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Title: Introduction
Post by: Haxton Fale on August 23, 2012, 09:05:09 pm
Good day, Doki fellows!
As some of you know, I am currently trying to develop a gallery engine that will serve as a Dokibooru. The work is progressing (slowly, but still), with a more or less clear set of goals.
You can find the gallery itself here ( You can search for tags or exclude them by adding - at the start. You can also search for rating (safe, questionable, explicit or unrated) using a rating:<rating> term.
While the work definitely is progressing, I could use all kinds of help, not only with the code itself. Specifically, it's tagging images! Out of 4842 images, there are 4450 untagged ones ( and they need to be taken care of.
You can find general tagging guidelines here (
Working features:
TODO list:
If you have any ideas, questions, problems, contact me either through this forum itself, PM, IRC (you can always leave a memo) or my mail - HaxtonFale[at]