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The Wings of Hall
We'll play in the world of Annial, a large, mostly medieval fantasy world. We'll develop the world as needed, but we'll start in the broken kingdom of Nantii, a once powerful feudal kingdom ravaged by all vs. all civil war, where every high noble is aiming for the crown and the lower nobles have all chosen their sides. We're a small but relatively famous mercenary group called The Wings of Hall, and we've been hired by a duke fighting for the crown.

Technical Info
We'll play storytelling, which means there will be no throwing dice, no stats, just writing a story where every character has their own writer. We'll take turns, though there's a set of exceptions. The pace will probably be rather slow and casual. Because of the settings, each of our characters should be in some way useful to the group: powerful, intelligent, possessing some essential skill, whatever you come up with. Your common sense (and my judgement) shall be the limit to how powerful your character can be. By all means, do create a dragon or a demon or a demigod, but know that your character isn't invincible. This is our Out-of-Character thread, everything but the RP itself goes here, including your characters. I'll create a separate thread for the RP.

The current turn order:
Nicolaos (+Harold&Aidan) (Krozam)
Lissa (Hollow Nyan-chan)
Cathair (tigershark13)
Nex (TheThing)
Jimmy (Zerpo)
Setsuna&Maria (InfinityStream)
Luna (Chihaya-chan)
Darwin (Irie Naoki)
Ishman (Listomar)
Fiona (Shion)
Estia (SpringHalo)
Acan (SootShade)

Just because it's a mediaval fantasy world doesn't mean the technology must stay entirely medieval. Guns are allowed, though they're fairly primitive. Steampunk, such as mechanical airships, is allowed. However, I'd prefer that most of this stuff is somewhere else in the world, our starting area is modelled after medieval Europe, with knights and castles and such. Races, there are others than humans, but humans are dominant in our starting area. You're all free to expand the world how you like, and most likely all our characters come from different backgrouds, different countries etc. Also, different dimensions exist. Someone among us may have been to hell and come back, someone else may be a summoner who calls upon extradimensional creatures to fight for him. As I said, we'll expand the world as needed.

It's year 744 of the Calm, the Calm being an age that started after a particularly chaotic time in the history of this world, when the gods themselves warred. Since the Godswar ended, the world has been more or less stable, wars have been fairly small scale and the gods have started avoiding direct confrontations.

Gods and Religions
There's a large pantheon of quite real gods, and all of them have their followers (except the forgotten ones). Belief is what gives them power, so the larger a god's religion, the more powerful he generally is. The gods are at each other's throats all the time, but mostly they prefer indirect power struggle to direct confrontation. Usually mortals are the ones to suffer most, but there's little you can do about it except ascend to a god yourself, because non-believers are enemies to all gods, and that's not wise.

Our patron god, Hall, is a minor but rising god. His totem animal is a Raven and his domain is death. There are so many gods that most share their domains with several others, Hall certainly isn't the only one or the most powerful one among the gods of death.

Lots of different kinds of magic in this world. Or rather, lots of different ways to use it. Magic is a force that's found everywhere in the world, though in varying quantities. All magic in the nature is also elementally aligned: earth, water, air, fire, light and dark. On the sea there's lots of water magic around, in the mountains there's lots of earth magic, during the night there's a lot of dark magic, air magic is strong when it's windy, fire and light magic benefit from the sun. Mages are people born with the ability to draw magic from their surroundings (and, if necessary, from their own body) and trained to use it in various ways. The ability is a recessive genetic trait, it's inherited but may sometimes lie dormant for many generations, then suddenly manifest as strong as ever. Converting magic into someting else than its original element, for example electricity or dimensional energy used in summoning, is possible, but advanced stuff. Usually mages are strong in one to three elements and weak in the others, though there are exceptions who can only use one element or all of them. The ways they are used differ, some use spells because they've been trained to do so, but in truth, all it takes is the ability and enough will.

Servants of the gods, clerics and paladins, may not have a natural ability to draw magic from their surroundings, but they have limited access to their god's power. This power is different from natural magic because it's non-elemental. It's perfect for healing and a few other things, and with only a slight conversion becomes usable for shields and yet more things. It can be converted to elemental magic or any other kind of energy that the natural magic can, but again, that's advanced stuff. Sometimes clerics and paladins also channel their god's power, for example when granting powerful blessings to items and people.

For those with no magical ability or god-given power, there is one way to use magic: alchemy. Magic exists everywhere, and alchemy is the art of collecting highly magical substances from the nature, mixing them, condensing the magic, and creating materials (often liquids, but not always) which can release their magic without a will to draw it out. The effects of alchemical mixtures are often purely elemental and raw, but skilled alchemists can even convert the magic into other forms of energy, which can have fairly sophisticated effects.

Concerning healing.

In a world where magic is powerful and often fast to use, and technology isn't advanced enough to balance it out, non-mages often aren't able to hold their own. Some warriors have found a way to balance the situation: they're able to use their inner energy, ki, to enhance their fighting capabilities. Some scholars theorize that ki is actually magic in our own bodies, because magic can be used to replicate ki-effects and the side-effects of using too much ki are similar to the effects of using the magic in your own body to cast spells. However, the fact that everyone is able to use ki with training doesn't quite fit this theory.

Anyway, ki can be used to enhance a warrior's strength and reflexes. Releasing it from your feet or hands allows you to jump fast and far (think flash step, only weaker) or to strike through a stone wall. It can be used to heal quickly, and it can be transferred as sort of a life force to someone else. It can also be channeled through a weapon, it's possible to strike the ground with a sword and cause a sizeable crack. Some of this is, of course, very advanced, and warriors who can effectively use ki are few and far between. The training to control your ki involves meditation, and learning to control your body on a deep level, usually through some kind of a martial art. Using too much ki results in temporary weakness, so ki-warriors usually eat and sleep a lot after battles in order to avoid getting sick or even dying.

More detailed information about ki.

Starting Point
We're The Wings of Hall, a small but relatively famous mercenary group formed two years ago. We're all from different backgrounds, a motley team that for some reason just works well together. Hall is our patron god, a minor but rising power in the pantheon. If there's a cleric among us, he prays to Hall, but otherwise it has little practical effect. Our mission is not to convert people to Hall's faith or to serve his will (though he may give us missions sometimes), our mission is simply to become famous. The plan is that this should attract people to Hall's faith.

We've been hired by a duke fighting for the crown of Nantii, named Solius. Our next mission is to infiltrate the fortress of his enemy, Duke Tevor, during the night, and open the gates to allow his soldiers to capture the fortress.

- I am the Game Master, and my word is the law.
- There's no need to limit yourself to one character, but don't create more than you can comfortably control. As the GM I'll take care of the NPC's (Non-Player Character) important to the plot, but you can create your own.
- Joining in the middle of the game is quite possible. The game is open until we have 15 players.
- No god-modding. This means that you only control your own characters (unless given permission). For example, if two Player Characters fight, the receiver will decide if the hit connects or not.
- Write in the past tense and 3rd person.
- Try to keep the OOC talk in this topic, but if you must say something OOC in the game thread, use ((double parenthesis)).
- Use your common sense
- Be respectful towards the other players. I thought this was obvious, but apparently some people need reminding.

(Harold Bjornson - Septe) player quit, character in GM's control for now
Nicolaos Karenz - Krozam
Darwin Roday - Irie Naoki
Lissa Dragomier - Hollow nyan-chan
Nex Addo - TheThing
Setsuna Ando - InfinityStream
Maria Cyan - InfinityStream
Ishman - Listomar
Cathair - tigershark13
Jimmy 'Kage' Kuneto - Zerpo
Acan Moread - SootShade
Estia Barackson - SpringHalo
Aidan Donovan am Delian - Soulbourne
Fiona Geileis am Brina - Shion
Luna Crimsonair - Chihaya-chan
(Morghandy Sloane am Albion - semiramiese) not yet entered

Character Sheet
Appearance: You can keep this short if you have a good picture.


Special Abilities: Magic, intelligence, whatever it is that makes you special and useful.

Items of Interest: Weapons, magical items, items of sentimental value etc.

History: The tale that your character would tell the others, not necessarily true, not necessarily detailed. Also, how your character ended up in the group and how he's fared in it.

Picture: Optional but recommended. It might be wise to find a picture before you think too deep on your character's appearance. Here are links to some artists' DA galleries that I recommend checking out for good character pics:

We'll start either this evening or tomorrow. This post will be constantly modified as we develop the world.

Name:   Harold Bjornson
Gender: male
Age:     25
Race:   Human
Appearance: Blonde haired, blue eyes, a rugged handsome man with strong legs and arms.  Stands 6' 3"

Personality:  Gentle personality but plays a grouch.  True to his friends.  Does have a split personality which not checked will get him into trouble.  When he gets drunk, he'll go after the ladies and romance them.  Something in him turns on which could be magical or a curse that allows him to charm the ladies.  It's not all powerful as a strong minded woman  or a lesbian who hates men can resist it.  It's the reason why he was fleeing the country when he tried to charm a princess into bed and got caught.

Special Abilities: Direction sense, he can never get lost above ground and below.  He's also got a good knowledge of mining and can tell where the goods are in the ground.  Goods being gems and gold, not buried treasures that's not part of the ground.

Items of Interest: he's got a pick of delving from the dwarves which will dig through rock and dirt with effort.  The stronger he is, the more he can dig.  Currently, he can dig 10' x 10' cube of dirt in a few minutes and 5' x 5' cube of stone with it.  For a weapon, he uses a mattock for strength training as well as killing knights.

History: His tale is that of a prince (he's not) that has been thrown out of his country by an evil usurper (the legitimate king).  He met up with the group and fared ok but is only beginning to open up as he kept quietly to himself.  There's been only one display to the group of him getting drunk and they were surprised to see him charm the beautiful merchant woman into bed.

Name: Nicolaos Karenz
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Appearance: I hate describing appearances, so just look at the picture.

Personality: Nicolaos is a very private person, serious and calm, though he does have a dry sense of humour. He has a way with words, and certain dark charisma that makes him both respected and feared - however, he has very little respect for authorities, which tends to earn him powerful enemies. He seems to have a strong dislike for corruption, which is strange considering his otherwise tolerant attitude towards human failings. He could be popular with the ladies, were he to show any interest in women - but he doesn't. He's a good leader, not necessarily brilliant, but he's responsible and possesses common sense. In battlefield he's hard and emotionless, frighteningly so. His motivations are largely a mystery: though he appears to serve his god faithfully, he's no fanatic, and there are occasional hints that his relationship with Hall has some problems. For now, he seems content to seek glory and fame, just as his god wants.

Special Abilities: Nicolaos is a swordsman of master level, a cleric of middling power and skill, very adept at combining swordsmanship and magic, and fairly charismatic.

Items of Interest: His weapon is a katana blessed by Hall. He has a crow companion named Jaar, messenger of Hall, which he seems to be able to communicate with. He's been known to use the bird as a spy and a scout.

History: Nicolaos comes from the North, presumably the kingdom of Rowos, where the cult of Hall has a stable foothold. However, he's very tight-lipped about his past. Up in the North he's pretty famous, he's sometimes called "The Reaper of Hall" and he's known to be very dangerous on the battlefield. His position in the cult of Hall isn't clear, but he seems to be of fairly high rank. The reason for his coming to South seems pretty obvious: he's banished from the Northern Kingdoms on the pain of death. Exactly what he did to anger five kings so is a mystery to the public, but together with his prowess on the battlefield this has made him fairly (in)famous in the North.

Two years ago he banded with our motley team of mercenaries, becoming the founder and Captain of The Wings of Hall. His mission, according to him, is to become famous and bring glory to Hall. Not to convert people, not to act as Hall's right hand in Nantii, just to become famous in the name of Hall. For this reason, it's alright for the other members of the group to pray to other gods, as long as they keep relatively quiet about it. Hall isn't interested in the faith of a small group of mercenaries, so as long as they follow the plan, the others are free to pray to whichever god they wish. Nicolaos leads the group as a mercenary leader, not as a priest, and as long as he pays them and leads them to fame insted of death, the others probably don't mind following the plan.

Picture: http://nykolai.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2bkqjz

Character Realationships:
Harald: A useful man, but we shouldn't let him drink too often.
Darwin: A servant of another god, but in this case it's not an issue. Doesn't like to talk about his past: understandable, though his reasons are likely different from mine.
Lissa: Another one who's uncomfortable with her past. A likeable enough personality, causes no problems.
Nex: A man who has suffered a great deal, I feel sympathy. Has some problems with many of the other members, but respects my authority and has proven his usefulness on many occasions.
Setsuna: A man a honour, and very good at following orders. Doesn't exactly get along with people, but doesn't cause large problems.
Maria: I wish I had a mother like her, instead of whom I have. Also very good at keeping people alive. Deserves some respect.
Ishman: Very useful in battle. That's all.
Cathair: A source of internal problems, but too useful in battle to let go. Also keeps Aidan in the group.
Jimmy: Once tried to kill me, but it was his job, so I bear no grudge. I'm not exactly fond of assassins, too often they serve the corrupt, but they can also be used against the corrupt. Also, has a surprisingly strong moral backbone despite his profession, perhaps because of his youth.
Acan: A very useful man who also deserves a measure of respect. He succeeded where I failed, sort of.
Estia: Likeable enough, doesn't cause any problems either.
Aidan: Has major problems with Cathair, but otherwise decent company. I could learn something about tactics from him.
Fiona: Aidan's subordinate, in practise if not technically. Temperamental, but not uncontrollably so. A good archer, more experienced in battle than Estia, though lacking her magic.

Irie Naoki:
Name: Darwin Roday
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: Born as a human but granted power from the wind goddess and now an Avian
Appearance: a Light armored male (see pic for more info)

Personality: A quite person that does not enjoy talking to other people for he has never really known what to say, usually what he says leads him to truble, tho strong Darwin has gone through so much that he cares little for other people other then his close ones. He does not drink alot, usually sits in a corner to enjoy his drink. Darwin has gone through so much in the past that he does not like to talk about it to anyone. Even if Darwin does not communicate with other people he tries to help and save those who would otherwise die. Does not kill unless he is forced to, tries to not kill anyone but instead injure them so they cant move.

Special Abilities: I use Ki but with the help from a magical enchanted blade I recieved from the Wind Goddess I am able to use wind magic for my benefits, I am able to summon and dismiss wings so that I can fly and hide my true Identity as an Avian.

Items of Interest: A sword bestowed to me from the Goddess of Wind, The sword gives me limited access to some wind magic which I can use to increas my fighting skills, I am currently looking for the legendary bow of Ventus which will improve my abilities more then any human.

History: When I was little my parents died when I was at the age of 5 and was taken in by close friends of his parents. The only thing that I contained from that was a locked my mother carried and it was the only thing that made me feel like I was close to her. Since then I have gone through alot of traning from the onse I stayed with and learned alot about ki. When I was at the age of 19 I enroled for the as a guard in the Great city Goldan, it was fine at times until 2 years later.
It started as any other day but when the night came suddenly a great army in the distance was spotted, charging towards the city. We were not prepared for such a large assult and it resulted with the Great city Goldan to be close to be raized to the ground. During the war while I was defending the city I got hit in the back with a hammer, thankfully the helm I wore took all the damage. The problem was that I could not move from the fear of dying and thuse I just froze until one of the Elite guards came behind and killed him. I just ran deeper into the city. When finally we had just managed to defend the city, the only things that remained intact was alittle bit of the main castle and couple of houses. The Great city Goldan has become nothing but a small Village.
I left the Village for it had nothing more to give me and went on a journey to become stronger. I traveled alone and far for over 3 years traning with ki and searching for greater power. I had finished all my food and water and was about to lose consciousness until I saw a person walking to me. She handed me her arm and when I reached for it I suddenly felt such power going into me that It was like I was reneved.
Grateful for her help I asked her who she was and the response I got was, "A wind Goddess". Still despered to gain power I asked her if she could train me and give me strength. When she agread I was happy but also alittle suspicious, it seems that the thing she wanted from me was the necles my mom had. I was shocked at first for I thought she wanted something more valuable like my soul or something along those lines. When I gave it to her even if it was something small I felt like I had no more connection to my mother. It seemed that the Neckless actually contained some of her own magic in it and thanks to it, it gave me some connection to her. When I had done training with the Goddess she gave me her blessing. I was nolonger a human but actually an Avian. When I was about to leave she called me one more time and gave me a sword. When I took the sword I felt Great magic coming from it. She explained it to me and told me what it did. I left her and the place to continue my training. It wasnt until much later that I found a person with the name Nicolaos who told me that he was looking for people to join his mercinary group. I thought it was a good way for me to train so I joined him.


Darwin has never really thought alot about other people but when he joined the group he had felt close to those people then anyone eles

(click to show/hide)Nicolaos Karzen: Even if Nicolaos managed to get Darwin to join he thinks Nicolaos is to obsessed with his god Hall.
Harold Bjornson: Darwin does not really like those who drink alot and drink for pleasure only.
Lissa Dragomier: Darwin can relate to her and thinks he can teach her about flight and her wings
Nex Addo: Does not trust him one bit, allways thinks he is a son of the devil or something.
Setsuna Ando: Does not like nor Dislike
Ishman: Does not like his sense of Humor nor how he thinks he is better then everyone eles
Cathair: Violent and proud, two of the things Darwin dislikes in people
Jimmy 'Kage' Kuneto: Likes his way of fighting and respects him
Acan Moread: Does not like or dislike him
Estia Barackson: Likes her way of fighting, Darwin can relate her to himself
Maria Cyan: A mother type character that he has never really had.
Aidan Donovan am Delian: Does not like nor Dislike

Character: http://i.imgur.com/mURy1.jpg
Sword: http://i.imgur.com/f02Sk.jpg
Wind Goddess: http://i.imgur.com/4ckeK.jpg

Hollow nyan-chan:
Name: Lissa Dragomier
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Half Human, half Dragon
Appearance: Small medium armored girl.

Personality: Lissa is gentle and caring for her friends, but gets ruthless when it comes to her enemies. Gets uncomfortable when others are asking about her past.

Special Abilities: She is stronger and tougher than the average human. Because she is a half dragon half human, her skin is made of dragon scale even that it looks like normal skin. She can also summon dragon wings, but have yet not learned to do that at will. Can summon heat from herself to warm up a camp or to close wounds. Can sense other people and creatures if they mean harm or not to a certain degree. She can breathe fire, but for a very limited time and it is only useful for starting camp fires and heating quick meals. She also has better hearing than humans thanks to being half dragon.

Items of Interest: A sword that she got from her family and a magical necklace that powers her draconic ability's.

History: Lissa is a half dragon half human, her father is the king of Gool and he one of the true dragons while her mother is a human and she is the Queen of Gool. Long ago the kingdom of Gool there was only dragons that reigned and lived there. The humans only thought that dragons are dangerous and should not be allowed to live. Because of the humans hatred for dragons, the dragons started to despise the humankind as well. Centuries later, humans started to open themselves towards the dragons and so did the dragons but only a few of them, such as the King in this case. The king married a human queen and got their child Lissa. Lissa is one of the princess's in the Kingdom of Gool that lies in the south. She was quiet (in)famous there for, she was the only princess that actually fought. One day when she was training her swordsmanship with her trainer, the trainer mocked her and she went rampage. She killed the trainer, and some soldiers stoped her without harming her. When they finally managed to calm her and restrain her, they told the queen what happened. She wanted to repent what she had done but they didn't let her do that. Lissas mother had her exiled from the kingdom of the act of murder on a commander. After she was exiled she left on a journey. Lissa wandered towards the north and met the mercenary group The Wings of Hall and joined them as the role of a warrior.

Relationship with everyone in the team:

Harold Bjornson: Lissa has a friendly relationship with him. Thinks he is mostly useful when he isn't drinking and when it comes to diversions with explosives.

Nicolaos Karenz: She have some issues with Nicolaos personality, but thinks of him as a great leader since he cares about his fellow members.

Darwin Roday: Thinks he is interesting because she's never seen an avian before.

Nex Addo: See's him as a powerful wizard yet as a lost soul trying to find a place to fit in.

Setsuna Ando: He is good with a sword so he would maybe be a great sparing partner.
Maria Cyan: Thinks she is useful with her healing skills, but thinks she is caring a bit too much like a oversensitive mother.

Ishman: He says he is a monk, but doesn't look anything close to one. Lissa is curious why it is like that.

Cathair: Lissa wonder why he hates foreign people so much, they may be different in politics and traits, but they are still people.

Jimmy 'Kage' Kuneto: Lissa thinks he is weird because he have high morals even when he is an assassin as they should not have any emotions, that's what she believes.

Acan Moread: Doesn't think much of him except that he scares her, she doesn't like arrows since they are more lethal than close range weapons. But otherwise he is a nice person that is useful against mages especially.
Estia Barackson: Lissa is also afraid of her since she uses arrow's as weapon, but not as much because Estia cares more about living beings, that's how she (Lissa) thinks of it.

Aidan Donovan am Delian: Thinks outright that he is a crazy member that will be hard to get a long with.
Picture: Character looks

Should be ready to play with now.


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