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AniDex Tracker: Rules and Guidelines
« on: May 29, 2012, 08:31:18 pm »
Allowed content
  • Only content from Japan, China or Korea is permitted. Anything else will be removed on sight and you may be warned or banned.
  • Hentai and Adult Videos are permitted, provided that they are tagged and categorised correctly.
Banned content
  • "Extreme" real life visual content is forbidden, such as (but not limited to) scat, gore, bestiality, etc.
  • Absolutely no real life child pornography of any kind.
  • Hollywood movies, American TV shows, Western music, etc
  • "Normal" games for PS4/NDS/XBox, such as (but not limited to) FIFA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, etc.
  • Warez, such as (but not limited to) Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Windows, etc.
  • "Troll" torrents are not allowed. These will be removed on sight.
Troll torrents
  • Torrent name falsely represents the contents of its files.
  • Torrent contents break the rules.
  • Torrents of archives (eg .rar) which are password protected, and the password is not clearly stated in the torrent description or in the torrent.
  • Torrents from private trackers which require registration.
Torrent guidelines
  • All torrents must contain our tracker (, preferably as the primary tracker for optimal statistics tracking.
  • Torrent name should be as descriptive as possible.
  • If the file contains video/audio, the format/resolution/codecs should be mentioned.
  • For example: [Group] Series name - ep (resolution video audio).ext
  • If it is not a commonly used archive (zip, rar, 7z, etc), the tools for decompression should be mentioned.
  • The more descriptive, the better.
Video based content guidelines
  • DVD source video is limited to 576p.
  • Web source video is limited to 1080p or source resolution, whichever is lower.
  • TV source video is by default limited to 1080p. SD channels, however, are limited to 480p.
  • Blu-ray source video is limited to 1080p.
  • UHD source video is limited to 3840x2160p.
  • Naturally, untouched sources are not bound by these limits.
Commenting guidelines
  • Comments should be used to express gratitude, asking questions regarding the torrent, or offering constructive criticism.
  • Shitposting and trolling may lead to warnings and/or bans.
  • Use [spoiler ] tags in torrent descriptions where appropriate, such as placing mediainfo dumps.
  • Do not use tags that are not your own or at least make it extremely clear to everyone that you are the one responsible for the upload unless you are reuploading an original release.
  • Do not add your own tags when reuploading an original release.
  • If these rules are not obeyed, those torrents will be removed if reported by the group/person commonly seen as the owner of the tag(s). This especially applies to remake torrents. Always add your own tag unless you are reuploading an original release.
  • Although only hinted at above, we will of course remove any troll torrents tagged with "A-sucks", "B-is-slow", or such if reported by "A" or "B".
  • Remakes for the sake of adding watermarks or such are not allowed.
  • Remakes of JPG/PNG-based releases are not allowed without exceptions since there is most often no point in making such.
  • Uploaders are encouraged to leave a complete description of the release on the torrent information page. This is especially true for batches.

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