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Hanover Fist:
Perfect Blue

Horror, Psychological
MAL - Download

Kirigoe Mima decides to leave her pop-idol group CHAM! and become an actress. This displeases her fans (and stalkers). As she gets deeper into her new career it gets harder and harder to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

This is the first film Satoshi Kon directed. All of his works have elements that hover between fantasy and reality. Aside from Akira a few years before, this was one of the first anime I ever watched as an adult and began a nearly decade-long love for anime that has persisted to this day.

This film has often been compared to Hitchcock and if you want something to creep you the frack out, this will do quite well.  ;D


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Hanover Fist:
Millennium Actress

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
MAL - Download

A Japanese film studio commissions a filmmaker to make a documentary to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Tachibana Genya travels to a remote lodge where the idol of his youth - the reclusive Fujiwara Chiyoko lives. She was the studio's leading lady from the '30s to the '60s. As she reminisces about her past Tachibana and his cameraman find themselves drawn in - literally - to her memories.

This next film Satoshi Kon directed had a much happier mood compared to Perfect Blue, but still retained his trademark of blurring the line between fantasy and reality. I like it because you can never really be sure what is going on: Are we inside one of her films she is reminiscing about? Then why are the Tachibana and the cameraman there? I also liked it because it showed Kon had a much wider range.


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Hanover Fist:
Tokyo Godfathers

Other, Drama, Comedy
MAL - Download

It's Christmas Eve and three homeless acquaintances - a runaway girl, a transvestite and an alcoholic - find an abandoned baby in the trash. They follow the clues in a bag nearby to try and discover the parents. Through a bizarre string of coincidences they also encounter threads of their own lives they had thought left behind. *

This is another film where I bought the DVD because Satoshi Kon had directed it. I had seen it as a fansub previously and loved it. In this one, reality is much stronger, but it's the coincidences that make you go "WTF?!" An excellent, strange and touching story.

*(paraphrased from MAL)


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Hanover Fist:
Paranoia Agent

Other, Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller
MAL - Torrents: 720p, XviD

Tsukiko Sagi is a character designer who had one huge success with a pink dog creation named Maromi. She is now under enormous pressure to think up another hot seller. One night, Sagi is attacked by a boy on roller blades wielding a baseball bat. Police initially suspect her story until the attacks continue upon other stressed people. The culprit is dubbed "Shounen Bat" in the media frenzy and the investigation continues with mystifying results.

Continuing my Satoshi Kon marathon, we come to a series, rather than a movie. Here, we are exposed to a much larger and cumulative dose of the strange, building up as the show progresses. In characteristic Kon style, the dividing line between reality and fantasy shifts and cracks with disastrous but spellbinding results.

Thanks to arewar for the screencaps!

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