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Haxton Fale:
General guidelines for tagging:
0. Style
Tags should be separated with spaces. Spaces within tags themselves should be changed to underscores.
1. Avoid redundancy
Try searching for the tag on your own or consulting this list if you're not sure about a tag.
2. Character and series names
Try to stick as close to the original as possible. For series, choose Japanese version in romaji (i.e. mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha instead of magical_girl_lyrical_nanoha). Names are a bit tricky, because of different spellings. Refer to ANN or MAL if you're not sure about spelling and/or name order (because fate_testarossa, but takamachi_nanoha), especially the former, which usually keeps the original work's order.
3. tagme and new_upload
These tags are kept to mark untouched images. If you add anything, remove new_upload. If you think the image could be tagged a little more, leave tagme. If you happen to see an image that has no tags (or just one or two), add tagme to it.

If you have any doubts, questions, ask away. This page will be updated.


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