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The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: January 16, 2012, 03:25:23 pm »
Everyone seemed to be alright aside a few minor scratches so Acan shrugged and prepared to continue. He decided to stay at the back of the group again, since he didn't have the time to watch for traps, as he was tracing for magic in the near vicinity. He was getting an ominous feeling, which got even stronger as he glanced at Nex who seemed even more removed from the world than usual, so he felt the need to be extremely careful for anything magical.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: November 28, 2011, 12:35:45 am »
Acan stood near the entrance to the tunnel as everyone woke up and waited until most people had walked past. He joined on the tail of the group, pretty much alongside Nex. He didn't pay much attention to Nicolaos as the man gave his instructions. Acan knew exactly what was expected of him in just about any situation, and he had become very good at doing exactly as expected through the last dozen years.

Instead, Acan focused on the small stone in his, hand which would reveal any magical ward or trap on the way of the group. The rest hopefully would take care of the less familiar kind of traps, he thought... Just as someone's warning and a series of other noises reached his ears. Cursing the man set his back against the wall on his side and looked up from the stone, to see almost everyone take cover in a similar manner.

At first he thought that no bolts had come so far, but then he realized he'd heard a thud slightly behind himself and turned his eyes just in time to see Nex throw the bolt away. Acan frowned at this, but decided to say nothing in the end, knowing that Nex might not exactly appreciate any attempts to help. This wound would hardly be worse than all the others before it. The man sighed sadly at these thoughts coursing through his head as he looked at the old mage.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: September 20, 2011, 07:47:12 pm »
Acan grunted slightly at Nicolaos' instructions. He might have told the man something about having done the same sort of stuff for the last dozen years, but the leader's most important skill is stating the obvious, after all. Instead he gave a sigh - for missing the only chance to sleep for some time - and took out a small stone with blue veins running around it. Whenever it was brought close to magic woven to any kind of form it started to glow slightly. Simple, but it had sufficed through the years.
   It was quite tedious, just watching Harold work. Of course he had to test for any kind of wards constantly, but he didn't find any. He was convinced the time would have been better spent sleeping.
   Being careful did, however, pay off as he suddenly saw the stone glowing wildly. He waved Harold back and started to work on the ward without a word. The ward wasn't as weak as he would have expected. In fact, it didn't seem weakened at all from what it probably had been in it's original state, which spoke of good work. Well, at a place like this it wasn't a surprise. It took Acan a while, but after a while he stepped back nodding Harold to start digging again. Very soon they found the entrance, which itself seemed clear of any magical wards and traps.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:17:59 pm »
Acan was a little surprised at Nex's outburst at first. After a little thought he realized that the old mage had probably taken his comment as a sort of a challenge, even though that wasn't quite what it had been meant to be. Acan smiled slightly as he
set to follow Nex and Nicolaos. He somewhat doubted that the mage had been that much against the idea of helping them, but it seemed he'd needed a little prodding as always.
  Acan wasn't too eager himself, though for different reasons. Reasons that he soon heard quite well addressed by Aidan. Though he believed that he had the means to address most of the magic that may have been woven into traps, he remained silent and rather decided to listen what Nicolaos had to say.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: August 22, 2011, 03:21:36 pm »
Acan took his own pack, and while listening silently to the ideas others were proposing he settled it on his back. None of them lacked in problems, to be sure, but he couldn't figure out anything amazing himself, considering what they were aiming to do, so he decided to stick to criticizing everything what had yet been suggested.
  "We have quite a bit of ground to cover in order to find the backdoor for a castle of that size. Darwin might be able to cover ground a lot quicker than the rest of us, but I have doubts it'll be really noticeable from air either. If it's indeed covered by an illusion or any other kind of magic, I might be able to break the spell, but I doubt such an amount of power would be used to that kind of magic that I could trace it from very far away."
  Acan gazed quickly along the walls of the fortress before he continued:
  "I also think it'll be quite a lot of work to find an unwatched and reachable corner to dig on, or even place explosives at around there, Harold. If we can actually reach close enough to the wall to start such an operation, I'll leave it to you though, friend", he continued with a slight smile, "So unless Nex has an idea on where to look, or maybe better means on tracing magic than I do, I actually have some doubts about this", he finished and shrugged.
  The man had decided he wouldn't really mind if they'd have to leave this job for someone else. He was never truly negative on his chances in anything, but he wasn't quite eager either this time either.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: August 19, 2011, 10:57:52 pm »
Acan stared at the high walls of the castle with a thoughtful look on his face, leaning on his massive crossbow. In the impending darkness the massive structure was quite an intimidating sight, as well as somehow ominous. He was struck by a feeling that this job would be far from easy.

It looked like a challenge. Then again, he'd had his share of challenges in his quite eventful life. Hard to find anything worse than he'd already been through, the man concluded as was his habit. Or anything more dangerous than the people he was currently sticking with, for that matter. He wasn't eager to invade a castle with a group of a dozen, but he was no less calm than usual and as he heard Nicolaos speak he straightened slowly and set to follow the rest alongside Harold.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall OOC
« on: August 18, 2011, 03:56:29 pm »
Name: Acan Moread
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Race: Human

Appearance: There's little special in Acan's looks. He carries himself well, but his short black hair is already starting to show the signs of age. He stands quite tall, but his slight figure hardly raises respect in this regard either. His face shows really sharp features, highlighted by how his skin seems as if badly stretched in order to cover him. Maybe due to this, his dark, green eyes never seem to be able to give up on their wary look, even when Acan is relaxed. His skin is quite pale, due to his heritage. He has quite an untidy stubble on his chin. All in all he seems a little less pleasant company than he actually is.

Acan's clothing is strictly professional and mostly covered by his light armor made of dark leather. Over it he does carry a chainshirt when prepared for combat.

Personality: Acan is hardly social, but he's not all that unpleasant company if you get past his unwelcoming looks. He can be quite a cynic if he's not slept well enough, but he usually tries to at the very least avoid insulting anyone. Which isn't really hard for him, for he's comfortable in just about any company. He doesn't like just anyone, but you'll have to make quite an effort to make him actually dislike you. He's surprisingly happy with everyone on the team, even the ones that might have negative attitudes to him. Similarly, he's calm in just about any situation. He's good at convincing himself that he's seen worse whenever he sees anything upsetting.

Special Abilities: Acan is extremely dangerous with his crossbow, but it's not the reason he's part of the group. He's there to kill mages. His own magical power is very limited, but he's developed a skill to convert it to very advanced forms. He's specialized in disrupting the magic of other mages. He doesn't have the ability to compete with anyone in a head on in this matter, but he's capable of very complicated tricks to destroy the very fabric of the magic he's faced with, disrupting the mage's control of it.

Items of Interest: Carries a very large crossbow, clearly his most formidable tool for this work. It might not be the very largest weapon of the type that a grizzled veteran has seen, but it still seems quite massive for how effortlessly Acan seems to use it.

History: There's nothing special about Acan's childhood. He grew up in quite a large town in a small kingdom, in a family of low class workers. Nothing special about the town either, at least until Acan reached the age of thirteen. Around that time the town welcomed a new priesthood, the servants of a young but quite an ambitious god. While the arguments of gods were often quite a bit of trouble for humans, this god was way more involved with the world of mortals than might be seen as normal. He wasn't afraid of lending his servants his full strength as long as he could expect to gain something from it.
   As Acan grew up to a young man the power of the priesthood quickly took over the control of the town. While there was nothing particularly wrong in what they preached, they got way too involved in the worldly affairs. A few of the god's foremost followers were eager to abuse their power to further, not only their god's, but also their own control, while others were completely fanatical. It didn't take long until just about everything in the town and near it had to somehow be devoted to this god's new found might.
   At first Acan cared little about it, but in time it simply went too far. People who dared to voice any disagreement with the priests were silenced, at which point the townsfolk started getting really wary of them. But at that point there was basically nothing to stop them from getting involved in everything in the town. In time it came to a point where a priest's word was simply the law, and none of the priests knew the word 'law'.
   That, of course, didn't happen unopposed. It wasn't rare for a priest to be found with his throat cut in some alley. Which was answered brutally by the priesthood. Such struggle continued for long, but there was simply no way to get rid of the priesthood now that their god possessed much greater power. However, Acan did things differently, and far more efficiently, as was his way. He had acquired much better chances for doing something about the situation because of an unexpected ally. For quite a few years had the young man been trained by and old mage with quite a bit of power. The fact that a mage of his level was even alive in the town where everything deemed able to threaten the priesthood was usually eliminated quickly, was quite surprising. The problem was that they weren't quite ready to engage in an all out magical war which would have likely blown up a good part of the town. Neither side could engage each other directly, and were forced to look for other ways. The old mage happened to turn out luckier in that, since he had Acan.
   Acan was fit and capable young man, as well as certainly willing at the point they had come to. He didn't have the ability to use magical power in any great quantity, but that wasn't what one needed. A mortal to match the power of a god was... hard to find. Instead, Acan showed ability in many other things. It took years, but in time he was well capable of more than surviving the magical power the priests could throw at him, with his quite advanced way of converting his normally weak magical power. Yet he couldn't do anything with just that. He had to become a mage killer. He had never thought of killing one at that point of his live, mind you, but he had to be able to kill a lot of people with massive magical power to shield themselves with. As such he was prepared with various other skills and items, like with a crossbow, though not as large one as he the one he carries today.
   And then, after many years he decided to act. In one night he slaughtered almost the whole priesthood, even though he was faced with massive odds. In one night, and then Acan was done and put a close to the last almost ten years of his live. Or so he thought.

In truth Acan has never escaped that single night. He's in peace with the fact that his actions weren't entirely morally justifiable, but after such a show he is still known and feared. Ironically, he never wanted to kill a single simple magician even with his skills, yet he was pushed to it by mages, who perceived him as a danger. First he had to kill the man who had taught him all those years, for the mage was terrified by what he had done after his apprentice had practically just about killed a god, and tried to bury his mistake by simply killing Acan. These two things alerted every capable magician near the town. Who died soon too.
   Acan did his best to escape this. He enlisted to several armies and quite a few mercenary companies. But he never could. After half a dozen years of this he was quite infamous and in the end he found himself considering the people so terrified of him no more worthy than the priesthood he slaughtered. And so he decided grimly to give them a reason for their terror; through the last dozen years before joining this current bunch he killed quite a few mages, many of them quite formidable. Money can be earned in many ways, and he had one very few others could utilize. He has nothing against mages and priests in general, funnily enough, but he's come to realize it doesn't matter as long as they have so much to hold against him. And so he's with the Wings of Hall for one simple reason: To kill mages for a pay.

(I might have got a little carried away with the character's history, just after whining that I had nothing to write in it to my brother (Krozam)... And it's not really even half of what I wanted to write. :P)

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