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Here is a game I just came up with. The purpose is to find good pictures of a chosen subject and post them here for the subject-giver to rate.

The rules:
1. One player gives a subject, the others search pictures of the given subject. Only one subject may be given, but it can include limitations and specifications.
2. You have 10 minutes of time. That means active searching, you can stop the clock if need be.
3. You are free to use search engines or bookmarked galleries or take screenshots, but you're not allowed to use pictures saved on your HD or uploaded by yourself. (Previously, that is.)
4. You're allowed to use any search terms except the subject. In case the subject is complicated, the subject-giver should specify the forbidden search term, the one likely to produce the best results in a search. Only one search term (which may consist of multiple words) may be forbidden.
5. Post your 3 favourite pictures found within that 10 minutes in this thread - you can upload them in your own galleries if hotlinking is a problem.
6. Once there are enough participants in the round, the subject-giver chooses the winner based on either the best picture or the best set of three. The winner becomes the subject-giver of the next round.

If there are any problems with the rules, they may be changed later.

I'll start:

Subject: Schoolgirls

Forbidden search term: schoolgirl

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So I take it the idea was less than a success... Well, it's a tough call between Shiro and meneldal's first pics, but meneldal wins. What can I say, I'm a fan of Sena's character design and the art and posing in this one aren't bad. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌


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