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Post a reply here with your favorite Romance anime titles along with a short description (and pictures :D). Remember to read the Guidelines and tips before continuing.

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This thread is for anime titles where romance is a main plot feature. This is a low-ecchi thread: If your show contains a lot of nudity or fan-service (in your opinion), consider posting it in the Ecchi/Harem thread instead. Titles like Kiss x Sis belong there.

Anime titles

* Ano Natsu de Matteru
* Clannad (by Kuroneko)
* Kaitou Saint Tail (by Krozam)
* Karin
* Otome Youkai Zakuro
* Sukitte Ii na yo
* Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
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* Toradora

Hanover Fist:
Otome Youkai Zakuro

Romance, Action, Supernatural, Historical
MAL - Torrent

The newly westernized government in an alternate Japan's Meiji era creates the Ministry of Spirit Affairs: Three imperial army officers are assigned to partner with four half-fox-spirit girls working together to resolve ghost and demon issues.

However, the head of the military side - Agemaki Kei - has a severe phobia of Youkai while Zakuro - the spiritual powerhouse - has a loathing of all things influenced by the west, especially Jesuit concepts.

This was a favorite of mine from 2010. It alternated from cute and sweet, through Zakuro's severe tsundere episodes, with laugh-out-loud hilarious moments and flashes of excellent action. An all-around fun and interesting show.


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Kaitou Saint TailAdventure, Magical Girl, Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy, ShoujoMAL | Torrents: HQ.mkv, XviD.avi

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* Saint Tail 01v2 HQ [6DE64C7D].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 02v2 HQ [1957EA12].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 03v2 HQ [E72EBB76].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 04v2 HQ [029402BD].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 05v2 HQ [33ACE1DA].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 06v2 HQ [A7B25814].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 07v2 HQ [5A5A7644].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 08v2 HQ [ADEB40DB].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 09v2 HQ [BE1B42F8].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 10v2 HQ [7B2047AC].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 11 HQ [09D5507B].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 12 HQ [F4CC8F0E].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 13 HQ [2859E5DB].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 14 HQ [CC050A8E].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 15 HQ [5ED81150].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 16 HQ [9C470D04].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 17 HQ [CCAB4758].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 18 HQ [C18BD32D].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 19 HQ [FBDB1F54].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 20 HQ [A3FF0D44].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 21 HQ [473878FB].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 22 HQ [9D7F958C].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 23 HQ [A39E214E].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 24 HQ [EC3AC875].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 25 HQ [46BA2E40].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 26 HQ [1086E6CF].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 27 HQ [A90FE617].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 28 HQ [157B97EB].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 29 HQ [DF9CB40F].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 30 HQ [BC6C570F].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 31 HQ [581FEAE6].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 32 HQ [6A1F687C].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 33 HQ [E9949F0D].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 34 HQ [09C8FD1A].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 35 HQ [43602DC5].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 36 HQ [9E942618].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 37 HQ [8E844BA6].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 38 HQ [AFDD2520].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 39 HQ [0D897AB5].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 40 HQ [6D2FD022].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 41 HQ [3B2CA309].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 42 HQ [BCB76B7F].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail 43 HQ [472143A7].mkv: DDL
Openings and Endings:

* Saint Tail ed 1 HQ [2C1092CA].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail ed 2 HQ [6F9A25F8].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail ed 3 HQ [B06BD56A].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail op 1 HQ [46A159B7].mkv: DDL
* Saint Tail op 2 HQ [FF824795].mkv: DDL
Megaupload coming soon. If you get an error using DDL link, try refreshing.

Meimi Haneoka, 14, is a normal girl during the daytime, but during the night, she assumes the "position" of Saint Tail, a modern-day Robin Hood who steals from thieves and gives items back to their original owners. She is aided by her friend, Seira Mimori, a nun-in-training, and she is chased by her classmate (and soon-to-be love interest), Daiki Asuka (often called "Asuka Jr."). (Source: ANN)

Saint Tail is hardly the kind of anime I usually watch, as I think magical girl is a thoroughly silly genre. However, once I got over my prejudice and started watching, I quickly came enjoy this anime. It's light-hearted, episodic, silly... and romantic. I'd be lying if said I consider Saint Tail to be a "quality" anime, as my standards are quite high, but there's one aspect in the story that stands out as superbly done, and it's the romance. Throughout the story, the romance is built with patience and expertise you hardly see in anime, making you care about the main characters, and finally ending things with a bang. That is, ending things in a most satisfactory way that made me cry my eyes out for fifteen minutes. I've seen Toradora, Ah! My Goddess, Onegai Teacher&Twins, Shuffle and a bunch of other romance anime series, but none of them ever came close to inducing this level of an emotional reaction.

Don't take me wrong, Saint Tail has other qualities: it makes you laugh, it has moe, somehow it keeps you entertained through 43 episodes of more or less repetitive episodicness, but romance is clearly its strongest point and the reason why I highly recommend the series to anyone who enjoys light-hearted romances, regardless of gender.

My full review: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Krozam/reviews/4336

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Hanover Fist:

Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
MAL - Download

In a Japanese vampire family, each vampire desires a certain flavor of blood: The father loves blood from those full of pride. The mother seeks liars. The son goes for stress. When blood is sucked, the flavoring emotion is also drained. Victims are then temporarily humble, truthful or calm. Karin Makka, the family's oldest daughter is a vampire mutant, loving sun, garlic and producing blood rather than sucking it. When her vampire lust arises, she's like a transfusion rather than a trauma.

Complications begin when Karin feels her blood begin to overproduce every time she gets near the new transfer student Usui. Karin's taste preference turns out to be misfortune. Usui and his mother already have a quite unfortunate life. Has Usui has discovered her secret? If so, how on earth can she get him to keep it?

This is a light romantic comedy for when you want something fun and funny, possibly as a change of pace from heavy shows. I love the original spin on vampires with this one. There have been a LOT of vampire shows over the years and this is a unique and hilarious plot. While the class of troubles Karen gets into that Usui has to cover up for her are admittedly formulaic, it keeps the humor going. Finally it's a cute romance that actually comes to a conclusion, rather than fading out without any closure.


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Hanover Fist:
Ano Natsu de Matteru
<Waiting in the Summer>

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
MAL - Torrents: 720p BD, 480p XviD

Ichika - an alien girl - crash lands on Earth, seriously injuring Kaito - an amateur film-maker at the crash site. She revives him with nano-tech and wipes his memory of the event. They later meet at school as a group of friends plan a summer film. He daydreams of inviting the homeless girl to stay at his house while his sister visits Bolivia for the summer. To his shock and embarrasment he realizes he said it out loud. The memorable summer begins ...

In my eyes this is one of the best romantic comedies ever (maybe the best). It plays with many anime tropes only to resolve them in unexpectedly straightforward ways. There's plenty of comedy to balance the romance, yet it still spins a great multi-layered story. The screenplay and character designs are by the makers of Please Teacher but it quickly goes beyond into it's own territory. The show was never really predictable week-to-week and regularly threw me for a loop, much to my enjoyment. It ends well with nearly everything tied up, even if I wish there were more episodes.

I strongly recommend it.

Screencaps again courtesy of RandomC
(click to show/hide)Ichika's ship crashes ...

... while Kaito is testing a new film ...

... but he wakes from the "dream" to a normal next day.

Looking through his viewfinder ...

... Kaito is entranced.

At lunch, Kaito's friend Tetsurou asks if Ichika will join the film project ...

... surprisingly she says yes, and Remon-senpai [still in the Please Teacher
school uniform] even volunteers to write the script.

On the way home from school, Kaito finds Ichika fishing in an empty river.

He fantasizes about suavely offering the homeless girl a place to stay ...

... only to realize he said it out loud.

Later that night, Kaito collapses as the nanobots begin to fail ...

... and Ichika must apply another dose ...

... right as Nee-san and Kanna walk in the door.

Kaito explains Ichika's homeless situation ...

... and Nee-san - believing Ichika to be an orphan too - offers her a place to stay.

Remon-senpai offers Dynamite Drink at the first film planning meeting ...

... it certainly is dynamite.

Ichika's fear/dark fantasy of being exposed and taken away by the Men In Black.

"Fu fu fu fu fu."


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