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What Are You Listening to Right Now?

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Hanover Fist:
The other day I was rewatching the Petal AMV over in the favorite AMV thread, and I got curious about the haunting piano music. First I found the full-length version of Primavera.

I've since acquired some of Ludovico Einaudi's albums and have been listening to a lot of his music. I really like Divenire and Nightbook. Einaudi is a classically trained Italian piano player and composer. He's done solo piano work, lots of soundtracks, piano with string quartets or orchestra and he's recently started adding electronica to his music.

Right now I'm listening to his 2010 concert from London's Royal Albert Hall again.

Well Right now i'm listeng to Deardrops- Noisy Sweet Home

So love it wish there was an anime Version of this

Hanover Fist:
It's a little strange seeing the actual music video for this one instead of the Death Note OP2 visuals. I always loved it when Ryuk would victory dance with his apple.


*edit* Aww, the first copy I posted got taken down. :(

From Disciple's newest album. A pretty good album with several other good songs as well. So what if they're a Christian rock band and I'm an atheist, the music's good. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌


Well I'm a christian Who loves to listen to such Anti Christ Song But I don't really mind it though. Well its Still Music but As long as its good Then Its a Thumbs Up for me...


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