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I realize that these things take time, but it is taking an unusually long time to finish and there has been so little progress (especially lately, there has been no progress whatsoever).  I like to keep people up-to-date about this project, but and increasing number of people declaring that this project is dead because of the complete lack of progress (or extremely slow progress) and absolutely no word as to why.

Simply put: Is this project dead?  If not, why is it going so slowly and why has there been so little progress on the Google docs page lately? 

There have been few updates on the status of the project. I'm note aware of all that's been going on with the translation so far, but if you can wait a bit longer I migh be able to give some sort of status update at the end of the weekend as the VN staff is having a meeting then. I'll ask around at that time.

Thank you

Well, that's what I want to know as well.
I hope to get good news about it.
Well, I sudden feel like I want to play Little Busters ! EX :)

I too would also love to know more. I found out about LB 2 weeks ago and I just got around to finishing the novel. I would love to play EX, I'm suffering from LB withdrawal ;).


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