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Next on my list was Thousand Arms. It was a good game, too, though not quite as good as Lunar. The story is even more straightforward, but the gameplay is fun, maybe more fun than in Lunar. The concept is just brilliant, a cross of a traditional JRPG and a dating sim. XD The characters are fun, but despite the focus on character interaction and much better voice acting (there's a lot of that, even compared to Lunar), I for some reason didn't get as attached to them as I got to the Lunar characters. That is, with the exception of the main character, whose personality is much, much more colourful than that of the protagonist of Lunar, who doesn't even speak often. There are not that many videos, but many conversations, especially on dates, are "zoomed" and animated, which is very nice. The comedy was pretty good most of the time, though some of the "funny" characters mainly annoyed me. Musics are... ok, except the opening song, which is one of Ayumi Hamasaki's best songs.

It could have been one of the best games I've ever played, the concept certainly had potential for it. However, I had three problems with the game: First of all, the plot was much too straightforward and predictable, even Lunar did better. Secondly, the characters, as diverse and quirky as their personalities are, lack depth. Thirdly, while the gameplay is a lot of fun, it was much too easy to overlevel, which caused the game to get too easy well before the halfway point. The first two points together ensured that I didn't invest much emotion into it, even though I almost teared up at the end.

Other than that, it was well worth playing, and I might consider playing again after a few years. Next time maybe try to avoid overleveling and switch the characters in my battle team more often.

Just played through Jade Empire. A good game. Fun battles, interesting settings based on the ancient China and a good, epic story.

Not half-bad characters either, they're all interesting, not just those that you can romance (three of them, one for male characters, one for females, and one romanceable to both genders). You can romance both at once, BTW, if you go the indecisive route and pass a couple of easy skill checks. The triangle mysteriously disappears in the ending texts, though: you marry one and the relationship isn't mentioned at all in the other character's ending text. Anyway, too bad you can only take one character with you to the battle, it'd be more interesting with a group of 4, for example.

The story is epic, it concerns gods and emperors (you end up killing most of them, one way or another). The plot's not terribly unpredictable, but it's twisty enough to give you a pleasant ride. A satisfying story with a satisfying conclusion. Of course, I played the good guy, and I don't think I'll be re-playing any time soon, so I don't know how much changes if you play a Closed Fist character.

The world is based on our own: though names are different and there are a lot of fantasy elements, the culture and history of the Jade Empire are obviously based on China, and there is even a character who comes from a place clearly based on Europe. A very interesting world.

The character development system is okay: there are only three stats to upgrade, but at least there's a good selection of different fighting styles to upgrade as well. The battle system, however, is very good IMO. It's a lot of fun, fairly pleasing to the eye, and you can have a lot of variety by using different styles. Fists, weapons, magic, transformation, multiple styles in each. It'd be more fun with a group, probably, but at least there's one companion, and it's a lot of fun this way, too.

I kind of wish it was longer, or there was a sequel. The replay value isn't that great, at least I don't really feel like playing it again even though I enjoyed it so much. It's not exactly short, but I feel like it should have been longer. I kind of want to try a different character personality, romance only one character, stuff like that, but the thought of going over the story again so soon makes me give up the idea. There are not enough things to do differently, at least not without going Closed Fist (which is almost the same as evil).

Anyway, a good game, I enjoyed it a lot.

So.....been playing Far Cry 3 and its really good! So far its like a first person GTA game but the game's coop is nice. I haven't beat it yet but i'm really enjoying it so far!  :mavis: I recommend this game for those looking for an adventure game.


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