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Goriest anime youve ever seen?

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What is the goriest anime you have ever seen? And what made it so gory?

I'm gonna go with Gantz, an example of a basic scene would be a guy getting a grenade shoved in his mouth with a wire tied around it, the wire is then tied to a girls neck, then the girl is whipped, if she moves to much, his head goes bye bye, whats the result? his head goes bye bye, which was pretty funny. People get smashed apart by trains, bashed to death by bats, smashed by giant Buddhas, get high volume pressure on their head so their eyes pop and blood gushes out from every hole on their head, etc, pretty enjoyable for gore fans out their.

School days.

Not just a gory final, but also made me stop watching final eps of anime I liked in case they ruined it.

Clannad Man:

--- Quote from: ixlone on February 19, 2012, 01:11:01 pm ---School days.

--- End quote ---

Same.  The ending was quite disturbing.  That being said, I prefer not to watch anime with gore; if I wanted to see that, I'd join the military and at least get training out of it.  Watching gore for the gore seems very strange to me...

I am a fan of watching visual gore, that I must admit and though disturbing I still value life more than most people. I don't even kill spiders I find around my dorm I just get a cup and some paper and release them outside. Gore on a screen, even when its to the extreme can make me laugh but when anything and I mean ANYTHING in real life gets hurt I cringe. Its rather strange :P

i would say school days and Elfen lied:P


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