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A topic for comments or short reviews once you've finished a series. I know I usually want to comment on a series after finishing it, hopefully there are others like that, too.

Ao no Exorcist
The ending truly surprised me with its quality. I don't know how much of the last two arcs were canon, but I think they're better than the rest of the series. Especially the final arc was very impressive, one of the best thought out final arcs I've ever seen in an anime. Everything fit so neatly, it's hard to believe they could have diverged from the original much. And it was pretty damn epic, too.

However, overall the series still isn't that clearly above average. Its strongest points are entertaining battles and great musics, but there were too many boring episodes between the first few eps and the mid-point, and only a few of the characters truly grew on me, made me care about them. Fortunately the Okumura brothers are pretty good protagonists, and Mephisto is brilliant, so I wouldn't say the characters are bad across the board. 3½/5 stars.

Sacred Seven

It's nothing great, but I found it quite entertaining. In no way does S7 stand out among the anime of its type, but overall it's not such a weak anime that many make it out to be. The action is entertaining enough, the characters are likeable and have a moderate level of depth and development, and the plot isn't quite as straightforward as I feared it'd be. I even got a little attached to the characters, and was disappointed for the lack of a little romantic moment between Arma and Ruri at the very end. gg deserves a special mention for hilarious translations on Onigawara's lines. S7 is quite worth watching if you're in the mood for some simple action with a slice of romance. 3/5 stars.

Hanover Fist:

So yes, this is a cheesy fan-service show with a potential harem setup. Also, the censored version bludgeons you with blatant and annoying white bars across the screen. On a couple occasions only a small pie slice of screen was visible with a face in it. So maybe it's better to wait for the BD release [last disc out late Feb 2012].

Surprisingly, there was more humor and plot than I was expecting in this story about the teenage pr0n novelist in the school for assorted geniuses. Taketo's flights of imagination visualizing dirty scenarios were quite funny. While there was the full complement of cliched ecchi situations, Utae's understanding and acceptance of Taketo was a breath of fresh air. Additionally there was more romance than usual in this ecchi show.

When it came to the final few episodes...
(click to show/hide)... I was rooting for Utae [pun intended]. I liked her character a lot better than Fukune and wish she would have ended up with Taketo. Class 1-3's final acceptance of Taketo's talent was good and their chorus song with the pr0n lyrics was actually kinda touching. It was also nice to finally hear a new clarinet piece that hadn't been overplayed all season.
So overall it was good light entertainment. A flawed but funny show. 3/5


Slice of life almost at its best. The quirky, likeable cast keeps thing interesting from the start to the end. The useless manager got on my nerves, but otherwise I like everyone. Satou is my favourite, the most normal of them all yet he manages to be hilarious (also, his relationship with Yachiyo is the very thing that originally made me interested in the series, after I read a very good doujin about it). The childish Poplar, androphobic Inami, katana-carrying Yachiyo, blackmailing Souma etc... the show takes an understanding attitude to each of their problems. Even the protagonist, Souta, has a complex: he really likes small and cute things. Otherwise, he's an unusually reliable and sensible protagonist, he never once made me facepalm.

The comedy is good, I laughed quite a lot when watching, the romances are quite interesting to follow (however one-sided they seem at first), and overall the show left a nice, light-hearted feeling. I'm definitely going to watch the second season. I can't give a purely slice of life show without much depth a really good rating, but for this type of a show, 3½/5 stars is a pretty good rating.

No. 6

Halfway into No. 6, I thought it was Nabari no Ou all over again. Nabari no Ou lured me in with its fantastic action scenes and good concepts regarding their skills and powers, only to turn to a totally different direction with the MC's BL tendencies. It lost the elements I liked halfway and replaced it with the MC's incomprehensible obsession over an introvert with a death sentence. However, since No. 6 only had 11 episodes, I thought I could just forced myself through it (I deleted Nabari no Ou when I was right in the middle of the series).

Rejoice! After finishing No. 6, I found out that it wasn't totally that bad. If you can stomach M2M kissing (I couldn't), the story is not bad at all. During late episodes though, it lacks a few explanations about what's going on.

Just a little rant, though: (click to show/hide)Holy crap, why didn't anyone warn me about this? Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!! I admired the girl, asking for sex like that, like a machine that only needed to get over it. But what did you do? You killed her! Son of a... Also, just when I was taken in again by the characters and the MC finally changing into a logical dude, during the ending you remind me again that they are a bit less of dudes after all! Deleted!
Personally I'd give it a 1/5, but thinking logically and imagining I wasn't homophobic, maybe it's 3/5.


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