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"you may only select up to 25 options"


There's no hardcore D:
or deathcore D:

Aside from that stuff I love alternative rock like Cake, Sparta, etc, and Post-Rock like Explosions in the Sky :D

lol, needs a gothic pop option to cover Kalafina XD

Hanover Fist:
So many of the strange fusions and mashups I like can't really be classified: Apocalyptica [classical x metal], Bond [classical x pop], Deathmøle [webcomic author virtual band], MC Frontalot [nerdcore hiphop], Pallomember's mashups [metal x pop] and many more odd things. This is above and beyond my '80's metal foundations that expanded to electronic/ambient and classical over the years.

Needs Vocaloid option.

Clannad Man:
Added some options.  :)  Poll probably shouldn't get too specific, but some of the suggestions seemed sensible to add.


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