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Anime titles whose main focus is ecchi or harem situations belong here. If the show contains a lot of fan-service or nudity, then this is the place to post. Otherwise, consider the Romance thread instead.

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* Amaenaide yo!! (by Krozam)
* Asobi ni Iku Yo (by TheThing)
* High School DxD
* High School of the Dead
* Ladies vs. Butlers (by Kuroneko)
* To Love-Ru: Trouble
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* Infinite Stratos (by TheThing)
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* Vandread

Asobi ni Iku Yo
Romance, action, ecchi, comedy
MAL - Downloads: BD batches, OVA

Asobi ni Iku Yo is one of those rare harem shows that contains not only comedy but alot of action. It starts with a bang and doesn't let you down.

Asobi ni iku yo begins with a local tv news program talking about a sudden discovery of an alien aircraft. When the aircraft suddenly flies off (in alien style) it is quite clear that aliens are among us.

Because of this, 3 secret underground groups sprint to life, each with the same objective: Being the first to capture the alien. Some wish to kill "it" while others want to experiment and so on.

Our main protagonist is unaware that he has a "girl-friend" in each of these group. Things also get hectic when the alien is revealed to be a girl and starts living with our main protagonist. With our main character caught ina crossfire, what happens later... well... you are just gonna have to watch the show to find out :D

Asobi ni Iku yo is in my opinion a great show. It's fun, engaging and has kick ass characters (or girls) and is fun from beginning to end.


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Amaenaide yo!!
Comedy, Harem, Ecchi, Supernatural, Romance
MAL | Torrent S1, S2

Ikko is a Buddhist monk in training who works at his grandmother’s temple with six nuns -- six very attractive nuns. Though lazy, weak and unmotivated to learn the skills of a monk, amazingly strong holy powers sleep inside of Ikko that are triggered only by the awakening of his, shall we say, lust for worldly delights. A vengeful spirit is haunting your home? A flash of pantsu, and Ikko's your man. But therein lies danger; what really is the secret behind his mysterious powers? And how many hits to the head from angry, semi-naked nuns can a man take? (Source: Anime-Planet)

Amaenaideyo is quite a nostalgic anime for me. It's one of my early anime. When I think of this anime, I get the feeling, "It's such a pity that they don't do this good ecchi rom coms anymore..."

Ecchi isn't the best part in this anime. Neither is the comedy, the romance or the supernatural elements. In fact, there's nothing in particular that stands out here. It's them all together, as a balanced entirety, that makes Amaenaideyo such a good anime. There are no weak points. Quite an achievement for an ecchi anime.

The characters are all likeable, and while seemingly stereotypical, many of them are also very well developed. Ikkou is a good main character: sure, he's a bit dumb, and perverted, but he has a good heart and some other qualities that make him a likeable character. The female lead is a bit violent, but being the main target of Ikkou's "perverted rebounds", it's kind of necessary. I said the show is a very balanced entirety, but if I had to say one thing that stands out positively, it's the characters.

Oh, but on a second thought, there is another thing. In the last ep of the first season, there's a scene where Ikkou is way cooler than the main character of an ecchi rom com has any right to be. The second season, while lacking a scene of equal coolness, presents even better character development than the first season, as well as a genuinely interesting plot. I'm still waiting for a third season, I want to know how the plot continues.


(click to show/hide)Let's start with our hero. Normally he's pretty useless...

...but if handled right...

...he can surprise you.

(^Some damn good music here, another thing you don't expect from an ecchi rom com.)

Of course, there's a drawback to this method.

Here's the female lead, Chitose:

Yes, she can talk a gangster spirit to pass on. She also has a pretty good punch.

Yuuko, the flat-chested tomboy:

Haruka, the lazy flirt:

Sumi, the kindest of them all, loved by animals and men alike:

Sakura... she has an interesting hobby.

Jyotoku, Ikkou's grandma:

She's pretty badass... but apparently she was even more so in her youth.

Lastly, Hinata, Sakura's little sister and my favourite girl. I usually don't like the quiet and seemingly emotionless type, but Hinata is an exception. This girl has depth.

...and her companion, my favourite little demon:

Some of the ghosts they meet are pretty... weird...

...but not all of their enemies are ghosts.

Let's finish with a group portrait:

Hanover Fist:
High School of the Dead

Ecchi, Action, Horror, Supernatural
Series - MAL - Download: 720p BD
OVA - MAL - Download: 720p BD

The zombie apocalypse has struck. A group of Japanese high school students work together to survive.

If you're looking for violent ecchi, go for HSotD. There are zombies lurching around, large breasts jiggle all over, panty shots abound and there's lots of violence. For campy fun sensationalism, HSotD can't be beat.


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Hanover Fist:
High School DxD

Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance
MyAnimeList overview
S1 (1-12) BDs - Torrents: 720p, 1080p
13/OVA BD - Torrents: 720p, 1080p
14/OVA BD - Torrents: 720p, 1080p
S2 (1-12) TV - Torrents: 720p

Season 1

Season 2
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Issei is quite the pervert, but an honest one. He jumped at the chance to be in the first co-ed class of a formerly all-girls school. For some strange reason he gets a confession from a cute girl - much to his (and everyone else's) surprise. However, at the end of their first date she sprouts black angel wings and kills him. He later awakens in his own bed next to someone else: His stacked and naked senpai - president of the occult club - who tells him she is actually a demon and he is her new servant. That's fine by him!

DxD is great fun and even sneaks in the occasional subtlety. Know going in that it's focus is heavy fan service - boobs everywhere [and that ED is excellent] - but it's silly, there are no pretensions and I laughed a lot. The story is good compared to most ecchi shows, the characters are strong and it's a success at being entertaining.

*edit* The entire gang has returned for more fan-service filled fun in season 2 with even more beautiful women for Issei (and us) to ogle. The show continues it's progress through the light novels following Issei's goal to become a high class devil and ultimately a Harem King. The links above are updated and you can see screencaps of the new season at Random Curiosity where they blogged each episode. The show remained great through season 2 and it provides stiff competition for any mediocre ecchi shows out there.

Screencaps again courtesy of RandomC
(click to show/hide)Issei and his fellow pervs dream ...

... but dreams can be dangerous to follow.

Issei gets a girlfriend?!

His senpai watches from afar.

Issei has his first date ...

... but it doesn't end well ...

... in fact, she kills him.

However, Issei wakes up ...

... to learn his new master ...

... is an actual demon ...

... with mind control powers.

While the "girlfriend" is gone from everyone else's memory, the demons remember.

Issei's dying wish allowed Rias-senpai to contract and revive him. He's now a demon too.

A cute new girl appears ...

... but brimstone and holy water don't mix too well.


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