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Post a reply here with your favorite Action anime titles along with a short description (and pictures :D). Remember to read the Guidelines and tips before continuing.

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Shows that revolve around action belong here. If you are looking for a show that is exciting (not in the ecchi sense), or a title with a lot of action, then this is the place to post or find a new favorite.

Anime titles

* Black Lagoon
* Cowboy Bebop
* Full Metal Panic
* Ghost in the Shell
* Gunslinger Girl
* Infinite Stratos (by TheThing)
* Kaze no Stigma (by TheThing)
* Nabari No Ou (by InfinityStream)
* Psycho-Pass
* Read or Die/R.O.D. the TV
* To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
* To Aru Majutsu no Index (by Chadwicke)
* Vandread
Anime titles in other threads

* Asobi ni Iku Yo (by TheThing)
* High School of the Dead
* Kiseijuu/Parasyte
* Last Exile (by TheThing)
* Millennium Actress
* Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (by Krozam)
* Otome Youkai Zakuro
* Soul Eater
* Zettai Karen Children (by TheThing)

Infinite Stratos
Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Harem, Ecchi
MAL - Series: 720p BD, OVA: 720p

Infinite Stratos is a kick ass show. It has great animation, the CG are really well done and it has fluid animation in all the fight scene and it has a fight in almost every episode.

The show starts with an epic battle, just to give you a little taste on what is to come. From there we learn more about the Infinite Stratos (or IS as they like to call it), get to know the girls and we are introduced to the main character. Slowly, we see our main character training on the IS as well as interacting with the girls, slowly becoming stronger and stronger, all building up to one epic final battle. IS is many times being classified as mecha, but I would not call them mecha, as the IS are more of battle suits that they use.

I really liked this show and the battles are quite fun to watch as well as engaging not to mention the comedy they add in for added flavor :3.


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Kaze no Stigma
Action, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shounen
MAL - Download

Kaze no Stigma is by far, my favorite action anime. Kaze no Stigma is an anime title, that will forever hold the most bad-ass main character. When you search on google for bad-ass anime main character , you will find post containing Kaze no Stigma at the top. Not only is the main character awesome, but Kaze no Stigma has surprisingly many good support characters and extras. If it's one thing Kaze no Stigma is good at, it's having great characters. What also sets Kaze no Stigma apart from other anime titles, is the fact that the main lead starts being strong. You don't see him training the whole show, only to see it being used in one fight and thats it, you see him from the start, after all the training has been done.

The show tells about Kazuma, who was expelled from his family of fire magic users for being afraid of fire. He comes back years later after becoming a really strong wind user. I won't spoil the show so I won't go more into the details but let's just say he's kick-ass and really interesting to watch (not to mention his laid back attitude and more). The show is split in arcs, with each one exploring more of the characters in depth and such.


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Hanover Fist:
Cowboy Bebop

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Space
Series: MAL - Downloads: 720p BD, 480p DVD
Movie: MAL - Downloads: 720p, 400p

In a future where Mars is colonized and travel through the solar system is commonplace, Cowboys are bounty hunters. Two of these operate the ship Bebop looking for criminals to collect. Through a series of misadventures, Spike and Jet pick up some odd (if sexy, in the case of Faye Valentine) drifters while trying to get enough money to make ends meet from bounties.

Aside from Star Blazers ~ 30 years ago, this was the first anime series I watched and I still love it to this day. Yoko Kanno delivers an amazing soundtrack somehow fusing diverse blues, jazz, and rock elements into a smooth whole that beautifully fits the show. Even the dub is great.

The story and characters have incredible depth as the show progresses and their pasts catch up with them. The setting is an excellent piece of world system building. The story is told at a good pace without being dragged down by exposition. This is a classic and a must-see (at least in my eyes). I've given it to everyone I can in my assorted anime inflictions to friends and acquaintances. Now it's your turn. >:3

There was also a feature film made a couple years after the series, set somewhere around ep.22 of the series' timeline. The film was also excellent with better production values and a darker storyline than the rest.


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Nabari No Ou
Action, Adventure, Drama, SupernaturalMAL - Downloads: [Arigatou] 480p DVD (dual audio), [CBM] 400p DVD (dual audio)

Miharu Rokujo is pretty apathetic to the world around him. Little does he know that he holds the greatest power in Japan within him, the Shinra Banshou. Soon, he's pulled into the world of Nabari, the underground of modern day Japan. There he meets the secret lives of people who already 'knew': those who want him for his power, those who want to destroy it, and those who want to make him King. The Nabari No Ou.

I felt highly disappointed when that horrible Naruto sequel came out and almost shunned Ninja shows for life. I then discovered Nabari No Ou, and the rest is merely history.

The characters are outstanding and unique. One may have even been inspiration for Natsu Dragneel's inability to ride in vehicles,  a main point of ridicule for one of the characters. You don't find a cast that somehow stays allies even as they come and go in the different underground clans of Nabari. The character stories themselves are mixed together, instead of one arc about this guy and the next about that guy as in a norm with many shows. Miharu himself is one of the most enjoyable characters to watch as he grows to accept his strange power.

Give a big thanks to HanoFist for the pictures!

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