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Anyone have a idea where i can obtain any if not all of scandals current albums?

Dasuu -:

ok so i found the albums Here i don't know if its seeded but that's the only one that i found so ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Hanover Fist:
My first thought was also "Who's Scandal?"

I think this NyaaTorrents search is what you're looking for: The album Encore Show has 27 seeds at the moment and Queens are Trumps has 7. There's also their first album and a discography of singles with 3 seeds each.

I didn't see how many seeds were on Jishaku Toshokan but there were many possibilities there as well. I found some singles and the album Temptation Box on the Pirate Bay with few seeds. There were a couple singles with more seeds on Nipponsei, but still single digits and no albums.


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