an element; Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Shadow and Light.
Only handful of people have mastered their energies, so they could do alot more with their element than other people were not able. In order to release those energies flowing inside and control an element takes years of meditating and focusing, so there was sent a letter to all the people that have mastered their element to gather at the Shrine of Honor. 36 masters, 6 of each element showed up at the Shrine and decided that more people should be able to use the gift that is locked inside. With 6 orbs they transfered all their energies into the orbs, 6 masters to 1 orb.
It took many days to completely fill the orbs with energies but when they were about to quit the orbs also absorbed the masters souls and infused their souls into the orbs, to make sure that the power inside would not be emptied. The masters still could control their own bodies but if they were to walk to far away from the orbs their bodies would evaporate.
All the orbs were scattered around the kingdom so that noone that were unworthy would gain the power. Each orb were located at a place corresponding their powers and heroes that have found the ancient power have writen scrolls and directions on where the orbs were located. Around the orbs were created shrines to hold their powers and to provide shelters for the monks that have gathered there to protect and to further nurish the orbs power.
When a person mastered their specific element they have also learned a special ability they are able to use; if you chose to go with Air you would be quicker then than anyone and be able to summon mighty wings to fly across the lands, faster then than any horse; should you have gone with Earth you would become mighty strong and be able to morph into anything by surrounding yourself with earth; Water would give you the chance to choose between the power to swim faster than anything and breath underwater but also be able to regenerate yourself and others alot quicker, and Ice, which gives you more offensive  abilities such as ice spikes but also summon ice shield which is more powerful than fire, air and water,

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