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I need to get some Anime mouse pads made


Hello all

Im Trying to do something nice for Christmas  the local library here where I live in France allot of people there love Manga and anime so i was thinking of making some custom mouse-pads for the Library to use. I would like to have some Moe/cute characters because it seems to be the trend there but i do not know of where i could get them cheaply enough or buy them already made.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance  :katja:

Hanover Fist:
Your timing is about 1,5 weeks too late. You missed out on Holo's huge anime mouse pad fundraiser sale.

Well, watch the Doki main website and possibly this post closely on Saturday when Holo updates: "Most mousemat orders have been posted ... I’ll post an update on the stock levels at the weekend. Those of you who have not paid and also not bothered to answer my emails will forfeit the reserved mousemats on Saturday, when I post update." So you might have another chance if you're quick on the refresh button on Saturday.

I seen the one that halo posted but im looking to make my own since a few peopl have requests and such there is a place in the UK that makes them but you have to order 250 at once :P


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