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Development / Tag errors
« on: August 24, 2012, 09:57:29 am »
Report broken, duplicate, wrong and troll tags here.

Development / Upload requests
« on: August 24, 2012, 07:25:37 am »
For now, pics are added manually through my FTP account. Any upload requests should be made here, with singe pic(s) or entire packs.

Development / Bugs
« on: August 24, 2012, 07:24:12 am »
If you find any bugs, report here.

Development / Suggestions
« on: August 24, 2012, 07:23:34 am »
If you have any suggestions about the gallery, feel free to post them here

Announcements / Tagging guidelines
« on: August 23, 2012, 09:12:10 pm »
General guidelines for tagging:
0. Style
Tags should be separated with spaces. Spaces within tags themselves should be changed to underscores.
1. Avoid redundancy
Try searching for the tag on your own or consulting this list if you're not sure about a tag.
2. Character and series names
Try to stick as close to the original as possible. For series, choose Japanese version in romaji (i.e. mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha instead of magical_girl_lyrical_nanoha). Names are a bit tricky, because of different spellings. Refer to ANN or MAL if you're not sure about spelling and/or name order (because fate_testarossa, but takamachi_nanoha), especially the former, which usually keeps the original work's order.
3. tagme and new_upload
These tags are kept to mark untouched images. If you add anything, remove new_upload. If you think the image could be tagged a little more, leave tagme. If you happen to see an image that has no tags (or just one or two), add tagme to it.

If you have any doubts, questions, ask away. This page will be updated.

Announcements / Introduction
« on: August 23, 2012, 09:05:09 pm »
Good day, Doki fellows!
As some of you know, I am currently trying to develop a gallery engine that will serve as a Dokibooru. The work is progressing (slowly, but still), with a more or less clear set of goals.
You can find the gallery itself here. You can search for tags or exclude them by adding - at the start. You can also search for rating (safe, questionable, explicit or unrated) using a rating:<rating> term.
While the work definitely is progressing, I could use all kinds of help, not only with the code itself. Specifically, it's tagging images! Out of 4842 images, there are 4450 untagged ones and they need to be taken care of.
You can find general tagging guidelines here.
Working features:
  • Tag and rating search
  • Tag editing
  • Tag types
  • Tag list
TODO list:
  • Accounts
  • Uploading
  • Complete layout
  • Comments
  • Administrative panel
  • Tag type editing
  • Tag info pages
If you have any ideas, questions, problems, contact me either through this forum itself, PM, IRC (you can always leave a memo) or my mail - HaxtonFale[at]

General / Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
« on: May 23, 2012, 10:35:22 am »
Being a yuri fan, I couldn't help but upload several galleries from SonoHana. Unfortunately, there isn't much out there - apart from gorgeous CGs from the games, there is an artbook... and that's basically it. I'll dig through Gelbooru later, but most of the stuff there is are the CGs, illustrations from short novels and screencaps from the OVA.
The games are in order of releases (except for Hanahira, which was released after the eighth game, but is a non-H spin-off. Still, moar cute Peko yuri art.

A small bonus: OST rip.

General Discussions / [Story] Lilica Monogatari
« on: February 23, 2012, 01:22:34 pm »
For some unknown (even to me) reason, I wrote something along the lines of a novel. I had quite a lot of fun writing it, my friends had fun reading, so I decided to share. There is also a download link of sorts, in case someone didn't like reading on forums. Act 2 is kinda in progress, and as soon as it's done and Grammar Nazi'd (thanks a lot for helping with the first part, Infinity), I'll probably post it here.
Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, it's supposed to be yuri, or at least a bit of shoujo-ai. Don't worry though, it's mostly safe for work.

Act 1
It was a bright day in April, with lots of cherry blossom petals fluttering around. A perfect breeze, which was just cool enough to make the hot spring sun pleasant, wasn't the only reason for girl's very good mood. Walking along a tall brick wall, a young girl clad in deep blue one-piece and a slightly darker jacket with a single stripe along its white collar and cuffs, was brimming with happiness. The reason for this was simple – this was her first day as a high school student.
Her thoughts were interrupted by appearance of an unusual limousine in front of school's gate. In most places such car itself would be considered unusual, but not here. The reason it stood out was its colour – deep blue, the same as on uniforms of all the girls standing around and forming a tight ring around the car and the person stepping out of it.
Curious about the commotion, the girl approached the circle a bit and found a small gap letting her take a look. What, or rather – who she saw nearly swept her off her feet – a beautiful, blonde-haired person in a blue uniform, which looked as if made especially for her, was gracefully walking towards the main school building with what seemed to be her entourage, greeting everyone around her with an enticing smile. For a split-second the girl's and her gazes met and the girl's face suddenly heated up because of some unknown feeling she got from these perfectly blue eyes, and she stood there, frozen in place...
Another girl, loud and cheerful, appeared and grabbed the girl’s breasts from behind.
“Oh, do I sense a new bra? Somebody's been shopping for high school! You should have taken me with you! You know how much I love shopping and seeing you in your underwear...”
The cheerful girl tensed up, ready to jump back whenever the hit was coming, but it never did.
“Um... Yui? Are you there?”
“Huh? What- Kaede-chan!”
A loud slap resounded in the area.
◇ ◇ ◇
“Jeez, you didn’t have to hit me so hard, Yui-chan...” said Kaede caressing her cheek.
“It’s your own fault for grabbing me like that!”
“You have such nice body and you don’t want to share,” Kaede complained. “You’re so cruel, Yui-chan...”
Yui and Kaede were going to the Lilica Academy’s assembly hall, where the opening ceremony for high school was about to be held. They quickly made their way to first-years section and sat next to each other waiting for the ceremony to start.
After a short while lights went off and reflectors pointing at scene lit up. Next to the old-fashioned rostrum several students were seated. Looking closely, Yui recognized among them the blonde beauty from this morning and asked Kaede about her.
“You don’t know her? She’s Tsukahara Naomi, current Student Council president and a perfect model student.” whispered Kaede.
“Rumors say that she made the Student Council her personal harem, and many girls here would be ready to kill just to get a seat in the Council...”
“Harem...?” Yui said as she tilted her head quizzically.
“Oh, don’t mind it. You’ll probably see soon enough anyway...”
Being a student at Lilica Academy since elementary school, Kaede knew almost everything about it and was more than happy to help Yui get accustomed to this new environment. “Now we can spend every day together, and maybe someday...”
Yui, who would usually react rather violently seeing the look on Kaede’s face, was staring intently on Tsukahara-senpai, too engrossed in the act to notice her gaze seemingly looking for someone in the hall. What snapped Yui out of it was noticing Naomi’s gaze locked on her. A few moments later, Student Council President was called out and they lost their contact. “I must have imagined it,” Yui thought, but she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that she was looked for and stared at for the rest of the day...
◇ ◇ ◇
The next day Yui was once again walking to school wearing her blue uniform with pride. While the skirt length would be considered conservative, the overall style was rather flattering for a young maiden’s figure, even a little bit modest, such as Yui’s. Approaching the gate among other Lilica students, she suddenly got a bad feeling and instinctively stepped to the side, avoiding Kaede’s grasp.
“Good morning Yui-chan! I see you’re back to your usual self.”
“Now, now, you’re causing a commotion...”
They chatted happily as they went through the school gate and to their classroom to start their first day of learning in high school.
During the last period before lunch break, a series of short knocks on the classroom door was heard.
“Come in,” the teacher said and three people entered the room. Yui recognised Naomi among them and asked in a low voice: “Kaede-chan, is this the Student Council?”
“You could say that. These are the most important three in the Council - president, vice-president and secretary.”
Yui gave an absentminded nod and kept staring their way. After a while the person speaking to teacher has changed from Naomi to short, red-haired girl standing next to her. Naomi let her eyes slightly wander around the classroom and started stealing glances at Yui as soon as she located her. It can’t be, I must be seeing things...”, Yui thought, but then she remembered yesterday’s events. Then the lunch bell rang and among the commotion Yui noticed a smile directed at her. Before she had a chance to look closer, Naomi turned to the other girl with her. This one was taller than Naomi and had to bow down a bit to listen to her.
But Yui couldn’t see it at all. Almost all students in her class, and some from neighboring ones, formed a dense crowd around Student Council representatives, and drowning almost every sound in loud “Naomi-sama!” and “Royuko-sama!” cries. She didn’t care much about it though, because right now she was going to eat lunch with Kaede and was about to ask her for a good place to do so. Their conversation was interrupted by appearance of the tall Stucent Council representative.
“Excuse me,” she said.
“Good day to you, Igarashi-senpai,” said Kaede, emphasising the last part. “What brings you here?”
“I was ordered to bring Satou-san to the Student Council room,” the girl named Igarashi calmly replied.
“May I ask for the reason of such request?”
“I believe it is none of your concern, Takanashi-san.”
Yui just now has noticed that bustling with life classroom was now dead quiet and tried to break the tense atmosphere.
“Now, now, Kaede-chan, it’s OK. I’ll just go and see what it’s about and then we can have lunch together, right?”
“Sigh... You know I can’t say no to my dear lover...”
“...but be careful there and don’t get lured into anything strange,” Kaede whispered to Yui’s ear.
“You’re worrying too much. I’m sure it’s nothing much and I’ll be back soon.”
“Shall we go then?” said Igarashi-san.
“Yes!” replied Yui and they went on their way.
“Maybe I should have at least gone with her?” thought Kaede to herself. “Well, there’s no point worrying about it now, is there...” She sighed and started unpacking her own lunch.
◇ ◇ ◇
Yui had a slowly growing sense of unease, almost specifically because of Ryouko. Seen up close, she looked even taller than next to Naomi; she had short, black hair and a somewhat boyish figure, and yet the uniform on her looked very fitting. In contrast to somewhat alluring atmosphere around Naomi, Ryouko, through her usual silence, formal way of speaking and confident pace among other things, was giving off an impression of a guard or a prince. Due to that, despite her obvious popularity among the students crowds, such as these forming around the president, were nowhere to be seen.
Being lost in thought, Yui just now realised they were standing in front of shoe lockers. In response to her puzzled look, Ryouko told her to change to her outdoor shoes, while she goes to second-years section to do the same. A bit surprised, Yui did what she was told and went outside to join Ryouko once again.
“Excuse me,” Yui timidly asked. “Where are we going?”
“To the Student Council building.”
“Building?” she thought surprised, and slightly more anxious than before, but not wanting to ask any unnecessary questions. She considered Ryouko’s coldness a bit scary, after all.
Not too long after that, she noticed a detached building standing in the back of the school grounds. It resembled a small two storey house, being built in a very different style than other school buildings. Following Ryouko, she stepped in and was guided upstairs, in front of massive ebony door with a silver plate that read “Student Council”. Ryouko knocked on the door and opened it, revealing a huge room with an oval table in the middle and Naomi on the far end of it.
“I have brought Satou-san as requested.”
“Thank you,” Naomi said. “You may now leave.”
“Understood,” replied Ryouko and quietly left the room closing the door behind her.
“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you,” Naomi said and laughed, noticing Yui’s extreme tension. “Come here, sit down.”
“Yes,” replied Yui and took the seat next to Naomi, even more nervous than before.
“Calm down, it’s not an interrogation. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. Would you like some tea?” Naomi asked, approaching a cupboard near the window, which Yui didn’t notice until now.
“Yes, please.”
“No, thank you,” replied Yui and the only thing that broke the silence was the sound of boiling water.
“Here. I know it’s only been a day, but how do you find this school?” asked Naomi.
“Thank you,” replied Yui and took a sip of her tea to calm down. “It’s very beautiful here. Everyone is nice and the gardens look pretty...”
“I see. Do you have any problems settling in?”
“No, not at all. My friend has been attending this school and she tells me everything I need to know.”
“That’s great,” Naomi said. Yui caught herself staring at Naomi again, but she couldn’t help noticing stealing glances at her hand. Blaming her wild imagination, she chose to dismiss it.
“Now, I have a kind of personal request,” Naomi spoke once again. “Would you meet me here tomorrow after school?”
“Yes, I’ll be glad to,” Yui replied in a cheerful tone.
“You’re an interesting girl, aren’t you?” Naomi laughed. “But I like that. Would you need Ryouko to guide you here again?”
“There’s... no need...” Yui replied embarrassed from being laughed at.
“That’s good. Now, go eat your lunch with friends before-” Naomi’s voice was interrupted by the lunch bell ring. “It’s this late already? Well, since I have to attend classes myself, I might as well walk you to your classroom and explain your being late,” she said with a smile.
“Y-Yes,” said Yui in a timid voice, which resulted in yet another Naomi’s burst of laughter.
“Let’s go then,” she said and started to leave the room, and Yui hurried after her.
◇ ◇ ◇
“Um, Tsukahara-senpai...” said Yui, when they were slowly walking towards the second floor where the first-year classrooms were located.
“Don’t be so formal,” replied Naomi. “You can call me by first name. Or rather you should call me by first name, since it’s one of this school’s customs. Well, another one involves calling me onee-sama, but you should take it slow,” she added with a gentle smile.
“Th-Then, Naomi-oneesama...” Yui started again, but was cut off by Naomi’s sudden tensing up.
“Ma-Maybe you should re-refrain from that,” stuttered Naomi. “I-It would be bad for my heart. Oh, but would you...” she hesitated for a while. “Would you mind me calling you Yu-Yui-chan?”
“O-Of course not!” replied flustered Yui. “It would be a pleasure!”
A mix of relief and happiness showed on Naomi’s face. “That’s... great. That’s really, really... great...” she mumbled with a tentative smile.

By the time they approached the classroom of class 1-3, Naomi managed to straighten up.  She knocked on the door, quickly bowed to the teacher and entered the room, with Yui following suit. Naomi briefly explained the situation to the teacher as Yui went to her seat and took out her textbooks. Luckily, Math was one of Yui’s strong points, so there was no risk of having any trouble from missing half of the lesson.
Shortly after Naomi left the classroom, Kaede leaned towards Yui and whispered: “And? How was it? Did she ask any strange questions?”
“No, she just wanted to know how I feel in this school.”
“I hope you didn’t agree-”
“Takanashi-san,” the teacher’s voice interrupted Kaede. “Should I remind you about your grades from last year?”
“There is no need for that, sensei. I remember them well enough.”
“Then you should know that it’s important for you to stay focused. There’s still some time before today’s lesson ends.”
“Yes, sensei,” said Kaede. Her somewhat dejected response made Yui giggle a little. A few moments later, they both were absorbed in the lesson.
◇ ◇ ◇
“So, today after school I’m supposed to see Tsu- I mean, Naomi-oneesama in Student Council room,” pondered Yui on her way to school, while looking around and noticing some of her classmates’ faces within the growing crowd of blue-clad girls. “Come to think of it, why did I agree so quickly?”
Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar feeling, which made her evade Kaede’s charge.
“Good morning, Yui! Your reflexes are still as good as ever,” said Kaede, standing up and dusting her uniform off.
“Geez, Kaede-chan, I told you to stop doing this!”
“But today you must be in top-notch form! We’re having our first PE this year, you know.”
“This has nothing to do with that!”
And so they shared their usual exchange on their way to classroom.

Even though she was partially prepared for that, Kaede’s behaviour was making Yui nervous. Her friend was either staring at her with a mischievous grin or muttering “My beloved Yui-chan in her PE uniform...” with eyes closed and delighted smile. Trying to escape her during the lunch break, Yui started to leave the classroom, but was soon stopped.
“Hold it right there, Yui,” said Kaede. “You still haven’t told me everything about yesterday.”
“We-Well, there’s not much to talk about,” replied Yui nervously.
“So that’s how little a worried lover means to you...” Kaede turned away and sniffed.
“I get it, I get it Kaede-chan!”
“So, how was it? Tell me e~verything!” Kaede acted as if nothing happened a while ago.
“Sigh... It really was nothing. I was just asked if everything’s OK and how I feel here.”
“Was there anything else?”
“Well, Naomi-oneesama also invited me to visit her today after school and I agreed...”
Kaede flinched a little on the sound of onee-sama and hoped Yui didn’t notice. “She’s quick,” she mumbled.
“Did you say something, Kaede-chan?”
“No, nothing. You should eat up though, the break is about to end,” replied Kaede with a slightly strained smile.
◇ ◇ ◇
“Could you please stop?”
“Stop what?”
“Stop sta-staring!”
“Why would I?”
“Because I’m trying to change!”
“But lovers shouldn’t have any secrets between each and I haven’t seen your new underwear yet, so...”
“Come on, everyone got changed already...”
Kaede’s mood has improved significantly before the lunch break ended, the main reason being the following lesson - physical education. Of course, that fact didn’t escape Yui’s attention, as she got more and more nervous each minute before the bell. By the time it rang, Kaede’s smile was as wide as possible, with a slight hint of anticipation in her eyes.
A few moments later, as they were leaving the classroom, Yui thought to herself: “At least she didn’t pounce on me...”

“Huh? Kaede-chan...”
“Why aren’t you wearing your PE uniform?”
Kaede shifted her eyes to the side. “I kinda forgot it today...”
“Is everything alright?”
“Yes, it is. Shouldn’t you worry about yourself though?” she asked and groped Yui.

“Satou, can I talk to you for a minute?” the teacher called Yui after the lesson.
“Yes, what is it?”
“While your stamina doesn’t look too good, you have nice reflexes. Are you taking some additional training?”
“Well, kinda...” replied Yui halfheartedly. “I can’t tell her it’s because Kaede-chan keeps jumping at me...”
“Either way, you should consider taking up some sports. The tennis team could make a really good use of you, if you train a bit.”
“Thank you, sensei. I’ll consider it,” replied Yui and went on her way to classroom.
“Ahh, tired Yui-chan is still the cutest!” exclaimed Kaede as she noticed Yui coming.
“Kaede-chan, please...”
“Yes, yes, I know,” she said with a wide grin. “You’re tired, I can see that. I won’t bother you this time, I’ll be only watching...”
◇ ◇ ◇
The moment the final bell for the day has rung, everyone in the class sighed with relief. The classroom was slowly filled with happy chatter as students started to pack and leave. Yui too has packed up and started to leave.
“See you tomorrow, Kaede-chan!”
“Yeah, see you,” replied Kaede. “Um, Yui?” she asked after a moment of hesitation.
“Would you like to go somewhere tomorrow after school?”
“Yes, of course!”
“Great! Now go, you’re making Naomi-sama wait!”
“I’m going, I’m going!” said Yui and went off trying to remember the way to the Student Council building.
“Phew... I finally found it...” she said as she timidly entered the building. She went upstairs looking for Student Council room and noticed Ryouko standing outside the door.
“President has been awaiting you,” she said noticing Yui.
Ryouko started walking towards the stairs and only when she was out of sight, Yui remembered that she should start moving. She straightened up, walked to the door, knocked and entered the room with a quiet “Excuse me!”
Once inside, she took a good look around, being too nervous to notice anything except for the table and Naomi the last time she was here. Several smaller walnut tables were lined up along the walls, their dark colour contrasting with light blue wallpaper. In the middle of the room was a big conference table, also made of walnut, with a lily pattern carved on it.
“Yui-chan, is that you?”
Yui turned to Naomi’s voice and noticed another door, much smaller than the one she entered through. “Yes, it’s me,” she replied.
“Oh, that’s great! Please, come here.”
Yui approached the door and went inside. “Pardon the intrusion,” she said timidly.
“Welcome to my office. Please, take a seat,” Naomi pointed to a chair in front of her stylish and cluttered with papers desk. “Hold on for a minute, I’ll just deal with these...”
Yui obediently sat down and started to look around. While the office was designed in a similar way to the main room, having identical furniture and wallpapers, it gave off a somehow calming and cosy feeling, possibly due to some small touches of the reigning president, such as flowers here and there, and little signs of dust, hinting that she might not be as perfect and collected as she might seem.
“How many times do I have to tell them...”
Naomi’s voice brought Yui back to reality.
“What’s going on, Naomi-oneesama?”
Naomi seemed to slightly flinch on being called by Yui. “Oh, nothing much. It’s just that every year we get lots of petitions to change our school’s uniforms. The most common ones just want to change the colour to red, but some actually want us to change the design completely. For instance, this one is asking to change to long, green sailor-style dresses...”
“Ah, I see...”
“And I’ve already told them countless times that even if I managed to convince the chairman, we still don’t have the money for all the copyrights...”
“Copyrights...?” A question mark appeared over Yui’s head.
“Ah, never mind.”
After a while, it was Naomi who broke the silence.
“I see you’re not as tense as before,” she commented as she stood up. “That’s good.”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Would you like some tea?”
“Yes, please.”
After a few minutes, a cup of steaming black tea appeared in front of Yui, and a similar one on the other side of the desk, the aroma of their content filling the air.
“Well, I invited you for a talk,” giggled Naomi, “and all we’re doing is having tea...”
“Ah, I’m sorry!”
“No, you don’t have to apologise! I kinda like it that way, but if you...”
“No, of course not!” Yui denied frantically.
“I know I’m being cliche,” started Naomi after another while of silence, “but what are your interests? Books, music?”
“Y-Yes, I listen to music... And I read a b-bit of ma-manga...”
“Hm...” replied Naomi standing up. “I probably shouldn’t show it to anyone, but I think I can trust you,” she said as she approached a cupboard in the back of the room. “This is my small secret.”
What Yui saw inside the cupboard has completely shocked her - each shelf was filled with various manga volumes and magazines. She was happy to recognise some titles among them as her own favourites, but some titles meant nothing to her. The one that especially stood out among them was Yuri Hime.
“As you can see,” said Naomi with a soft smile in response to Yui’s shocked expression, ”I’m a completely normal person, who has her hobbies and secrets. I’m not going to judge, neither for what you like nor who you are. So, what do you think of my collection?”
“I-It’s very nice, e-especially since I also like some of these titles...”
“Which ones?”
“Skip Beat...”
“Oh, that’s great!” Naomi sounded very happy. “Now we have something to talk about.”
“I’m afraid it will have to wait for our another meeting. It’s getting a bit late.”
“Oh, you’re right! It’s so calm and relaxing here, so...”
“I know,, I know,” Naomi giggled. “Say, Yui-chan...”
“Would you like...” Naomi hesitated for a short while. “Would you like to join me on your lunch in two days?”
“In two days? That would be Friday, right? I’ll be glad to!”
“Then that’s great,” Naomi sighed with relief, which gave Yui a small impression of déjà vu. “I’m not holding you up any more, so go home and don’t be late tomorrow morning.”
“Yes!” exclaimed Yui happily and went to leave the building.
◇ ◇ ◇
The weather was unlike the days before. A thick cover of clouds gave the sky leaden colour, and the usual pleasant breeze was slowly turning into a strong wind. “I hope I won’t have to use my umbrella,” Yui thought on her way to school. Trying to take her mind off the unpleasant weather, she decided to look for the blue car she saw on her first day, but it was nowhere to be seen. Her pondering whether it was because of the time was interrupted by Kaede’s sudden appearance, trying to assault Yui straight-on, with Yui managing to sidestep at the last moment.
“Good morning, Yui-chan!” Kaede, not dejected by her usual failure in the least, stood up and greeted her friend.
“Good morning, Kaede-chan.”
“Have you planned our date already?” Kaede asked with a grin.
“Geez, Kaede-chan, it’s not a date! Besides, the weather...”
“Don’t mind the weather! I’m sure it will change in the meantime. And even if it won’t we’re going to have fun anyway!”
With that mindset, Kaede cheerfully marched off to school, slightly worried Yui walking beside her.
◇ ◇ ◇
The weather, however, refused to change for the better. If anything, it only got worse, the sky getting darker with every minute. By the lunchtime, the first raindrops started to fall.
“Kaede-chan, let’s eat lunch together!”
“Of cou-”
“Kaede-sa~n!” Kaede’s voice was suddenly cut-off.
“Yes, what is it?” she asked as she approached the door.
“Some middle-schoolers are looking for you.”
“Here it comes again...” With a small groan, Kaede went out to the hallway. After a while, Yui heard a few cries and noticed Kaede coming back.
“What did they want from you, Kaede-chan?” Yui inquired when Kaede reached the table.
“Nothing important... They just all confessed to me at once and I had to refuse them.”
“Ah, could you be jealous? Don’t worry, Yui-chan, there’s only place for you in my heart...”
“Now, now, eat your lunch before it gets cold.”
◇ ◇ ◇
For some reason, the next period turned out to be self-study. Kaede decided to struggle with maths for the time being, leaving her dear lover to her own devices. Yui started to look around the classroom, noticing groups of friends happily chatting, sharing notes and copying homework. “Hm, it looks like it’s just another school,” she thought to herself. Then she noticed a tall, beautiful girl with long, black hair sitting in the back of the classroom. She approached her and took a peek on the book on her desk.
“No, you can’t, Na-”.
“Shh. She’s next door... You don’t want to be heard, do you?”
Her slender fingers slowly traced along her partner’s naked body, steadily approaching-
“Would you like to borrow it?” A sudden voice brought Yui back to reality.
“Y-Yes?” she answered flustered.
“I’m asking, would you like to borrow it?” asked the girl in front of her. “I have read lots of them, and this one is not much different...” The book’s cover showed a pair of two young women, one with long orange hair, another with golden of similar length, in a tight embrace.
“N-No, thank you,” Yui managed to stutter.
“Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Sakurai Hanako. Pleased to meet you.”
“I’m Satou Yui. Pleased to meet you too.”
“Anyway, are you sure you don’t want to read it? You seemed to like it. Oh, and I also have some different ones... Like this one, from the latest Comiket,” Hanako produced a bunch of books from her bag. Some of them showed characters in green, dress-like uniforms, others had characters known to Yui in unimaginable situations for her.
“Give her a break, club president!” A cheerful voice approached the table. “Nice to meet you, my name is Matsumoto Yurika, but most people here call me Tamura-san.”
“Nice to meet you,” replied Yui as she turned towards another tall and beautiful girl. Yurika represented a completely different kind of beauty than Hanako - in contrast to the latter’s perfectly Japanese looks, the impression she gives is the one of a perfectly stereotypical foreigner, complete with golden, wavy hair, bright blue eyes and a happy and cheerful smile, wearing small and stylish glasses. “Why Tamura-san?”
Yurika’s cheerful smile turned into a mischievous one. “Let’s say it’s connected with one of my hobbies,” she replied.
“And what did you mean by ‘club president’?”
“Ah, that’s right!” Yurika clapped her hands. “Our cute classmate doesn’t know about our club! This antisocial girl,” she said pointing at Hanako, ”also known as Hana-chan, is a proud president of Girls Admiration Club in this very school!”
“Gi-Girls A-Admiration Club?” asked astounded Yui.
“Yes! Girls Admiration Club.”
“What does it do?”
“As the name implies, we admire cute girls. We take them out on dates, have fun with them in our clubroom, we even have several couples among members, you know... There are also people like Hana-chan here who prefer to read doujins. Some even write themselves and our club helps them at various events... Um, Yui-chan?”
Yui was blushing furiously, unable to process everything she just heard.
“Just look at her, Hana-chan!” Yurika poked Hanako. “She’s so innocent, it’s too cute!”
“3D girls are boring...” Hanako responded without much interest. “But I think I see why the Student Council has taken an interest in her.”
“Do you think we should take her in?”
“It might be worth a try.”
Yui sat there frozen in place, oblivious to what was happening around her, until the bell rang and Kaede brought her back to her seat.
◇ ◇ ◇
“Yui, are you ready?” Kaede asked happily after the final bell for the day rang.
“Yes, let’s go,” replied Yui in a similar manner. “Oh, but the weather...”
“Whenever I’m with you, nothing else matters...”
“And look, it’s clearing up!” Kaede said as she pointed out the window.
“Wow, you’re right!”
“Now, let’s go before it gets dark.”
“Yes!” replied Yui cheerfully and they left the classroom.

At first, they went to do some window shopping. Kaede even managed to drag Yui into a lingerie shop and have her try out some sets. For a moment, she thought she caught a glimpse of something dangerous in Kaede’s and store clerk’s eyes, and her bad feeling was confirmed in a short while...
“Dear customer, how does this one look?”
“Oh, that’s great! What do you think about this one?”
“I think it is very suitable. I would also suggest this one and that one as well...”
“OK, now time to try them. Yui-chan, here I come!”

“Well, that was nice...” Kaede was the first one to start a conversation after they have left the shop, mostly because Yui was rather tired. “We should be going out like this more often!”
“Jeez, Kaede-chan... Let’s find some cafe and sit down for a while...”
“Fine, fine. For these wonderful sights you provided me today, it’s all on me!”
“Are you sure, Kaede-chan?”
“Of course I am, why would I lie to my cute lover?”
“I’m too tired to even argue about that...” Yui replied as they sat down in a nearby cafe.
After drinking a cup of tea and eating a parfait, Yui was back to her old, energetic self.
“Are you feeling better now?” asked Kaede.
“Yes. But I’m sorry for making you waste your time like this...”
“It’s OK, since we got to spend some time together and that’s all that matters... Anyway, it’s getting late already. Shall we head home?”
“Yes!” replied Yui in her usual cheerful tone and they went back together.
◇ ◇ ◇
Signs of previous day’s rain were nowhere to be seen. A bright and cheerful beginning of a day was reflected in Yui’s happy eyes. Happy she could already recognise them, she greeted some of her classmates on her way.
“Good day to you!”
“Good day to you, Yui-san. As cheerful as ever, I see,” one of her classmates responded with a smile.
“Yui, are you cheating on me?” Kaede asked, appearing out of nowhere.
“Kaede-chan, good morning.”
“Good morning. Good day to you,” she turned towards the classmates. “And don’t forget that Yui is mine!”
“Yes, of course, Kaede-san,” they replied with a giggle and started walking towards the school.
“Hey, Yui,” started Kaede as they went on their way. “About today’s lunch...”
“Ah, I completely forgot!” exclaimed Yui suddenly. “I’m sorry Kaede-chan, I won’t be able to eat with you today! I’m really, really sorry!”
“It’s OK, really,” replied Kaede surprised. “I just wanted to tell you that I have some stuff to do anyway, so I won’t accompany you...”
“I’ll make it up to you, whatever it takes!”
“If you say so...” Kaede pondered for a while. “Then...” she started with a mischievous grin. “Do you remember that pink set from yesterday?”
“Pink? That f-f-frilly one?”
“Yes, that one. I want you to wear it to school for me next week.”
“But... Sniff... You said you’d do anything...” Kaede’s eyes were tearing up.
“O-Okay, I understand...”
“Then,” Kaede was already back to her usual self. “I’ll bring it to you on weekend, ‘kay?”
A few moments later they were chatting happily like usual.
◇ ◇ ◇
The lunch bell rang and Kaede has left the classroom shortly after. “I should get going too,” thought Yui and went out to hallway. On the second floor, she noticed Naomi in front of class 2-2 door, nervously looking around.
“Naomi-oneesama?” said Yui as she approached her.
“Ah, Yui-chan! I was waiting for you,” replied Naomi.
“Waiting for me?”
“Yes! The weather is great, so I thought you might want to eat the lunch in the garden.”
“I don’t mind, but is it really OK?”
“Of course! Now, let’s go, before the break ends!” she said as she started walking downstairs.
“Yes!” replied Yui and followed behind her.

Yui was led to a small garden behind the Student Council building. Trees and building provided a cool shade, making the temperature at this place perfect for spending time. They sat down on the bench and Yui started unpacking her own lunchbox, very curious about what has Naomi prepared. Much to her own surprise, she noticed...
“Naomi-oneesama, what is this?” she asked pointing to a stack of bread on president’s lap.
“This? It’s my lunch...” Naomi replied hesitating. “What about it?”
“You shouldn’t, Onee-sama!”
“I shouldn’t what?” A question mark appeared over her head.
“You shouldn’t eat lunch like that! I mean, you still look very stylish and...” Yui felt she just said something outrageous, but she decided to continue. “Anyway, you should eat healthier!”
“But I don’t have place nor time to prepare anything... And I can’t ask anyone to do it for me...”
They ate their lunches in silence for a while, but suddenly Yui stood up.
“I’ll do it!” she exclaimed, surprising Naomi even more.
“What will you do?”
“I’ll prepare a lunch for you!” she said blushing furiously.
“Wh-What? What?” Naomi sat there dumbfounded, in front of her beet red underclassman.

Anime / Infinite Stratos and why it's worth reading (SPOILERS)
« on: January 02, 2012, 04:54:11 pm »
Some time ago I decided to spoil a bit of Infinite Stratos here on forums. Many people claim that IS is worthless/stupid/idiotic as a whole, while the light novels themselves aren't that bad. It's quite the opposite - they're pretty good (but the anime is still crap).

Yes, in case you didn't notice shouting SPOILERS in the thread name. I will be spoiling. It's your last chance to back away slowly from here, in case you haven't watched the anime and/or you actually want to read the novels on your own, which is really worth it.

For now, I'll concentrate on what happens after the anime ends, which is volumes 4-7.

As most of you know, IS Academy's summer camp ended with personal machine users fighting a berserk IS, Silverio Gospel. Despite what was told in anime, Silver Gospel (which is its actual name) wasn't an unmanned drone - it had an American pilot Natasha Fairs, who actually expressed her thanks for saving her life.

Volume 4 cover and a usual Infinite Stratos art, this time featuring Byakushiki Setsura.
Chapter 1
Soon after the events in volume 3, actual summer has started. Firstly, Rin invites Ichika to Waterworld. Soon after that, he meets Cecilia, who just came back from England with her personal maid, Chelsea, a quite amazing person, unfortunately only episodic. After chatting for a while, and noticing a worsening in Cecilia's mood, Ichika offers her the ticket he 'received' from Rin. Since Ichika omitted the part where he can't go, Cecilia happily took the ticket. Neither of them was happy to see the other, as you have probably guessed. They decided to make use of the tickets though and took part in a contest. Being IS cadets, most of the contestants had little chance against them, however the outcome was, well, disastrous.

Chapter 2 is my personal favourite.
On the very same day, Charlotte is slowly getting tired of Laura's sleeping naked and nightmares threatening her room-mate's life (well, mostly sleeping naked), so they go shopping for clothes for our cute German cadet. Leaving quite an impression on store clerks, everyone had fun choosing clothes (mostly for Laura). After a while (and a taste of Charlotte's wild imagination), they were eating lunch at a nearby restaurant, when it turned out that the manager from a nearby maid cafe was looking for very temporary workers. Dressed as a butler and a maid, Charlotte and Laura started working there (being a great success), when the store got attacked. Despite being a cute pair of cute girls, we can't forget that both of them received military training. With a bit of destruction, the store was saved from the robbers.
But wait, that's not all to the chapter. After saving the day, some more shopping and eating crepes at the park, they went back to the Academy to try out their new pyjamas, when Ichika suddenly entered. While Charlotte was flustered, Laura kept her composure and tried to stay intimidating, but it was absolutely impossible in her current outfit.

Chapter 3 was adapted within the latest OVA, the second half.
Houki returns to her home shrine because of Obon festival and her miko duties there. She starts preparing to the divine dance, and after that Ichika appeared, clearly confusing diligently working Houki. They spend some time going around the stalls, when Gotanda Ran shows up. Ichika decides to spend time together, much to girls' dismay. After some time Ran had to leave with her brother, which left Ichika and Houki alone. On a viewing spot, Houki decided to confess her love, but her timing was a bit off, since it was drowned out by fireworks.

Chapter 4 is also a part of the OVA. To be more precise, the first part.
Charlotte paid Ichika a visit at home. As expected, she was going back and forth between delight and extreme nervousness. She didn't have much time to cherish being ahead of other girls, because soon after Cecilia also visited Ichika's home and brought some cake. Usually Ichika's propositions are rather unfortunate to girls, but this time they were delighted with an idea of sharing.
However, it shouldn't be too surprising if I told you that the rest came over too. As usual, Ichika in response to his complaints got offensive stance from Houki and Rin, a kind of apology from Cecilia and Charlotte... and Laura's usual reaction, as if it was obvious she came to visit her bride. Not having much to do (and not wanting to leave his house), they decide to play some games first (a bit... intriguing games), and after that (and Chifuyu's short visit, which reminded girls about her advantage) - to cook dinner. Some girls were more successful, some less, but they had fun anyway (well, not so much when it came to eating...).
But let's not forget about Chifuyu! It turns out she went out to drink with always cute Yamada-sensei, apparently dealing with some problems. However, who would have guessed she's worried about her I won't give Ichika to you?

And that concludes volume 4. It's a very general summary, so quite a lot was omitted. Pictures included are from the light novels, scanned and hosted by Baka-Tsuki. You should go there to read the novels yourself and show the translators your appreciation. In volume 5 Ichika meets yet another girl, a Russia Representative, capable of... Well, I shouldn't spoil too much. All you need to know is that she's simply amazing, and some nice action starts in volume 5.
Also, you should at least check out illustrations for previous three volumes. They're worth it.

I would appreciate any reasonable opinions, as well as pointing out any mistakes in this block of text. If there's need for that, I can summarize volume 5, but I hope you'll start reading the novels by yourselves before that.

General Discussions / Yuri Corner
« on: December 07, 2011, 01:31:10 pm »
Once in a while I find some great (sometimes, almost never, some not-so-great) yuri. Rarely anime, mostly manga and VNs. I hope you don't mind if I share some (or most) of them here and ask you to do the same.

A few words for the opening: I rather go for sweet than hot. H-scenes are just a mere addition, I read these just for the plot, and that includes SonoHana (while I admit that ero-scenes sometimes help in development, just like in Katahane).

Let's then start with...
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

There are two titles recognized as a pinnacle of yuri - one of them is Strawberry Panic (with which I'll wait until I get my novels) and the other is Sono Hanabira. 10 eroge featuring 5 couples, one non-H spinoff (Hanahira!), a bunch of short novels, some drama CDs, an OVA and an ONA series... and another spin-off, named Xenocross: The Music Box of Memories.

Each of these short VNs tells a story of two girls connected through St. Michael's School for Girls, St. Michael's or Mikajo for short. Each pair is different than the others, and their views on the relationship with their lovers differ as well. Yuuna is pretty perverted despite her appearance and position in school, and she holds not-so-innocent after all Nanami dear. Sara looks up to Kaede, who was protecting her in the past, and views her as her prince (hence the title of the second game, Watashi no Oujiko-sama - ouji (usually with -sama suffix) can be translated as prince, with -ko part usually meaning a female version). Reo is a tsundere, so you can't expect a honest opinion from her, even during intercourses, but the fifth game shows how much she thinks about Mai and tries her best not to be a burden to her (which, in fact, isn't easy for her). Runa tries to help Takako as much as she can, but her personality and young age (she's only 12) cause a misunderstanding and put Takako in somewhat uncomfortable position.

For some people the story might seem a bit rushed - it doesn't take long for one to confess to another, and usually every event ends with an encounter. Well, that's this kind of game, unfortunately. However, after the beginning the story has a nice pace and remains a pleasure to read. That includes H-scenes, a bit different than most of hentai yuri content. Except for a bath scene in first novel, there are no signs of any hardcore material or fetishes. The best thing about these scenes is how they are erotic, but at the same time pure and full of love. Mikajo's environment is very supportive to our couples, and has been for years. Fellow students squee whenever they see a sign of affection, such as kisses, acts of chivalry, kisses, holding hands and kisses. They even started adding -sama to Mai and Reo's names. Did I mention how they love to see other girls kissing?

The art is really pretty, and that includes both regular looks and chibi versions. Backgrounds look great and are detailed, not distinct from characters' sprites. The only bad thing I can say about the looks is the lack of side characters (well, SH7 shows two nameless girls, completely under Runa's charm), but it's nothing that would change my opinion too much.

As for sounds, they're great too. Apart from faultless in my opinion voices and sounds, the music is really catchy, as it's light, sweet and reminds of SonoHana when I'm listening to it. If I were to choose my favourite piece, it'd probably be With a Light Feeling, but As Always and On a Good Day come close to that.

I should probably say something about animu versions, showing Mai and Reo relationship. There's OVA, bearing the same title as the third game (Anata to Koibito Tsunagi), showing an intercourse in the infirmary (one might wonder whether this school has actually hired a nurse, as she's never around, but that might be because of Yuuna's meddling), and after that Mai's visit in sick Reo's house. Even though the latter part didn't happen in VNs, at least this way - Mai got sick, not from having some Reo, and our little tsundere was the one to visit, Reo's confession was adapted pretty faithfully. Despite irrelevant differences, such as Mai's room layout or the school building's view (different than both the original SH3 and the remake), this OVA successfully conveys the series' mood.

There's also ONA series, Reo x Mai Diaries, where the girls are living their lives as lovers and Reo decides to buy a cellphone. She's stubborn and arrogant, so it's not an easy task. We also get to see Yuuna's influence, when they heard that some girls in Mikajo's uniform demanded to be sold the Lover's Plan.

What do you think about SonoHana? Did you like it? Do you disagree with me? Or maybe you can say something about a decent yuri? Feel free to share your opinion.

Requests / Music ID service
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:59:52 am »
Hello there! I'm looking for something to identify music, and not just any muzic - mostly ani-songu, in rare cases parts of character singles or stuff. It can be in kanji, and I'd rather use an application than a website, but it's not necessary.

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