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Loli / Re: Sleeping lolis / DFC
« on: October 23, 2012, 01:00:52 pm »

General Discussions / Re: Schadenfreude
« on: July 30, 2012, 01:48:29 pm »
This conversation follows a programming question Huxton posted on StackOverflow for which we kindly answered in manners we best saw fit for it.

Basically, we were wondering if we needed to save a full user list for requests or if we could just save the users that were requestiong. Then I came with my solution which only saves users requested in memory.

Then this happened:

TheThing@work: So unless Huxton has more questions
TheThing@work: and like I said, don't really wanna save full userlist AS WELL as a Queue object for each one ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
TheThing@work: I like to work on a "use what you need" principle ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
HuxtonFael@Work: ^
TheThing@work: and "save only what you need" principle ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
HuxtonFael@Work: Otherwise I could just keep a list of all the nicks on Rizon servers "just in case"
TheThing@work: Whose principle applies to everythin EXCEPT TV and movies and anime >:D
HuxtonFael@Work: Visit ALL the channels
TheThing@work: lol
HuxtonFael@Work: Record ALL the nicks
HuxtonFael@Work: etc.
TheThing@work: Oh, and use MYSQL to store the users and their request in
TheThing@work: for additional overkill
meneldal: and each request would take 2s
TheThing@work: better yet, instead of storing them in MySQL which is slow, store them in Microsoft Access table xD
HuxtonFael@Work: Why?
HuxtonFael@Work: Textfiles!
TheThing@work: *dateabase
HuxtonFael@Work: database*
meneldal: RAM disk of textfiles
TheThing@work: No, that's too slow meneldal (hint: read as fast)
HuxtonFael@Work: Paper!
HuxtonFael@Work: Print and scan/read on every bot loading
meneldal: yeah but you have non volatility
TheThing@work: A better method would be to store it directly on a free sector on the harddrive and not in some files or etc.
TheThing@work: That way we don't need to go through all that filesystem hoops and just write directly on the harddrives sector >:D
TheThing@work: hahahaha
TheThing@work: Huxton wins this round xD
meneldal: make monkeys process it
TheThing@work: Paper FTW
HuxtonFael@Work: meneldal: wouldn't it be easier just to memorize them myself?
TheThing@work: No, Scanning is "faster" :<
TheThing@work: *:<
meneldal: but monkeys can do the job for you
TheThing@work: **:>
TheThing@work: Have robot arms
HuxtonFael@Work: >:>
TheThing@work: robot arms to move the paper from printer to scanner
TheThing@work: no wait, better, instead of robot arms
HuxtonFael@Work: Get slaves to move paper.
TheThing@work: have a slow moving robot take paper from printer, turn around, move very slowly in robotic manner across the room and put in the scanner
HuxtonFael@Work: Train mice to do the job.
TheThing@work: Mice are too fast
TheThing@work: train ants to do the job
meneldal: but why use printer when you can make your robot write and read?
meneldal: snails are better
HuxtonFael@Work: meh, snails would destroy the paper
TheThing@work: Agreed
HuxtonFael@Work: I don't want i/O errors
meneldal: and ants wouldn't?
TheThing@work: we should use water-durable paper, print it and make it fall directly on a fish tank and train the fish to move the paper to scanners
meneldal: much better than all this cloud storage isn't it?
HuxtonFael@Work: Why not use fans?
HuxtonFael@Work: Perfectly calibrated fans, in a sterile room
meneldal: fans are noisy
HuxtonFael@Work: Would make sure the sheet would fly straight onto the scanner
meneldal: and paper could get into the fan
HuxtonFael@Work: meneldal: not necessarily
HuxtonFael@Work: Look up Dyson fans
meneldal: but it's not really a fan
TheThing@work: Fan is too mainstream
meneldal: but i know what you mean
HuxtonFael@Work: But not a bladeless fan!
TheThing@work: have perfectly calibrated wind holes powered by natural wined
TheThing@work: *wind
HuxtonFael@Work: ^@Thingu
meneldal: and dyson's are too expensive
HuxtonFael@Work: And since when do we care about the cost?
TheThing@work: ^
Ferr-y: I thought Dyson made things that only suck.
TheThing@work: But like I said
meneldal: a vaccuum would be better then
TheThing@work: wind holes and use natural win
TheThing@work: *wind
meneldal: natural win i like that
TheThing@work: ofcourse, you would have to wait until the wind blows for the paper to be processed
TheThing@work: so request can take anywhere between 2 minutes to 2 days
meneldal: so you can tell people the order couldn't be processed because of the weather?
HuxtonFael@Work: Talk about lag
TheThing@work: Depending on wheather
TheThing@work: Yes meneldal
HuxtonFael@Work: "Sorry, pal, gotta wait. No wind 'till Thurssday"
HuxtonFael@Work: Thursday*
TheThing@work: And also have the bot answer: Due to stormy night, your request was lost in the wind (literally)
meneldal: nice one
meneldal: we should try REAL cloud storage
meneldal: with the wind
HuxtonFael@Work: ^lol
meneldal: your paper is transported by the winds in the clouds
TheThing@work: lol
meneldal: and you can get it back when the wind is blowing correctly
TheThing@work: This conversation is just pure win xD
meneldal: not win wind
HuxtonFael@Work: We win(d) this conversation

General Discussions / Re: Top 10 Lists...
« on: July 22, 2012, 06:37:50 am »
Top 10 most impact anime on me

  • Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan - This anime changed my view of anime forever. It was my first anime I saw and changed my view of it. I really hate this show but for what it did, it did pretty good. Also it had ecchi... A lot of it xD But my god was this a bad show.
  • IS (Infinite Stratos) - Talk about a great start and how INCREDIBLY fast it can go bad. This show is so horrible I've never seen a worse male lead since... EVER.
  • Panty & Stocking - Really excellent show. For me, shows that it doesn't matter the style of a show or anything like that, even if it seems childish, looks can be very deceiving. (also made me giggle everytime I see powerfull girls). It's awesome, epic, and most importantly, full of win. This anime is so catered to western societies and for what it's worth, one of the most entertaining shows ever.
  • School Days - This one really impacted me a lot. While most people really hate it, I personally loved it. It was quirky at first and entertaining but for me, it sent a pretty strong message about this subject: If you're going to aim for harem ending, make everyone happy. And that brings me to my next choice.
  • Seitokai no Ichizon - I love this show. I so deeply love it. It's funny, the dialog is entertaining and most importantly, the main character is awesome xD This also connects to my next choice (seem to be doing that a lot in here)
  • Kaze no Stigma - A show that shows that you REALLY don't need to have a full show just to show a person getting stronger. Start weak and then become strong. No, this anime is about badass. A person that is strong FROM the start and it's entertaining, funny, awesome, epic, and lots of other adjectives.
  • Anything Key has done - I don't really need to explain this one. Just shows that you can make a good love story in animated form that tops everything Hollywood has ever done.
  • Final Approach - Changed my view of romance from beginning. Before I had only really "seen" Love Hina and other shows that show the guy running around after the girl (and failing badly and etc.) but this show turned it around and made an awesome epic and funny comedy love romance that really made me actually like love stories again (and made me find Key stuff eventually)
  • Tsukihime - My god I hate this. I hate this a lot. It was a PURE coincident I actually played the VN and when I found out an anime was already out, I was all excited. Well... Don't really have to explain this one.
  • Last Exile - This is my number 1 favorite show ever. And I mean that. It's the best show out there and it had a huge impact on me. It made me start love Gonzo and from that I found numerous other shows like Kaze no Stigma and other unappreciated shows that really shine like Shangri-La.

Games / Re: With Who...
« on: June 04, 2012, 11:38:42 pm »
Fail date: ^_^
Sex once: :3 :3 :3
Marry: <3 <3 <3

Games / Re: With Who...
« on: June 04, 2012, 01:49:36 pm »
New round:

Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)
Miniwa Tsumiki (Acchi Kocchi)
Cthuko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san)

Games / Re: create a word from the last letter
« on: May 29, 2012, 07:51:51 am »

General Discussions / Re: Schadenfreude
« on: May 25, 2012, 08:02:12 pm »

General Discussions / Re: Schadenfreude
« on: May 16, 2012, 01:11:21 pm »
So I decided to play a random nukige and logged my results on the cbox. Results were hilarious xD

[03:08] TheThing@bed: alright, opening Nukige
[03:08] TheThing@bed: first chapter: She's a troublemaker
[03:08] TheThing@bed: this is gonna be good >:­D
[03:09] Tomoki: Wonder If I will get expelled from school soon.
[03:09] Krozam: By the way... I've been wondering about this for a while... What's a Nukige?
[03:09] Loner: eroge with random ero scenes
[03:09] TheThing@bed: An Eroge whose sole objective is to have as much sex content as they can fill in a single game
[03:10] Krozam: Oh...
[03:10] don juan-: Yes. You will tomoki
[03:10] Tomoki: I have a lot of loli hentai on the school's computer.
[03:11] Krozam: ...Yes, you probably will...
[03:11] don juan-: Tomoki will get banned from school
[03:11] Tomoki: I'll delete it tomorrow.
[03:12] don juan-: Tomoki's parents will then find out and he will have brought great shane and dishonor upon his family and they will disown him and he will beome homeless
[03:12] TheThing@bed: "Didn't [my aunt] mention she had a daughter my age? I hope we get along fine"
[03:12] don juan-: shame
[03:13] don juan-: nice future you have there tomoki
[03:13] Tomoki: My mom and dad are divorced. My dad is a douche bag and my mom is brain dead.
[03:14] Tomoki: So I don't think they will care.
[03:14] TheThing@bed: first girl I meet:
[03:14] TheThing@bed:
[03:14] don juan-: will friend zone you
[03:15] Tomoki: I assume the wind is blowing?
[03:15] TheThing@bed: yes
[03:15] TheThing@bed: really like that art style
[03:15] Krozam: Actually, the art doesn't look bad... I may have to check out the CG set...
[03:15] don juan-: It is nice art
[03:15] TheThing@bed: don't
[03:16] TheThing@bed: Krozam, it has 160+ sex CG's or so I hear
[03:16] don juan-: This is the game thing is playing
[03:16] Tomoki: I really need to play my first VN. :(
[03:16] TheThing@bed: and handfull of non-sex ones
[03:16] TheThing@bed: atleast from what I HEAR
[03:16] TheThing@bed: I mean, how bad could it be ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ anyways
[03:16] TheThing@bed: *goes back to game*
[03:19] Tomoki: Oh well, I'm tired. Goodnight all.
[03:22] TheThing@bed: hoho, a fight scene
[03:23] TheThing@bed: 2 new girls appeared
[03:24] TheThing@bed: another girl
[03:24] Shiro: Which are you talking about? :furious:
[03:24] Shiro: I might have to download it. :trollface:
[03:24] TheThing@bed: the 4th one to appear xD
[03:24] Shiro: :kyon:
[03:24] Shiro: :kyon: :kyon: :kyon: :kyon: :kyon: :kyon: :kyon: :kyon:
[03:24] TheThing@bed: let's see, we had a shrine maiden wielding a sword
[03:24] TheThing@bed: ^ 2nd girl to appear
[03:24] Shiro: >Which are you talking about >Which. Eroge.
[03:25] TheThing@bed: Don already linked it
[03:25] Shiro: ...
[03:25] TheThing@bed: it's called My teacher is a magical teacher or something like that
[03:25] Shiro: Oh, no wonder.
[03:25] don juan-: the game thing is playing
[03:25] Shiro: Not only do I ignore most of the links Don links...
[03:25] TheThing@bed: 3rd girl = sexy nurse <_<
[03:25] Shiro: I especially ignore long links like those. :x
[03:25] TheThing@bed: 4th girl = ojouusama-type girl
[03:25] Shiro: >Oh snap...
[03:25] Shiro: >It's localized...
[03:26] Shiro: >Prepare for uncensored twats.
[03:26] Shiro: /clappehclappehclap
[03:26] TheThing@bed: 5th girl just appeared: A sexy magic girl
[03:27] don juan-: OOh hentai mahou shoujo
[03:27] TheThing@bed: she's called a witch so ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[03:28] TheThing@bed: The group is called "Milky Force"
[03:29] TheThing@bed: 6th girl appeared: A nun/sister
[03:30] Shiro:
[03:30] Shiro: ^What instantly came to mind.
[03:32] Krozam: ...Meh...
[03:32] Krozam: Despite my good first impression, turns out the character designs and art in general are mediocre...
[03:33] TheThing@bed: oh wow, the localisation is really awkward...
[03:33] TheThing@bed: not that it matters really
[03:33] Shiro: >mangagamer
[03:33] Shiro: >awkward
[03:34] Shiro: >Da fuq'd ya 'spect?
[03:35] Shiro: He expected a five star translation team. ;|
[03:35] Shiro: He got a five star translation team... A five out of ten. :trollface:
[03:36] Krozam: ROFL! Thingy, prepare for giant penis... XD
[03:36] TheThing@bed: and the first sex scene is starting
[03:36] TheThing@bed: "woman mentions she has to have sex" <-- sounds legit
[03:36] TheThing@bed: I don't mind :P
[03:37] TheThing@bed: lol, he's feigning ignorance
[03:37] TheThing@bed: She: "Huh, you don't know what sex is?" Guy: "nope so you're going to have to teach me"
[03:37] Krozam: Lol...
[03:38] TheThing@bed: oh wow...
[03:38] TheThing@bed: he honestly doesn't know
[03:38] TheThing@bed: oh well, time to get naked and start having sex with her is... I guess the next logical step? :P
[03:39] TheThing@bed: She: "So you don't know how babies are made?" Guy: "well a man and a woman go to bed..." Woman: "..." Guy: "..." Woman: "and?" Guy: "I dunno"
[03:39] TheThing@bed: and she's naked
[03:39] TheThing@bed: that didn't take long
[03:40] TheThing@bed: also, "average" size penis if you ask me <_<
[03:40] TheThing@bed: or maybe even smaller than average
[03:40] Krozam: No, I mean there's a scene where someone abviously usues some kind of magic to make his grow WAY out of proportion... XD
[03:41] TheThing@bed: duuude
[03:41] TheThing@bed: spoilers xD
[03:42] don juan-: krozam uses spoiler and thing has been defeated
[03:42] Krozam: Oh, I'm terribly soory that must've entirely spoiled your artistic enjoyment... :(
[03:42] Zarich: Thingu, remember, Asian. Their normal is about 5inches according to stats
[03:42] TheThing@bed: rofl xD
[03:43] TheThing@bed: oh wow
[03:43] TheThing@bed: the guy hasn't even masturbated...
[03:43] TheThing@bed: like ever...
[03:43] TheThing@bed: ...
[03:43] Zarich: What is this kid? Bridget?
[03:44] TheThing@bed: doesn't even know what cum is ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[03:44] don juan-: He has to be the stupidest main character in any game ever
[03:44] Shiro: >What is this kid?
[03:44] Shiro: >Sheltered mama's boy.
[03:45] Shiro: Makes sense, right? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[03:45] TheThing@bed: mama left him alone for better part of his live ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[03:45] don juan-: He had a tough life
[03:47] Shiro:
[03:47] Krozam: So, Thingy... Are you going to skip sleep entirely?
[03:48] TheThing@bed: rofl
[03:48] TheThing@bed: "I was balls deep in Haruka" xD best line ever xD
[03:49] Raven: Well, that was unexpected. Just watched a Bioware writer use "my waifu" in an interview
[03:49] Zarich: I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know the the proper name for his scrotum
[03:49] TheThing@bed: He doesn't
[03:49] Zarich: How old is this kid?
[03:49] TheThing@bed: Haruka was teaching him and telling him what each part of his dick was and what they were called xD
[03:50] TheThing@bed: and also what clitoris is and pussy is xD
[03:50] Shiro: >RPG gamers...
[03:50] Shiro: >Most of them are Otaku as well. :x
[03:50] Zarich: and th clitoral hood. I bet soon she will tell him what a womb and a urethra is
[03:51] Krozam: Maybe that eroge was made for education purposes? :x
[03:51] TheThing@bed: oh god, these lines are hilarious xD
[03:51] TheThing@bed: rofl Krozam xD
[03:51] Shiro: >Urethra
[03:51] Zarich: Maybe that is why he is fucking is Cougar Teacher?
[03:51] Shiro: >Wus dat agen? :trollface:
[03:52] Zarich: @thingu, are the lines better than that Hentai Montage from a couple months ago?
[03:52] TheThing@bed: Guy: "uterus?" Woman: "Mmmm... yep. The uterus is a very important part of a woman that lies deep inside her tummy."
[03:53] Zarich: Shit, she ain't even using "stomach". This kid must be like 13
[03:53] don juan-: shotacon
[03:54] TheThing@bed: Woman: "ahh.. Ahh. AAHH... I'm gonna cum..." Guy: "Cum?"
[03:54] Zarich: LOL
[03:54] Krozam: ROfL! XD
[03:54] TheThing@bed: I am literally laughing my ass off here xD
[03:54] Zarich: I wonder what other funny lines are going to happen with the other girls
[03:55] TheThing@bed: yay, my first choice: "Cum inside" or "Cum outside"
[03:55] TheThing@bed: I can't wait xD
[03:55] TheThing@bed: this game is hilarious xD
[03:55] Zarich: Make sure to save
[03:55] Shiro: WAIT.
[03:55] Shiro: >Save
[03:55] Shiro: >Do both.
[03:56] Shiro: >TROLL THE GAME!
[03:57] TheThing@bed: Haruka: "Nnnahhhh!! Oh yeah, I can feel your hot cum going into my pussy! Ahhhh!!" *Haruka took me inside balls deep as her body trembled with the throes of orgasm.*
[03:57] TheThing@bed: there's that word again, Balls deep xD
[03:57] TheThing@bed: Didn't even know what balls were earlier ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[03:58] Shiro: >He's a genius of... hard work...
[03:58] Zarich: I don't think he even knows what an Orgasm is
[03:58] Shiro: :trollface:
[03:58] TheThing@bed: rofl
[03:58] Zarich: I think the Protag's Angry Inch is tingling now
[03:58] TheThing@bed: oh trust me, he doesn't xD
[03:58] TheThing@bed: know what orgasm is that is
[03:59] Shiro: This should prove entertaining...
[03:59] Shiro: /download
[03:59] Cronus: ^
[03:59] TheThing@bed: "jizz"
[03:59] Shiro: wut
[03:59] TheThing@bed: not gonna post full line ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:00] Shiro: wut
[04:00] Shiro: You got jizz on your face? :x
[04:00] Zarich: He probably think it is a type of Smooth Jazz
[04:00] TheThing@bed: *Streams of white jizz flew onto Haruka's stomach, tits, and face.*
[04:00] Shiro: >Didn't know what a vagina was...
[04:00] TheThing@bed: bastard doesn't even know what it is xD
[04:00] Shiro: >Didn't know what masturbation meant...
[04:00] Shiro: >"What's sex?"
[04:01] TheThing@bed: Haruka "tought him" that it was called Semen and Cum but NEVER jizz
[04:01] Shiro: ....
[04:01] don juan-: She taught him well
[04:01] Zarich: Eh, Soon he will be using "swimmers" and "love Juice" in his next Sentences
[04:01] TheThing@bed: sex scene is over
[04:01] Shiro: His brain downloaded it from Urbandictionary. ;|
[04:01] TheThing@bed: rofl Zarich xD
[04:02] Please enter a name: What game is this?
[04:02] Shiro: ^Enter a name.
[04:02] Shiro: Or die.
[04:02] Zarich: "and my Love Juice went into her Hoo-Hah, and my Swimmers marathon-ed to the Ovular Prize"
[04:02] TheThing@bed: hahahahahahaha
[04:02] Please enter a name: I did enter a name
[04:02] don juan-: is the game thing is playing
[04:03] Please enter a name: I did not
[04:03] TheThing@bed: not for kids...
[04:03] TheThing@bed: or wait...
[04:03] Cronus: :trollface:
[04:03] TheThing@bed: maybe it IS for kids ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:03] Shiro: It isn't. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:03] Shiro: Especially not twelve year olds...
[04:03] Zarich: Sex Education. It also teachers you once you go for a cougar, you will never be satisfied with doing girls the same age?
[04:03] Shiro: ...
[04:03] Krozam: I told you, it must be made for educational purposes... ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:03] Shiro: Ridiculous.
[04:04] Zarich: @shiro. SZS reference
[04:04] Shiro: :furious:
[04:04] Shiro: Ridiculous.
[04:04] Shiro: I don't care what the reference is.
[04:04] Please enter a name: Given the appearent age of the first and last character on that list, I'd say it is made for kids :)
[04:04] Zarich: Don't you mean. RiDICKulous?
[04:04] Shiro: ....
[04:04] Please enter a name: I am now green.
[04:05] Please enter a name: Bow before my non-existent name.
[04:05] Please enter a name: PS: This is not a drill... Nor a troll.
[04:05] TheThing@bed: you know, even Haruka's DAUGHTER (whose age I still don't know but looks small) knows what sex is ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:05] Zarich: ok, that was a forced pun
[04:05] Shiro: >Boning the daughter next.
[04:05] Shiro: Does she have dog ears?
[04:05] Shiro: If so, gotta do it doggy style.
[04:05] Shiro: :trollface:
[04:06] TheThing@bed: She has white rippon that kinda looks like dog ears from 1 angle ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:06] Zarich: That wasn't subtle at all. Xp
[04:06] Shiro: Doggeh Styel.
[04:06] TheThing@bed: *white rippon around her hair
[04:06] Shiro: Dew EET.
[04:06] Shiro: >Subtle...
[04:06] TheThing@bed: but I'm propably not going to fuck her
[04:06] Shiro: >I don't do subtlety.
[04:06] Shiro: Probably not.
[04:06] TheThing@bed: oh wait...
[04:07] TheThing@bed: I think she doesn't know what sex is
[04:07] don juan-: Is the ribbon tied into a bow
[04:07] Shiro: Uncensored lolis is bad for business. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:07] Zarich: Dude, it is a Nukige, you will be boning her
[04:07] TheThing@bed: rofl
[04:07] Shiro: @Zarich: Shiro: Uncensored lolis is bad for business. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:07] /kyubey: I can has kyubey as a name?
[04:07] Shiro: wert
[04:07] Zarich: @shiro ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ Business is still strong
[04:07] TheThing@bed: "W-Whoa, back up the bus!"
[04:07] TheThing@bed: rofl
[04:08] TheThing@bed: epic editing right there xD
[04:08] Shiro: Shiro wants food.
[04:08] Shiro: Make me a meal, bitch...
[04:08] Shiro: /rin <--- bitch
[04:08] Shiro: <--- Why am I dead?
[04:08] don juan-: Now if shiro makes the food. He is the bitch
[04:09] Some guy: /churuya How about smoked cheese.
[04:09] Zarich: Then shiro will be talking to himself. Onset Schizophrenia?
[04:09] Shiro:
[04:10] Shiro: Schizophrenia?
[04:10] Shiro: It's not.
[04:10] TheThing@bed: oh wait, I take that back
[04:10] Shiro: ;x
[04:10] Zarich: You aren't backing the bus?
[04:10] Shiro: BACK UP DA BUS.
[04:10] TheThing@bed: hahahaha
[04:10] TheThing@bed: no, no that
[04:11] TheThing@bed: I meant, I take back "Don't think I will be fucking her"
[04:11] TheThing@bed: cause I'm boning her as we speak ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:11] TheThing@bed: that didn't take long ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:11] Zarich: Told you. It IS a nukige
[04:11] Krozam: Lol...
[04:11] TheThing@bed: ok, I lied, not exactly boning her yet...
[04:11] Zarich: Psh. Foreplay
[04:12] Krozam: So, what's her excuse?
[04:12] Zarich: He still has to learn what "Fingering" is.
[04:12] TheThing@bed: she said: "I was told not to have sex with you unless I like but and although I just met you I really like you, I'm an excellent judge of character"
[04:12] Shiro: Kaasan/Musume konbi whar?
[04:12] TheThing@bed: and the guy is supposed to lead
[04:12] TheThing@bed: dunno how this is going to end
[04:12] TheThing@bed: but I am going to bone her in a minute
[04:12] Shiro: Will end with him accidentally putting it in her pooper.
[04:12] TheThing@bed: rofl
[04:12] Zarich: @thingu, just meantion how the protag boned her Mother, that is excellent Foreplay
[04:13] don juan-: mention
[04:13] TheThing@bed: yeah... he boned her mother like... 1 minute ago inside the game
[04:13] don juan-: The daughter should tighter and better
[04:14] Zarich: Eh, I'm bored, might as well go download like Custom Maid or something. No funny lines but ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:14] TheThing@bed: who I'm going to bone:
[04:14] Shiro: You know what though.
[04:14] TheThing@bed: she is cute though:
[04:14] Krozam: Quick recovery is an absolutely essential attribute for the heroes of this kind of eroge... ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:14] Zarich: OOh thingu, looks like you have like 6 more characters to bone
[04:15] TheThing@bed: and yes, he turned of the lights DESPITE fucking her mother like minute ago with lights on so ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:15] TheThing@bed: xD
[04:15] TheThing@bed: Zarich1!! SPOILERS dude
[04:15] Shiro: The English CAN'T be as bad as Hinatabokko's was.
[04:15] TheThing@bed: now I can't enjoy the deep and suprising storyline
[04:15] Zarich: lol
[04:15] Shiro: >Deep
[04:15] Shiro: >Balls deep...
[04:15] TheThing@bed: yes Krozam
[04:15] Shiro: >Surprising...
[04:15] TheThing@bed: rofl Shiro xD
[04:15] Shiro: >Surprise buttsecks.
[04:16] TheThing@bed: "Hmm. I'm supposed to put my dick inside, but as I recall, Haruka was pretty wet before that even happened..."
[04:16] Zarich: Oh fun, FRICTION
[04:17] Zarich: make her bleed and squeal
[04:17] TheThing@bed: he's thinking this by the way
[04:17] Shiro: >inb4 oral
[04:18] TheThing@bed: *Using my last experience as my guide, I groped at Natsuki's breasts. Well, truthfully speaking, I tried to grab what I could" ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:18] Zarich: If there is a choice, just shove it in.
[04:18] TheThing@bed: rofl xD
[04:18] TheThing@bed: hjahahaha
[04:18] TheThing@bed: "There wasn't exactly much to work with on her chest" xD
[04:18] TheThing@bed: you don't say xD
[04:18] Zarich: 16th May 2012, 04:17 AM Zarich: make her bleed and squeal
[04:18] TheThing@bed: mother had cowtitties ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:19] Shiro: Lolis gonna loli
[04:19] TheThing@bed: "G-G-G-Go right ahead..." xD
[04:20] Zarich: That is worse stuttering than in Wanda the Fish
[04:20] Zarich: A Fish called Wanda*
[04:20] TheThing@bed: "After making a circuit of her lips, I decided to stick it straight into her mouth." xD
[04:21] Zarich: WHAT? Jesus Christ, make her Bleed and Squeal
[04:21] TheThing@bed: just to ruin the fun, she was saying "go ahead" to kissing and he's going to stick his "tongue" in her mouth
[04:21] TheThing@bed: not his dick ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:21] Zarich: HA
[04:21] TheThing@bed: or his pomtom
[04:21] Zarich: That is pretty funny, actually
[04:21] Zarich: @thingu, did you buy it or did you just illegally download the game?
[04:22] TheThing@bed: "Rubbing my tongue against hers was such a turn-on for me." xD
[04:22] TheThing@bed: I bought it
[04:22] TheThing@bed: You can download it from my account
[04:22] Zarich: Oh yeah, Forgot about that, lol
[04:22] Zarich: I need the IP code, though
[04:22] Zarich: or wahtever it is called
[04:22] TheThing@bed: yeah
[04:22] TheThing@bed: I'll just send it on forum mail
[04:22] Zarich: k
[04:23] Zarich: I"m sorry, but that scene you just said made me just say ouot loud "I have to get this"
[04:23] TheThing@bed: "nether regions."
[04:23] TheThing@bed: I wonder where he learned that word
[04:23] Zarich: The same place he learn teh term "Balls deep"
[04:24] TheThing@bed: "G-G-G-G-Go right ahead."
[04:24] TheThing@bed: ^ to "sticking it in" ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:24] Zarich: Did she have a huge surprised look?
[04:24] TheThing@bed: and by it I mean... um his... what word did we use before?
[04:24] TheThing@bed: hang on
[04:24] Shiro: J...
[04:24] Shiro: JAM IT IN.
[04:25] Cronus: :D
[04:26] TheThing@bed: "Ummmmmm! Err, it's not like I peed in my pants okay... it just kinda happened..."
[04:26] TheThing@bed: not sure of tsundere or...
[04:26] Zarich: Thingu, don't quote the good lines
[04:26] Zarich: quote the funny lines
[04:27] TheThing@bed: rofl, fine xD
[04:27] TheThing@bed: Would: Natsuki: "Errrmmmmm... nothing looks weird, right?" qualify as "good line"? :P
[04:28] Zarich: Well we don't know the context so that one is ok. Xp
[04:28] TheThing@bed: Guy: "... Were you about to cum?" Natsuki: "Nngh... huh? Come? Where are we going?" xD oh rofl
[04:29] Zarich: LOL
[04:29] TheThing@bed: "I surmised that she was read for penetration." ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:29] Zarich: was read for. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:29] Zarich: Just like how I am watch a screen
[04:29] TheThing@bed: rofl, hahahahahahahahahaha
[04:29] TheThing@bed: Shiro would love tihs
[04:30] TheThing@bed: direct quote: Guy: "Oh... right. I'm going to j-j-jam it inside of you, Natsuki..."
[04:30] Zarich: What is with teh Stuttering?
[04:31] TheThing@bed: ahh, don and Shiro are gone ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:31] Zarich: "I-i-'m Going F-f-f-f-f-fuck your ass"
[04:31] Shiro: ?
[04:31] Shiro: Contemplating food.
[04:31] TheThing@bed: Shiro, read last line I posted
[04:32] TheThing@bed: "slippery juices" xD
[04:32] TheThing@bed: oh man, I love these words
[04:32] TheThing@bed: "tip of my prick" ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:33] TheThing@bed: And she won't stop screaming ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:33] Zarich: Soon he will lself learn, Twat, Ding-Dong, Ho-Ho, ect
[04:33] TheThing@bed: rofl
[04:33] Zarich: "Bleed and Squeal"...hmm.Screaming, close enough. I am interested
[04:34] TheThing@bed: yep, his dick is coated in blood ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:34] Zarich: just like broken Hymen or Coated. Coated in blood?
[04:34] TheThing@bed: he broke her hymen and his dick is coated with layer of blood
[04:35] Zarich: Thingu, take a break, give me your server adress for me to download so I can play this over the summer
[04:35] TheThing@bed: I don't have it on the saerver
[04:35] TheThing@bed: *Server
[04:35] TheThing@bed: you have to download it from my account
[04:36] TheThing@bed: hang on
[04:36] Shiro: Or..
[04:36] Shiro: He could just download it from like all the pirate bastards such as myself do. ;|
[04:37] TheThing@bed: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:37] TheThing@bed: or that
[04:37] Zarich: or that, but it makes less fun to cheat the system
[04:39] TheThing@bed: and sex scene over
[04:40] TheThing@bed: that one took a while
[04:40] TheThing@bed: so manny funny lines x
[04:40] TheThing@bed: *xD
[04:40] TheThing@bed: although, thinking back
[04:40] TheThing@bed: alot of funny lines I skipped ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:41] TheThing@bed: zarich
[04:41] TheThing@bed: username: [email protected]
[04:42] Zarich: Programmers, having their own domains. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:42] TheThing@bed: got it?
[04:42] Zarich: yeah
[04:42] TheThing@bed: too lazy to send pm
[04:43] Zarich: lol
[04:44] Shiro: Wonder if there are any leftovers...
[04:44] Shiro: Don't really want to cook. :x
[04:44] TheThing@bed: lol
[04:44] TheThing@bed: exactly I hear cooking and the mother is cooking just now xD
[04:44] TheThing@bed: oh rofl
[04:45] TheThing@bed: this translation
[04:46] TheThing@bed: "Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub!"
[04:47] Zarich: So, the protagonist going to "bash the Bishop" soon?
[04:47] Zarich: no wait, he doens't know what that is also
[04:47] TheThing@bed: That was Itadakimasu ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:47] Zarich: THA FUCK!?
[04:47] TheThing@bed: Like I said
[04:47] TheThing@bed: it's hilarious xD
[04:47] Shiro: Mangagamer...
[04:47] Shiro: :(
[04:48] Shiro: At least it isn't a story centric VN...
[04:48] TheThing@bed: also, rofl, "Bash the Bishop"? EVen I don't know what that is xD
[04:48] TheThing@bed: what you mean Shiro? It's balls deep storyline :trollface: (16th time)
[04:48] Zarich: Yeah...It is a masturbation innuendo
[04:48] Zarich: I think I used an Obscure Masturbation innuendo
[04:49] TheThing@bed: oh wait, right
[04:49] TheThing@bed: I can slightly recall hearing similar thing
[04:49] Zarich: When you have a handjob scene, I"ll think you a Medieval Rock song called "Bash the Bishop". Where a gang of men hunt a pedophile bishop. NOt really a masturbation song but close enough
[04:49] TheThing@bed: alright, it's morning and he's going to school, hopefully I can go 5 minutes without another sex scene ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:50] Zarich: Fuck that, he needs goodbye sex
[04:50] Zarich: and going to school sex
[04:50] TheThing@bed: already left house ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:50] Zarich: classroom sex
[04:50] TheThing@bed: no way it has classroom sex
[04:50] Zarich: "I forgot my homework" sex
[04:50] Clannad Man: Sex Sex
[04:51] TheThing@bed: hahaha
[04:51] Zarich: Shoe-locker sex
[04:51] TheThing@bed: "D-D-D-D-Don't worry. You'll find out soon."
[04:52] Zarich: WTF is with the stuttering? Girl have sore Vagina or soemthing?
[04:52] TheThing@bed: would you look at that, Natsuki's classmate, 7th person to appear
[04:52] TheThing@bed: and by "person" I mean a girl
[04:52] Zarich: NO REaLLY!?
[04:53] TheThing@bed: rofl xD
[04:53] TheThing@bed: And she's suprised th eguy and Natsuki (the daughter) are living togethert
[04:53] TheThing@bed: boy will she be suprised if he told her they already had sex XD
[04:53] Zarich: Two bucks say you will bone her also
[04:54] TheThing@bed: not taking that bet xD
[04:54] Zarich: Sado-Zarich mode needs more screaming
[04:54] TheThing@bed: Yukari: "I don't give two shits about whether you're her cousin or not, but how dare you move in with Natsuki without getting my permission!"
[04:54] Zarich: oh fuck, incest also.
[04:55] Zarich: Yeah I bet you bone her
[04:55] TheThing@bed: You don't say
[04:55] Zarich: I'll just check the vndb
[04:56] Zarich: Holy, the fuckable characters....WoW
[04:56] TheThing@bed: Yukari: "You better not be doing some pervy stuff to her like [long list]" Guy: H-Hold on... I didn't do anything like that..." sure he didn't xD
[04:56] TheThing@bed: yeah xD
[04:57] Zarich: well vndb does say he is atsundere
[04:57] Shiro: wut
[04:57] TheThing@bed: HE?
[04:57] TheThing@bed: HE IS TSUNDERE?
[04:57] Zarich: yeah, that is his tag on vndb
[04:57] Shiro: Suddenly things make sense...
[04:57] TheThing@bed: rofl
[04:58] Shiro: "I...It's not like I know how to have s-sex or anything."
[04:58] TheThing@bed: I think it's a typo and should be " a kid" ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[04:58] TheThing@bed: lol Shiro
[04:58] Shiro: "a-and I'm not asking you to teach me! D-don't get the wr-wrong idea!"
[04:58] TheThing@bed: hahahahaha
[04:58] Shiro: Oh God.
[04:58] Shiro: That's classic.
[04:58] Shiro: I'm writing that.
[04:58] Zarich: Shiro is missing more stutters. "D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D. Ect"
[04:59] Zarich: cus apparently, people stutter five times in random words in this world
[04:59] TheThing@bed: You should hear her VA when she's stuttering xD
[04:59] Zarich: Is it Voiced acted?
[05:00] TheThing@bed: yes
[05:00] TheThing@bed: everything
[05:00] Zarich: FUCK YEAH
[05:00] TheThing@bed: also, all the women are students at this school
[05:00] Zarich: Sado-Zari si happy for the Screaming in Audiop
[05:00] Shiro: >Except the teacher? :trollface:
[05:00] TheThing@bed: I mean, all the women he's living with are teachers
[05:00] TheThing@bed: and the mother is the headmaster xD
[05:00] TheThing@bed: no wait, principa
[05:00] Zarich: I bet is is boning all the teachers
[05:00] TheThing@bed: *principal
[05:00] Zarich: he is*
[05:01] Shiro: Well.
[05:01] Zarich: Cougar-Town VN with some loli on the side
[05:01] Shiro: They must like him because he is either...
[05:01] Shiro: 1)Dumb as fuck...
[05:01] Shiro: or...
[05:01] Shiro: 2) Innocent, ties in with DUMB AS FUCK.
[05:01] Zarich: Or they just think his Angry Inch is cute
[05:02] Zarich: Eh too many downloads. Gonna have to download later
[05:02] Shiro: Speaking of which.
[05:03] Shiro: Mine is done apparently.
[05:03] Shiro: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[05:03] Shiro: Gotta get my headphones...
[05:03] Shiro: And my 10ft extension cable. :furious:
[05:03] TheThing@bed: blast through the speakers man ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[05:03] Shiro: >Blast through the speakers.
[05:03] Zarich: wait, why do I have a jpg on my computer labeled 'dave.jpg"?
[05:03] Shiro: >Mother: "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SOUND?"
[05:03] Zarich: oh, it is the RIP David Gold picture
[05:03] Shiro: >Shiro: "Don't worry about it, they're just fighting."
[05:04] TheThing@bed: The game has a bug so even if you skip a line that is VAed, and go to next line, it doesn't stop the previous audio UNTIL the next one appears
[05:04] Shiro: ^Not sure that's a bug.
[05:04] TheThing@bed: next audio line appears
[05:04] Shiro: Some have options like that.
[05:04] TheThing@bed: yeah, propably not a bug
[05:04] TheThing@bed: but slightly "annoying" ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[05:04] Zarich: Psh, not like I'm going to skip, I"m going to have a Laugh Riot
[05:04] TheThing@bed: especially when it's just constant slurping ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[05:04] Haxton Fale: Hello
[05:05] Zarich: Sup Haxton, you came in on the good vconvo
[05:05] TheThing@bed: with stammering and... yeah
[05:05] Shiro: Oh shit.
[05:05] Shiro: Doctor Who '05 season 1 finished downloading...
[05:05] Zarich: FUCK. 5x Stammering on Audio? Now htat is annoying
[05:05] Zarich: I'll just replae the audio with screaming
[05:05] TheThing@bed: rofl xD
[05:05] Shiro: This may have to wait. :furious:
[05:06] Zarich: I'll borrow the Audio files from Monmusu Girl Quest
[05:06] TheThing@bed: only the loli screamed though... slightly
[05:06] TheThing@bed: and also was the only one that stammered
[05:06] Zarich: is the Protag VA'd also? Prolly not
[05:06] Shiro: Loli + Screaming = OH GOD WHY DID MY DICK HAS EXPLODED?!
[05:07] TheThing@bed: ...
[05:07] TheThing@bed: umm...
[05:07] Haxton Fale: Good convo?
[05:07] TheThing@bed: another sex scene is about to appear <_<
[05:07] Zarich: btw thingu, go the fuck to sleep
[05:07] TheThing@bed: that didn't take long xD
[05:07] TheThing@bed: I would
[05:07] TheThing@bed: I was going to go to sleep once next sex scene appeared...
[05:07] TheThing@bed: but it appears it's propably as foresome
[05:07] TheThing@bed: *a
[05:08] Zarich: Take a break and listen to Samuel L. Jackson
[05:08] Shiro: foursome*
[05:08] TheThing@bed: YEP
[05:08] TheThing@bed: after I wrote my last message, 5 messages in and BAM
[05:08] TheThing@bed: foresome
[05:08] Zarich: Is the Audio four girls at the same time?
[05:08] Zarich: cus it would be boring at one at a time
[05:08] Shiro: Foursome. D:
[05:09] TheThing@bed: I'm not going to check Zarich
[05:09] TheThing@bed: I need sleep
[05:10] TheThing@bed: instead, have a CG
[05:10] Akirahiro Takahashi: fourcum*
[05:10] TheThing@bed: "Alicia grapped my head and mashed my face into her voluptuous bosom." xD
[05:10] Zarich: Random Stomach licking girl
[05:10] Shiro: ............
[05:10] TheThing@bed: nice words he totally has no idea what means xD
[05:10] Shiro: Lucky bastard!
[05:11] Akirahiro Takahashi: What eroge is that cg from?
[05:11] TheThing@bed: That's what you get when you don't know what sex is and haven't mastubated ever ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[05:11] TheThing@bed: @Akirahiro: scroll up
[05:11] TheThing@bed: it's in history
[05:11] Shiro: Now I wish I had never found porn as a child. :x
[05:11] TheThing@bed: xD
[05:11] TheThing@bed: they found it sooo cute he didn't know anything so they are basically throwing themselves at him xD
[05:11] Zarich: We can't refudiate his knowledge in random words
[05:12] TheThing@bed: anyways, what they said was right
[05:12] TheThing@bed: you can't go 5 minutes without having another sex scene xD
[05:12] don juan-: So the lesson this hentai is teaching is Act like the stupidest person and females will throw themselves at you
[05:13] TheThing@bed: also, I just finished like 11 sex CG and have over 150+ left xD
[05:13] TheThing@bed: pretty much don xD
[05:13] TheThing@bed: ok, closed game
[05:13] TheThing@bed: need sleep
[05:14] Zarich: listen to sam l jackson tell you to go to fuck to sleeo
[05:14] TheThing@bed: Well this game sure is deep :P
[05:14] TheThing@bed: yeah yeah, I'm going now
[05:14] TheThing@bed: gn everyone
[05:14] Zarich: nighto
[05:14] TheThing@bed: and it seems I might have enticed many into playing this game xD
[05:15] Zarich: For me ,just for the funny lines
[05:15] TheThing@bed: It's epic xD
[05:15] TheThing@bed: The TL is like 50% of what makes this game epic
[05:15] Krozam: 8:15 in the morning... I guess it's time for me to go to sleep as well... *yawn*
[05:15] TheThing@bed: anyways, epic convo
[05:19] TheThing@bed: oh, final note, he hasn't even had a wet dream ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[05:19] TheThing@bed: or so he SAYS :P
[05:19] Shiro: Are we sure this is a guy? :x
[05:20] Shiro: High tech strapon?


[03:54] TheThing@bed: "Pew pew pew... I can't believe it's shooting out such such force... there's so much of this white gooey stuff... wow..."

Update 2:

[18:30] TheThing@bus: "Every time I pushed myself in balls deep, her love tunnel would make wet, squishy noises"

Games / Re: With Who...
« on: April 20, 2012, 04:06:44 am »
Well, gonna put 3 new girls:

Literary Girl (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou/Daily Lives of High School Boys)
Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu x Boku SS)
Isanami Miko (Brave 10)

Games / Re: Best Caption
« on: April 20, 2012, 03:49:23 am »
Is that a penguin up your ass or are you just happy to see me?

Loli / Re: Sleeping lolis / DFC
« on: April 16, 2012, 05:06:38 am »

Update from Megrae:

^ barely counts but has cute sleeping loli so ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌.

General Discussions / Re: Schadenfreude
« on: April 15, 2012, 09:28:03 am »
Seems somehow more information was leaked.

The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:44:40 am »
Nex dragged his ragged body forward. His body didn't exist and this earthly body was only a carrier. Yet despite the pain and weakness in his body, his mind was far from being weak. Feeling the looming omnipresence all around only made his curiosity grow.

Finally they got to the cave's opening, and the view was quite something. The glow the crystals were emitting provided a peaceful illuminance. The light was only visible to the naked eye, but there was something else. Nex could feel his pain slightly fade. From this illuminance, Nex slowly straightened himself up and opened his arms, as if trying to catch the rays from the crystals. Embracing it even.

"Well that's a rare sight," Nex said out loud. During all his travels, to come upon these crystals here? A very rare encounter.

Games / Re: Best Caption
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:27:42 am »
"Finally after many months of waiting for Krozam and THAT'S IT?!"

General Discussions / Re: Schadenfreude
« on: April 09, 2012, 12:14:35 am »

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