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Zdm321: An investigative report

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--- Quote from: sky_breakerz on July 30, 2011, 04:33:21 am ---[12:27] <Blick_Winkel> zdm is the fansubbing illuminati
[12:27] <Blick_Winkel> he secretly runs everything
[12:27] <Blick_Winkel> while appearing to not do anything
[12:28] <Pawprint> Blick just signed his death warrant
[12:28] <Blick_Winkel> I got too close to the truth
[12:29] <Pawprint> I'll miss you, Blick
[12:29] <Blick_Winkel> I won't even be informed
[12:29] <Blick_Winkel> I'll just have all my access removed
[12:29] <solstice> Don't worry Blick!
[12:29] <solstice> I'll fight for u!

even the staff the scared of Zdm321

--- End quote ---

Blasphemy!  He won't lose his access, but he will wake up to no computer.    8)

* Assasin_Cross yawns


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