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Has anyone seen the new Ah My Goddess OAD?


Does anybody know if any groups are planning on fansubbing it?

Hanover Fist:
I've been watching for it for a while now. Commie, Doki, gg and Hatsuyuki did the previous OVA so they would be groups to watch. I've no idea if the Doki staff plan on it once they're back from Japan, but Hatsuyuki's site mentions they're looking for the DVD ISO - I'd call that an eventual yes. Give it another few weeks? Or as they say on Doki "soon™."  ;)

Hanover Fist:
If you're in a hurry, here's the first new Ah! My Goddess OAD release I've seen. I haven't heard of this [Waku] person/group before. Based on their blog page, quick and dirty hentai releases and borderline ecchi/H OVAs were the bulk of the output before this. So don't get your hopes up too much for great quality.


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