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Forum RPG's, anyone?

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So, I like to RP on forums, and I figured I'd ask if there are any others with similar interests. If it's only one or two people, I'm not gonna bother requesting that they add a section for Role-playing, but if the idea gains more support, I'll either request it, or we can play in this section.

Since you can't for some reason make a poll in this section, just post if you're interested.

Irie Naoki:
Helllz yeah

I will support this :D :D!

To clarify, this is not really about getting a sub-forum here for role-playing. I'm totally fine playing here in the Games forum. I'm just trying to figure out if we have enough people interested for it to be sensible for me to start a game here. Less then 5 players and it's not really worth it, it won't be really fun. I might be able to get one or two friends here if necessary, but I'm hoping to get 5-6 people who're regulars here.

I would support it.

Only if I could teleport for no reason of course :3


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