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It has been a good run

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So, I have had fun here at Doki. Cbox convos have been good, minecraft was fun, bitch about commie as always.

But like all good things this all has to end. I voice my opinion, all be it naive, that I found the H-scenes in Katawa Shoujo weird namely because I find the fetish associated with it weird. Now coming into this conversation I didn't know much about the VN and asked if it was an H-game which I was promptly told that it was, which apparently it isn't, so I took issue with the idea that there would be an H-Game based on disabilities. Not because I have issue with people with disabilities but because again, I find the fetish of it all weird.

Now granted the beginning of my conversation was in the general jackassery tone that usual cbox convos have with the fagface and the rude comments but apparently this VN is considered one of the untouchables so everything is taken literally and now I do regret that in hindsight. When I had realized that in fact it was not an H-Game but a love story I attempted to back track, but this was only seen as weakness and the attacks intensified. But I feel that the response I got from Cbox was unacceptable, even for cbox standards, and I acted accordingly just as unacceptably.

So this is were I make my leave from the community. I no longer watch anime, I do not read manga, or play VNs. This was a long drawn leave I should have taken a while ago. I might come back, I honestly would like to go back to the good old days but I feel like those days are long past and as much as I would enjoy being back I don't think I would enjoy being back. I am sure some of you will say good riddance, and trust me the feeling is mutual, for others I do wish you the best and hate to see it end like this. I feel like things will only get worse so I am cutting my loses now.

>Thought Katawa Shoujo was H
>People said it was
>Found it weird that it would have specific fetishes
>Got crucified for having an opinion on misinformation given by my executioners
>Sucks to end like this, unless I hate you

I believe Ryu was building the convo and I do wish he would post it here.
I will do it for him:

Ryu Infiniti:
It was fun having someone to talk Touhou with, but if you are leaving that can't be helped. See ya around, maybe.

Clannad Man:
Tis' a shame.  You can't let people get to you like that!  It's the internet, so take it with a grain of salt.

If this really is the end for you, hensomm, you'll be missed.  My stunt double is deserting me!! *sobs*

Perhaps you just need a long overdue vacation? ^^

Anywho, best of luck to you Hensomm.  Fight on!

Haxton Fale:

--- Quote from: Clannad Man on January 18, 2013, 04:03:22 pm ---It's the internet, so take it with a grain of salt.
--- End quote ---
Or rather, take salt with a grain of the internet :|

@OP: you lost the moment you decided to argue about anything. When you argue about something you have no actual knowledge about... Welp, you're in deep shit. The funniest thing s that your ragequit has proven your ultimate loss. I never understood people that argue for the sake of arguing because of all their hypocrisy and you just happened to prove my point, I'm afraid.
tl;dr - you did this to yourself

gg no re :miya: :oshizu: :rikka:


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