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Hanover Fist:
I've been a fan of AMVs for years, and like some people have favorite seiyuu's I have favorite AMV editors. While there is a lot of eye cancer out on the web, there are also some incredibly well put-together videos. Like people's tastes in music, the "best" AMVs also depend on your preferences.

What are some of your favorite AMVs?

Here are three of mine:
Ileia's The Cyrus Virus (Summer Wars = Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA) is hilarious - the best in my eyes for funny AMVs.
Aggressor's De:Light (Shikabane Hime = Blue Stahli - The Pure and the Tainted) has amazing action and synchronization.
Nostromo's Auriga (Various = DJ Spoke - Watch Them Fall Down) is an excellent atmospheric piece, if light on story.

This might have been better in the music thread lol. But it could be both, kinda like Anime OPs.

Hanover Fist:
Yeah, I was debating that myself. However, the justification I'll use is that the anime/video part of a given filesize is much larger than the space needed for the music. So I put it in anime.  :D

Nah, this is fine where it is.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f_HUJyNbcU

One of many that I adore.

I'm a really huge Saki fan.

Blog related: http://myanimelist.net/blog.php?eid=71118

Also, your point is very solid lol. How do we put an a request for embedded YouTube videos? [yt][/yt]


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