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The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: September 16, 2011, 11:28:36 am »
After checking very carefully with Nex for the exact spot, he studies the ground a bit.  Making a decision, he backs away 10 feet and gestures for someone to check for magic.  After getting indications there's none, he starts digging quietly and efficiently.  He stops every yard for checks on magic wards.  He comes across some large pieces of quarts, some twinned and twisted around each other.  He pockets them for Nex and continues to carefully dig.  After a period of time, he reaches the point just before the entrance way.  He gestures for Nex to examine the entranceway and hands to Nex the quartz pieces.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: August 27, 2011, 09:54:02 pm »
A flash of disappointment came over Harold's face and faded as quickly.  He started lifting his mattock in small movements using his wrists.  The mattock only moved an inch each time.  Harold vowed just to wait and just be patient.  He hated how everyone treated Nix.  Trick him to do something painful?  That's wrong.  Nix reminds me of my granthar, he does.  Harold started to yawn and tried to stifle it.  He wasn't very successful.  Looking around for movement, he focused on the castle, just looking for weaknesses.  Finding little, he then studied the ground, his boredom fades as he starts noting various things while keeping an ear towards Nicolaos.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:16:57 pm »
Harold looked disappointed that he couldn't take two packs but the look faded just as quickly.  He picked up his pack and adjusted it for proper fit.  He turned to the castle and examined it.  His expert eye spots a possible weakness but he won't know for sure until he got closer.  Listening to Darwin, he winced at the idea as he knew that the exposure would jeopardized the mission.  He considered a few options and puts forth some of his own, "Nicolaos, I don't know about Darwin's idea.  Normally, it'd be a good chance, however, they're going to be looking for intruders from the air.  I did see a possible weakness from here, however, I won't know until I get closer.  I'd also would like to circle the castle for better ways to get in.  My proposal is this:  I will dig under the weakly defended walls with two other people, Jimmy and someone who can sense magic.  I will have to dig slower than I normally do because of the need for silence.  I estimate that it'll take me a day of digging to get us into place."

He turned his head to the side and hawked and spat.  He turned back and said, "Another option is for me to set some explosives and bring a wall down.  That will also get us the opening we need."  He grinned with a little bit of pleasure.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: August 19, 2011, 10:47:59 pm »
Harold continued checking his pouches for holes and sturdiness.  Satisfied with them, he laid them in a pile, ready to be secreted.  He checked over his mattock for nicks and cracks.  He noted a couple but decided they weren't bad enough that he'd need to drop it off to the blacksmith.  When he does, he'll add a couple more units of weight to make it slightly heavier.  He pulled out his leather cloak and put it on.  Checking over it's pockets, he starts putting satchels of powder into various pockets, then moved a couple of katas to make sure his movements were unrestricted and silent.  Noticing a jangle, he pulled out some loose coins and put them into his money pouch.

As he picked up his mattock, Nicolaos came up, stating, "Let's go."  Harold picked up his pack and puts it on.  Holding his mattock, starts marching behind the group.  Grimly, he thought, "Another day, more shit." and sighed.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall OOC
« on: August 16, 2011, 09:17:57 am »
Same thing with explosives.  It takes time to create it and prepare it.  Corning it (getting it wet and creating cakes, letting it dry then breaking it up) also takes time.  Harold can create his own explosives but special effects he'd need to refer to an alchemist.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall OOC
« on: August 15, 2011, 08:47:03 pm »
That's fine if we're above ground.  But what if we're in confines or underground?  Just a point.  But, in any case, he'd do better having stealth.  Sneaking in and placing explosives would be his forte.  Too bad he didn't think to do that to the Usurper who kicked him out of his homeland. ;)

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall OOC
« on: August 15, 2011, 06:44:54 pm »
Septe: I like it. I suppose his role would be... navigator?

Can be a navigator but if you want him to scout, he needs to be trained.  He's got training as an sapping engineer.  Ask him to take down a castle and he will.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall OOC
« on: August 14, 2011, 10:15:00 pm »
Name:   Harold Bjornson
Gender: male
Age:     25
Race:   Human
Appearance: Blonde haired, blue eyes, a rugged handsome man with strong legs and arms.  Stands 6' 3"

Personality:  Gentle personality but plays a grouch.  True to his friends.  Does have a split personality which not checked will get him into trouble.  When he gets drunk, he'll go after the ladies and romance them.  Something in him turns on which could be magical or a curse that allows him to charm the ladies.  It's not all powerful as a strong minded woman  or a lesbian who hates men can resist it.  It's the reason why he was fleeing the country when he tried to charm a princess into bed and got caught.

Special Abilities: Direction sense, he can never get lost above ground and below.  He's also got a good knowledge of mining and can tell where the goods are in the ground.  Goods being gems and gold, not buried treasures that's not part of the ground.

Items of Interest: he's got a pick of delving from the dwarves which will dig through rock and dirt with effort.  The stronger he is, the more he can dig.  Currently, he can dig 10' x 10' cube of dirt in a few minutes and 5' x 5' cube of stone with it.  For a weapon, he uses a mattock for strength training as well as killing knights.

History: His tale is that of a prince (he's not) that has been thrown out of his country by an evil usurper (the legitimate king).  He met up with the group and fared ok but is only beginning to open up as he kept quietly to himself.  There's been only one display to the group of him getting drunk and they were surprised to see him charm the beautiful merchant woman into bed.

Games / Re: Forum RPG's, anyone?
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:09:20 am »
I'm game.  Ok.  Here's my character:  Harold Bjornson - a displaced Norwegian who's a sapper.  He's got a talent for directions so he never gets lost.  His major weakness is drinking which his personality changes to that of a dashing hero and charms the ladies.  He got caught trying to make love to the princess of Norway and got caught.  He fled Norway and is now trying to make his way.

Games / Re: With Who...
« on: July 27, 2011, 02:39:50 pm »
Fail date:  Skuld - cute but her superiority complex is irritating
Sex Once:  Urd - Dangerous but sexy
Marry:  Belldandy - Wholesome woman who'd love you with her whole heart plus she makes good food.

Edit:  Ok.  Got told had to use the right people.  Let's see:

Sex once:  Mael Strom - she's cute but doesn't really strike me as someone I'd want to marry.
Marry:  Mikan - She's very cute and her personality to me is sweet.
Fail Date:  Miku - I'm told she's from Vocaloid but since I never saw it, I have to fail date her.

Games / Re: Forum RPG's, anyone?
« on: July 24, 2011, 04:35:15 am »
I ran a superhero game with scifi and fantasy elements.  It was enormously successful as I kept bringing people back every Sunday (well most Sundays).  I'm open to anything

Games / Re: Forum RPG's, anyone?
« on: July 24, 2011, 04:16:56 am »
I'm for it.  :)  I can game master as well, depending on the system.

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