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The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall OOC
« on: August 17, 2011, 10:00:52 pm »
Name: Ishman
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: Average height, very muscular (think Bruce Lee). Bronze colored skin with silver eyes. The sides of his head are shaved, with he hair combed back in a ponytail that starts at the back of his head. Several, barely noticeable scars throughout his body, with a a more clear one on the left side of his face. See picture.

Personality: At first glance, Ishman doesn't seem to have a personality. He was raised in a temple with strict discipline, and keeps on to that. See history for more detail. He does, however, have a sense of humor, though dry and sarcastic. He is very forward, and lacks empathy. He was raised as a perfect warrior, with servants preparing his food and such, so he often expects others to do those things for him, sometimes even commanding it if he feels his commands will be followed. Lacks many social skills, and often insults people with his forwardness.

In battle, he is fearless and direct, though not reckless. He knows when to retreat, if needed. A perfect soldier lives to fight another day. He doesn't exactly enjoy killing. He sees it as a necessary evil to hone his craft.

He respects battle prowess and tactical abilities, so he will be in good or neutral terms with most of the group, though they might not be with him. The monks are often seen as arrogant for their lack of social prowess.

Though a monk, he has no oath of celibacy, though relationships themselves are seen as a distraction. He might fulfill his needs sometimes, but falling for a woman as an idea is absurd to him. Doesn't mean he can't fall in love, it's just very unlikely.

Relationships with the group:

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Special Abilities: Near master level of Ki Combat. He uses a very acrobatic yet swift style of fighting (combine Karate/TKD/Muay Thai), and uses Ki for extra speed and strenght. Few people can keep up with his full speed.

He has runes tattooed to his body in a dark blue ink. The runes were made by a Grandmaster of his temple, who was trained in magic. The runes use his inner magic, and act as armor. So in a long, drawn out fight that he takes blows in, he is in a disadvantage since he will deplete both Ki and Magic sources inside him.

Ki-power list:

I'm just gonna list the names, you can check what they do from the Ki-description.

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Items of Interest: A twin bladed tonfa set, that can also be used as swords. Very proficient in their use. They are stored in the same scabbard on the back and can be pulled out with one arm.

History: Ishman is from a special temple in the eastern small Kingdom of Jaharta. The country is militarily weak, and would get swept by neighboring countries if it weren't for the temple. The temple and the country have a mutual agreement: the people of Jaharta supply the temple with food, and work as servants for the  warrior monks, and as payment, the temple protects the country. Even with just a few hundred men, the temple is feared as a strong military force.

Being somewhat of a genius even amongst the higly talented monks, Ishman set off at the age of 16 to his Master's Journey. Basically it's a journey every monk of the temple goea to after the Grandmasters deem that they have taught the student as much as they can. The purpose of the journey is for the student to get  actual combat experience and perfect their techniques there.

Soon after arriving to Nantii, Ishman saw The Wings of Hall in action, and joined up in hopes of being able to meet challenging foes and perfect himself. He respects Hall as a God of Death, but isn't a "worshipper". To him only his craft matters.

Info on the Temple: The temple of Aedon has been around for hundreds of years. It is dedicated to Aedon, the God of Perfection, or the God of Striving for Perfection, as the temple sees it. To them, Aedon is less of a God and more of a Grandmaster, who they model themselves after. Though many offer a prayer to Aedon for the health of their unborn children, or a good crop, the monks of the temple dedicate their lives to becoming  perfect weapons. Soldiers with no equal. And so far, they've done a pretty good job.


PS: Instead of the dragon tattoo he has a rune tattoo on both arms.

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