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Anime with the good OP singles/ED singles/OST


I just wanted some tips because I usually categorize my anime music by the anime series they were used in. Currently, I think the best I've got are the Gundam 00, FMA: Brotherhood and Highschool of the Dead collections. I particularly like the HOTD list and I listen to it quite often. There's also the Star Driver OP and ED, and some selected Bleach OP and ED.

Here's my question: What other anime series is there that have good bunch of OP singles/ED singles/OST?

Toradora! OP....

And the Shana OPs :P

Hanover Fist:
My two favorites (both spearheaded by Yoko Kanno) are Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone Complex series/movies and the Cowboy Bebop series/movie OSTs. She has a good grasp on a lot of varying musical styles and matches the mood of the show quite well.

I also really liked the music in Read Or Die and R.O.D. the TV [Read or Dream].

More recently, the Ano Hana ED theme.

Your question is already somewhat answered in the Favorite OP/ED thread


--- Quote from: HanoFist on August 24, 2011, 03:55:49 pm ---Your question is already somewhat answered in the Favorite OP/ED thread
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What he said.

As for BG musics, though... I like a number of composers, but my favourites are Kajiura Yuki and Takanashi Yasuharu. Tsubasa Chronicle and Fairy Tail OST's being their best works IMO. Iuchi Maiko (To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun) is also pretty good. Then there's Yoko Kanno (Witch Hunter Robin etc.) and Masuda Toshio (Naruto etc.)...

My favorites are Shakugan no shana OP 1&2 
Also the Nana Op's

So Great


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