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This is really entertaining, thanks for sharing guys!

Hanover Fist:

--- Quote from: Krozam on July 18, 2013, 03:34:20 pm ---Well, yeah, it's pretty as well... But what's with all the gloomy AMV's about such a light-hearted anime as Hyouka?! Stop spoiling my happy memories! >_<
--- End quote ---

I think it's the contrast that makes it a strong story. In an inverse way it's like that video where The Shining is recut into a trailer for a happy romantic comedy (instead of suspense/horror).

And as long as I'm here, Kristyrat did an excellent action AMV all from the fight scenes in B.R.S. It's shiny!
Black Rock Beatdown (Black Rock Shooter) = Noisia - Tommy's Theme

Well I Think I like no I love the Agressors Code Ecchi
Thumbs up to Hanover Fist:D


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