Author Topic: Help with anime converting?!  (Read 16365 times)

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Help with anime converting?!
« on: June 22, 2012, 05:28:07 am »
Ok first of i love watching the anime that ive downloaded and being a mkv file i can't watch them on my ps3 that i own all i wanted to know which converter may be the best without any of those small green dots appearing on the video when finished converting.

Also once in a while when i download anime that you have wonderfully posted as a mkv file the subs don't appear, sometimes. But when i convert them (note that i use freemake converter) they just suddenly appear and sometimes i see the subs as numbers instead of english texts, like (o,2,5,6) exactly like that with the brackets.

so please help? how to fix this? which converter to use?