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How much censorship?

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Everybody has breaking points. On that note, how much censorship can you actually take to consider a series watchable?

I remember Princess Lover with its acceptable black censors. You might not even notice if you're not into panty shots because it is naturally dark under a girl's skirt (because of the shadow, you pervs).

I also remember Rosario to Vampire with the horrible big-ass kawaii-janai bat-censorship. To others who don't know, that bat also acts as mascot to the show. However, it is not funny when he covers the entire screen.

Meanwhile, the recent R-15 has horrible white screen censorship. That's the reason I dropped it half way. I understand though, that it also depends on the amount of what they have to censor, maybe that's why Hidan no Aria and Mayo Chiki! has acceptable amount of censors.

I care little about censorship, I've never even considered dropping a show because of it. Certainly, it can be a little annoying if it's excessive, and if the anime contains good ecchi I like to get an uncensored DVD/BD version for archiving purposes, but while I enjoy good graphics, the story and characters are always more important for me. I don't mind old shows with primitive animation, I don't mind low-budget shows... if the show happens to have great art and animation, it's always a plus, but bad ones are rarely a heavy minus. Same goes for censorship, if it's tasteful and unobstructing, it's a plus, but if it's bad, it's not a heavy minus.

I dropped Blood-C due to the censoring, having half the screen covered black was just to much.

Hanover Fist:
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu had a hot springs arc and posting screencaps in the Enticing to Watch thread reminded me of it. I was laughing at the perfectly (in)conveniently placed plants and railings there. I still enjoy Blood-C despite the heavy censorship of the violence, but I decided to wait for the BD rips of R-15 after just the first episode. 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku with it's hideous color scribbles was unwatchable for me.

Given that I have a backlog of around half a terabyte of anime to watch, I can usually be patient and wait for the BDs of a massively censored show. Censorship of the same screen area of violence is less annoying to me than nudity censorship, but it also depends on how they do it. It pisses me off when the censorship is more tasteless than what they're censoring. ;)

I dropped R-16 after 1 ep becaus of those big white lines over just about everything. (I liked it so little that I wrote the name wrong).
If done right, figures and such can be funny, but if they`re just like sitting there they`re annoying. The censores for Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!! Specials did it in a funny way, like the figures was part of the anime.
Big bright shining lines across the screen is my limit.
Damp in bathing scenes is ok.


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