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Post a reply here with your favorite Adventure anime titles along with a short description (and pictures :D). Remember to read the Guidelines and tips before continuing.

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This is the adventure section: A quest of some sort may be a major plot point rather than just a focus on action. Since not many adventure titles exist, looking for a good one can be hard. This section is dedicated to making that task easier.

Anime titles

* Last Exile (by TheThing)
* Seirei no Moribito
* Soul Eater
* Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Anime titles in other threads

* Cowboy Bebop
* Kaitou Saint Tail (by Krozam)
* Millennium Actress
* Nabari No Ou (by InfinityStream)
* Read or Die/R.O.D. the TV
* To Aru Majutsu no Index (by Chadwicke)

Last Exile
Action, Adventure
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Last Exile is one of the most under appreciated anime. This anime came out in 2003 and yet has better art and animation than many of the anime titles coming out today. It's beautiful, visually attractive and has a unique story like none other.

Last Exile is one of those rare steampunk anime. It has a very deep storyline, a beautiful world setting and many other things.

One of the key concept in Last Exile is that you are thrust in this unknown world, and more and more layers of plot are added to it. Slowly, with each episode, more and more of the world is explained and you get a better picture of it. Within each episode, you understand more about the world as it opens itself up to you.

I highly recommend it to everyone. It was the first anime title I saw that really showed how good story telling should be done. Even the English dub is quite nice and the soundtrack in this show is top notch.


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Hanover Fist:
Soul Eater

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
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Patty, Liz, Kidd, Soul, Maka, Black Star and Tsubaki

Death has a school: Shinigami-sama (a cartoonish Grim Reaper) founded a school dubbed Shibusen in his hometown of Death City, Nevada. It's aim is the production of mighty weapons called Death Scythes. These are used to fight off or prevent the formation of Kishin <demon gods>. The humanoid shape-changing weapons and their human wielders (meisters) need to first collect and eat 99 evil souls and then one witch's soul to become Death Scythes.

Before the show began the first Kishin named Asura rose up and nearly plunged the world into madness. Asura was sealed below Shibusen by Shinigami. The show begins with its focus on two pairs and a triple of meisters/weapons in training to become Death Scythes. The first pair is Maka Albarn wielding Soul. Next is Black Star wielding Tsubaki. Finally we have Shinigami's son - Death the Kid - wielding Liz and Patty Thompson. They are all soon embroiled in a fight to prevent Asura from being revived. Things get hectic from there.

This is a loud shounen action show. It has a great fast pace, bright and shiny animation, interesting plot and excellent fight scenes. It was also Chiaki Omigawa debut as a seiyuu playing Maka Albarn. There were quite a few folks hating on her acting when the show first came out, but it didn't bug me so much. Those new to the series may find her much more familiar as Minko from Hanasaku Iroha and give her more of a break. Other than that, the voice cast was excellent. Overall, it's a fun romp of a show. It could be better but it's still worth its 51 episodes of time.

Thanks as usual to Random Curiosity for the screencaps.
(click to show/hide)Shibusen: Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon <Death Weapon Meister Academy>


Soul gets in trouble while witch hunting.

Maka is not amused.

Tsubaki and Black Star

Another day at school.

Black Star is a bit of a perv. Note Tsubaki's shuriken ...

... as it meets his forehead.

Kidd is severely OCD and hates assymetry ...

... including Patty and Liz's.

Dad makes an appearance.

Luckily, this villain is not symmetric ...

... so Kidd can kick some ass.

Maka rage

Rage of a different sort

Maka's father, Spirit Albarn - AKA Death Scythe - is Shinigami's current weapon ...

... he's kinda creepy.

Franken Stein is a mad scientist who was Death Scythe's former partner ...

... years ago he experimented on Death Scythe in his sleep ...

... and considers anything suitable for experimentation even now.

I posted the Soul Eater/Halloween AMV over here a while back, but this one is much better suited as a teaser/trailer for the series ([Bakadeshi] Soul Eater = Groove Armada - Madder):

Hanover Fist:
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
<The Girl Who Leapt Through Time>

Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
MAL - Torrents: 1080p BD, 720p BD, 480p DVD

Makoto idles along in her everyday high school life. She accidentally gains the ability to leap backward through time and things begin to change. Playing with her new power, she starts out using it for trivial things like quizzes and pudding. She later learns that changing the past can have huge unintended effects with cascading consequences.

This movie had a feature film budget with Madhouse at the helm (in 2006) so of course the background visuals are stunning. One defect is that the character animation stands out pretty strongly from the backgrounds. The music and voice talent are stellar but it's the story that carries this film. The repeated motif that time waits for no one and that every action has a consequence make for an excellent film worth your time (IMO).

Backstory: The tale began with a Japanese novel of the same name published in 1967. It has been adapted many times. The first live action film adaptation from 1983 focuses on Makoto's aunt, the protagonist of the original novel. The anime is more of a sequel and it alludes to the original a couple times in scenes with Makoto and her aunt.

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Finally, my habitual related AMV link: It's awesome, but very spoiler-rich.
I already posted it over here in the AMV thread months ago.

Hanover Fist:
Seirei no Moribito
<Guardian of the Sacred Spirit>

Adventure, Fantasy
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Balsa is a female bodyguard-for-hire from neighboring Kanbal. She returns to the empire to get work done on her spear. On the way, she coincidentally saves the life of prince Chagum of the imperial family when he falls off a bridge in an accident. The second empress hires Balsa to keep the prince alive against the emperor's secret assassins: Chagum is accused of possession by an evil spirit that threatens the empire with a crippling drought.

This is another shiny show from Production I.G. of 2007 vintage. The action is great and the plot is intricate and imaginative. The story eventually reveals the hidden depths in Balsa’s past and she's an excellently strong female character. Chagum also learns a lot about the real world outside the imperial court from her. The show is a great fantasy and a fun ride as they quest to learn what power is inside Chagum and how it might save the empire.

Screencaps from all over google, many from here.
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