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Blood-C... I need some clarity


So I just got done watching episode 8.  I find myself dropping the episode about 8 episodes to late.

I want to see what everyone here thinks made the show worth wile?

For myself The heroin really killed the show for me completely.
1. She is to damn slow to act. (Letting people die before she even starts to fight)
2. She pretty much never asks questions no matter what happens.
3. She is a typical action/supernatural/superpower heroin who is an idiot that when ever gets emotionally upset she unleashes her "true power" It's very predictable and unoriginal.
4. Who cleans up the blood after a fight? You hear nothing about a fights after math. Makes no sense to me so far.
5. Non of the characters stand out. (throwing in a small romantic interest is pointless here)

1. It's part of the blood franchise?
2. It has gore to fit if not a little more then needed.  >:D

It's worth seeing through to the end imo. Some of your questions will be answered.

I'll have to try to pick it up later.

Definitely finish it, everything starts to make sense.

I like the story and action of this anime but i sometimes hate the protagonist of this series. She was idiot sometimes. i dont know why they created that kind of character as the lead. Id rather just watch free poker than seeing her face every episode.


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