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Im only really reading 3 things atm due to the fact im lazy so they kinda default as my favourites

Naruto - Not much to really say this. Either you like it or you dont

To-Love-Ru - Pretty awesome with a decent er.. plot yeah plot.. (Mikan, Momo and Yui ftw)

To Love-Ru Darkness - Awesome follow up to an awesome manga. Need i say more

If im not to lazy i will update this when i get the chance to read some others

i actually have more than 50 mangas that i read, but the top 3 i like are:

Kimi no iru machi- No reason, i just LOVE IT!

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu- Romance, Nuff said:P

Nononono(No4)- i like it for two reasons, first, its because it was made by the mangaka who made elfen lied which i loved!!, reason two is that i like skiing.

i will update later as i read further in my current mangas^^

Hanover Fist:
Most of the manga I read have come after I've seen the anime. Usagi Drop was one exception (turns out I borrowed it from a friend rather than finding it online).

Anyway, I have an overflowing full bookshelf with manga and graphic novels, so here's the best of the best in my eyes.
Black Lagoon: The destruction continues in the manga. I saw the TV series first, got ahead on the manga and I'm looking forward to the visuals for end of the Roberta's Blood Trail OVA.
Genshiken: Completed 9 volume series about college-level manga, anime and game otakus.
Gunslinger Girl: I'm happy Seven Seas has taken over this title and will finally be releasing new content after the infinite stall by ADV.
Gunsmith Cats: I picked up the original manga series after the 3 ep OVA years ago, happily, this is continuing in Gunsmith Cats Burst.
Maid Sama: Slowly catching up to the Kaicho wa Maid-sama series in the manga format.
Yotsuba&!: Cute and funny series by the author of Azumanga Daioh.

Actually, let me put Iris Zero into the fourth place, after all. I forgot how great it is.

its tough to decide on a order the ones i like so i'll just post in a random order

Id - The Greatest Fusion Fantasy
Sora No Otoshimono
Fairy Tail

almost all of them are well known :)


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