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Requests / Seishun Forget
« on: January 14, 2013, 11:00:24 pm »
Looking for the complete archive. The manga's last chapter was recently released but The goups that worked on it are "dead" or have switched sites and access to the chapters was lost.

Looked interesting so I wanted to pick this one up.

Visual Novels / Seinarukana Mission Guide
« on: January 01, 2013, 09:46:15 pm »

I've been enjoying this VN for a while now and bought several versions of it.
The missions in this VN can be tricky especially the first time you play or when you switch to a higher difficulty level. No need to worry if you just want to enjoy the story without being slowed down by the gameplay. You won't find any spoilers in these files apart from a few character and skill names. The guides you'll find here will help you clear the missions using a specific approach but you can always experiment and figure out other ways to clear the

missions. I would suggest trying out the missions without these guides as you'll enjoy playing them while trying to beat the enemies you encounter and getting a good score along the way.
I don't have complete credit for these guides as I also used the Japanese wiki/guide/FAQ for basic information and unit formation suggestions.
These guides aim to be as detailed as possible.

Released VN versions
(1)2007-08-03Initial release (Regular and Limited Edition)PC18+Testing
(2)2012-04-19PSP port (Regular and Limited Edition)PSPAll AgesNot Tested
(3)2012-09-28Special EditionPC18+Testing
(4)2016-04-20JAST releasePC18+Testing

What you need to know

- The guide will not affect the route you want to choose and doesn't contain any spoilers as far as I know (aside from your characters being mentioned by name)
- Aims to clear each mission with the best rank (SS rank)
- Aims to clear the chapter with max boost to character level
- Some skill names are translated while others aren't. I'll update all skill names when the English version of the VN gets released (ALL OLD FILES UPDATED)

File -Normal Difficulty-File LinkFile TypeReleased
Event Battles (v1.0)Download here(.pdf format - 70k size)2013-06-15
Event Battles (v1.1)Download here(.pdf format - 71k size)2016-05-17
Chapter 2 (v1.0)Deleted(.pdf format - 165k size)2013-01-01
Chapter 2 (v1.1)Deleted(.pdf format - 180k size)2013-06-15
Chapter 2 (v1.2)Download here(.pdf format - 166k size)2016-05-17
Chapter 2 (v1.1) with image insertsDeleted(.pdf format - 1967k size)2013-06-15
Chapter 2 (v1.2) with image insertsDownload here(.pdf format - 1953k size)2016-05-17
Chapter 3 (v1.0)Deleted(.pdf format - 202k size)2013-06-15
Chapter 3 (v1.1)Download here(.pdf format - 187k size)2016-05-26
Chapter 3 (v1.0) with image insertsDeleted(.pdf format - 3140k size)2013-06-15
Chapter 3 (v1.1) with image insertsDownload here(.pdf format - 3125k size)2016-05-26
Chapter 4 (v0.1)Deleted(.pdf format - 87k size)2014-11-20
NEWChapter 4 (v1.0)Download here(.pdf format - 144k size)2016-07-20
NEWChapter 4 (v1.0) with image insertsDownload here(.pdf format - 2055k size)2016-07-20

Other Files
FileFile LinkFile TypeReleased
Chapter 2 Main PageDownload here(.jpg format - 2608k A4 size)2013-06-15
Chapter 3 Main PageDownload here(.jpg format - 2608k A4 size)2013-06-15
Chapter 4 Main PageDownload here(.jpg format - 2608k A4 size)2014-11-20

Let me know if you find any errors or better ways to clear a mission.
Also let me know if anyone can test this on the PSP version.
And drop a comment if you want  :)

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