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A Simple Game Of Nomic
« on: August 18, 2012, 01:40:04 am »
Hello all. I recently discovered the game Nomic and have taken an interest to it. The game is open to all, be you a pro at Nomic or a new player.


Nomic is a game invented by Peter Suber. "Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is a move. In that respect it differs from almost every other game. The primary activity of Nomic is proposing changes in the rules, debating the wisdom of changing them in that way, voting on the changes, deciding what can and cannot be done afterwards, and doing it. Even this core of the game, of course, can be changed. (Suber)"

This is a game where the rules are always changing; hence, the only real 'rules' are the initial rules which can also be changed as soon as the game starts. We will be following Peter Suber's initial rules. For the purpose of documenting these rules, we will have a few base rules that can not be changed. These pertain to how rules are entered into the document.

Please contact me if you notice that the documented 'unchangeable documenting rules' disagree or come into conflict with the initial rules that can be found further down this post in a link. Rule 108 may have to be discussed.

1. The rule will be entered with the prefix '1' or '2', depending on the mutability of the rule. '1' is for immutable rules while '2' is for mutable rules.
2. The rule will be entered with an integer suffix depending on number of rules already in the document. For example, if rule 112 (Immutable Rule 12) already exists, the rule will take up number 113 (Immutable Rule 13)
             2A. Rules that end up being single digit numbers will prefixed with '10' or '20'. For example 101 is Immutable Rule 1 and 202 is Mutable Rule 2.
3. All rule additions must have a date of entry following the entry.
4. The name of the person who entered the rule must follow the entry.
5. Removed Rules must be put into a section reserved for removed rules. The rule's original number, date, and applicable name must be part of the removed rule.
6. Amended rules or rules in the process of being amended must be labeled as so on the document.
7. Rules currently in the process of being voted in will be put in a special section on the document.

All rules will be held in a document for all to view.

Rules will fall into two categories. Immutable and Mutable. Simply put, Immutable rules can not be changed until they themselves are changed to mutable rules.

The first rules we should apply our thinking and voting to are as follows. (This is only a suggestion.)
A. How one wins the game. Rule 202 on the following website page should provide an idea for this. (Rule 213, if it is still applicable, may over ride this rule.)
B. How voting is conducted. (Cbox, a poll someone makes for us, etc. etc.)
C. Who will handle the document. (Again, this can change.)

Initial Rules

This section of the website will be our initial rules. Remember, rules prefixed with '1' or '10' are currently immutable. Rules prefixed with '2' or '20' are currently mutable.

Initial Set of Rules from Peter Suber.

Join the game!

Join in at anytime. A master list of the players will be posted here. The game will start once we get 2 people including myself. The initial rules state that the play order is determined alphabetically by name.

Remember, a move is any addition, subtraction, or amendment of a rule. The next move begins once voting on said rule is complete.

Master Player List


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