Author Topic: Any interest to sub an audio cd?  (Read 1694 times)

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Any interest to sub an audio cd?
« on: November 20, 2011, 06:40:49 pm »
Been looking all over the web for months, and there doesn't seem to be any English translation for Isurugi Noe True Tears drama CD. It's about 22 minutes long, with about 260 lines. I'm actually trying to do this on my own but it's taking a long time (and my Japanese stinks)! I'm wondering if you guys would be interested to pick this up. I (and sure many other Noe fans) would greatly appreciate it if you do pick it up. Also willing to give a healthy donation for it too, and you get to have all the credit too lol.

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Re: Any interest to sub an audio cd?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2011, 09:28:47 pm »
Hello wxia88, and welcome to the forums.  Just an FYI, Doki does not take specific requests for subs/translations, and some staff will not be cordial when pointing this out.  Even so, to date Doki has not translated and drama or radio CDs.  Whether similar projects are taken up in the future will depend primarily on interest from the staff and also the Doki community.

If you feel that there is interest from the community, feel free to discuss the matter in the Chat-Box, IRC, or by holding a general poll about drama/radio CDs in the forums.  You may not see us, but the staff reviews all of these mediums with regularity; we will know if there is interest in a series, and in turn that may increase our own interest in it.

On behalf of Doki, I welcome you to our community and hope you continue to return.
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