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The Halls of Kethir Sé
« on: August 21, 2011, 04:20:05 am »
The Halls of Kethir Sé
The Dwelling Place of the Gods

This one's tigershark's idea. This is a place for some fun: it's where we can play the gods of our characters interacting with each other. Plotting and planning, mocking and taunting each other, discussing what's happening "downstairs"... Either write short stories or arrange a casual RP with someone.

Some facts about the gods of this world:
- Every god has been a mortal once. Some of them have been gods for a very long time, but many are under five centuries old.
- Most mortals don't know this. Everyone has heard one or two legends of a hero ascending to godhood, but the older gods are generally believed to have been "always around".
- Gods can be killed, even by mortals, although it is of course very difficult.
- Gods get their power mostly from the belief of mortals. However, there are some exceptions, such as the gods of war, who can feed on blood and death, and the gods of death, who gain power from the souls they house. This results in some domains being somewhat crowded - for example, there are 18 gods of death currently.
- The total number of living, unforgotten gods is estimated to be between 200 and 300 at the moment, but nobody knows for sure. Not everyone lives in the Heavenly City, Kethir Sé, though by tradition every god has a place there, should they wish to live there.
- Upon ascension, gods can decide to take care of pretty much any one aspect of the world. There are some weird ones who care for flowers or stones or such, but most go for something more traditional, such as love, crops, elements, forces of nature, human characteristics etc.
- A Forgotten god is reduced into a weak spirit of nature, powerless, barely able to communicate with anything or anyone, doomed to such life for ever, unless someone revives it.
- There have been times in the history when the gods warred each other openly, but since the last Godswar they've preferred indirect struggle, often involving mortal servants and competition for believers.
- Our characters don't know it, but among certain gods, there is... interest in The Wings of Hall. Schemes are being weaved, and Hall isn't always a part of it...

I'll add later if I come up with any more facts about gods.
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Re: The Halls of Kethir Sé
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2011, 05:40:53 pm »
When the Wind Goddess finally finishes her daily routine she notices that the elemental lord of fire is walking up to her, but she feels no hostility from him.
    "I've allways wondered what those four orbs around you are. Are they there just for show or do they actually do something?"
The question came out of nowhere. She hesitated for a moment and stood in disbelief. After all, the question came from the elemental king of destruction.
    "Why the sudden interrest in my orbs, Fire Lord?" She replies in confusion
    "Well... They follow you arround everywhere you go and I can sense a large ammount off magic from each off the orbs. Also it has been on my mind for hundreds of years."
    The Goddess giggles. "Well if it has been bothering you for so long, why didn't you just ask sooner. I would have told you if you had."
Cursing at his own foolishness he looks again at the Goddess still waiting for the answer to his question. Seeing the determination in the Fire Lord she has replies:
    "Actually they do serve a purpose."
She places her hand out like she is catching rain drops and with her move, one off the orbs flyes to her hand and follows it as she shows the Fire Lord.
    "This orb is 'The Great Armory'. It's my personal armory."

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She lets the orb go as it flyes back to its original position, with that one of the other orbs flyes into her hands.
    "This is 'Blessing of the Wind Goddess'. Blessed or be cursed."

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She lets the second orb go and the third one flyes to her hand.
    "'The Book of Ethernia'" She says. "Inside this orb is the mystical Book of Ethernia."

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She releases the orb and takes the final orb but as it comes closer to the Fire Lord he takes a step back, overwhelmed by the magical energie inside the orb even by his standards.
    "Wha...," The Fire Lord is left speechless at the sight of the orb.
    "This is 'Curse of the Last Wind'. You could say that its my trumph card."

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Only those words make the great lord of destruction back away more almost like running away.
    "Now that I think about it, I think it was better for me not to know."
With those words the Fire Lord walks away almost like running.
As the demon lord dissapeared, the Wind Goddess breathe a sigh of relief. Showing any kind of weakness to the other gods will only result in a destruction. Everyone here will abuse any kind of opening they can get. Unfortunately for the Wind Goddess, she is physically weak. However she makes up for it with her magic.

She was always talented in making magic weapons, even back then when she was a human. Her control of magic is better than some of the other gods in Kethir Sé. It is the only thing that is keeping her alive and in power.

However she herself does not know the power the last orb has. She intentionally did not give any information in hopes that the other gods would not strike her head on.

The Wind Goddess =
The Fire Lord =
Also @Krozam if you think that 900 years for a god is too old let me know so I can change it
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