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why doki doesn't upload to nyaa anymore?

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Also the mods were the worst part of the site, like they demotivate new people and new groups. Also upon asking for trusted staus you will get more abuse and else rather than some appreciation. They wont check ur studd or reply u with what u were lacking and else. So, you will never know that wether they  even checked it or not. And the mods were biased in many case and scenario.


--- Quote from: Holo on October 03, 2016, 05:19:16 pm ---I'm sure that as AniDex gets more popular, more people will come over. It's only a matter of time.

--- End quote ---

Yes, and here i am \o/

Well, even if i'm a little dust from nyaa's mess, i just don't get why they were that popular...
I don't know from other countries but, from Google France for exemple, it's just like only nyaa was existing !

Looking for new trackers, i checked randomly who was "" from a big list found on the web... Lucky coincidence :konata:

You should close this thread or archive it. As doki have continued to uploading again on :katja:

All mention of nyaa refers to With their demise, this matter is now history.

We have a good relationship with the new nyaa (, therefore I am closing this topic.


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