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Post a reply here with your favorite Drama anime titles along with a short description (and screencaps :D). Remember to read the Guidelines and tips before continuing.

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This is the section where dramatic anime belong. Romance or ecchi might or might not be part of the show, but drama is a primary component.

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* Ano Hana
* Asatte no Houkou
* Eve no Jikan
* Kokoro Connect
* Nitaboh
* Planetes
* Sora no Woto
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* Ano Natsu de Matteru
* Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
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* Tokyo Godfathers
* Toradora
* Usagi Drop

Hanover Fist:
Ano Hana
Full title: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai
<We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day>

Drama, Supernatural, Slice of Life
MAL - Download

Ten years ago a group of six kids played together as the "Super Peace Busters". One girl died and the other five changed and drifted apart. Since then, Jinta Yadomi (Jin-tan when he was the leader of the SPB) became a shut-in, regularly ditching school. The show begins when he is suddenly visited by the ghost of "Menma" (Meiko Honma). At first, Jinta believes Menma is a hallucination, but he is unable to ignore her. In addition, she can only interact and be seen by Jinta.

This is my favorite anime of the year so far and one of my favorites of all time. While the characters start out somewhat unlikeable, that only serves as a base state to show their change and growth over time. I also love all the little subtleties of glances and gestures where not all communication is done in words.

It's an original anime, not based on any manga or game, from Fuji TV's niotaminA time block. The show reaches into you and twists your emotions at times. Because of it's impact, the ED song will have a place on my hard drive for a long time to come.


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Hanover Fist:
Eve no Jikan
<The Time of Eve>

Sci-Fi, Drama, Slice of Life
MAL - Downloads:1080p, 720p

In a future Japan, robots with Asimov's three laws have been used for years. Humaniform androids (distinguished by the holographic ring above their heads) have recently come into accepted use, but with much political opposition. Most treat them as household appliances except for a belittled few with more empathy nicknamed "android-holics."

The Time of Eve is an underground cafe with one primary rule: No distinction between robots or humans is allowed. While investigating his family android's anomalous location files, a high school student and his friend discover this cafe.

This independent project was made by the creator of Pale Cocoon and Aquatic Language. If you've seen and liked either, then enjoy the treat that is the Time of Eve. There are many things to love about this show. First, it explores just what it means to be a person - quietly, thoroughly and well. There is not much action but a lot of thought is involved along with beautifully detailed visuals. Finally, as a long-term S.F. fan, I'm happy it uses Asimov's laws accurately and well.

It originally aired as a six episode OVA and later re-released as a single movie with a few new scenes. The dl links are to the movie. Drama seemed the best location for this one - while a new Sci-Fi thread would be equally valid.


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Hanover Fist:

Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Space
MAL - Torrents: 1080p, 720p, 480p

In the late 21st century, a collision with space debris causes tragedy on a sub-orbital passenger liner. Cleanup of the myriad debris in Earth orbit becomes a priority. A small space debris collection department of a huge company gets a new member and this fun and funny story gains delta-vee.

While the buildup is slow, Planetes does a great job of introducing you to the characters and the system of 2075, while keeping you laughing along the way. The show alternates between serious and humorous elements while the plot balances multiple threads in both large and small scales each episode. It's one of the best ever shows about realistic life in space, but is still excellent entertainment even for those who are not fans of hard science fiction.

Don't start this show right before you need to sleep though, as the "just one more episode"s might keep you from sleeping at all that night. ;)


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Hanover Fist:
Sora no Woto
<Sound of the Sky>

Drama, Military, Sci-Fi
MAL - Torrents: 720p BD, 480p

At first glance this looks like "K-ON goes to war." The character designs are similar, but the story is different: Kanata joins the military to learn how to play the bugle, inspired by a figure from her past. She is posted in a sleepy little town called Seize on the outskirts of the empire. She arrives in the middle of the town festival which highlights the legend of flame maidens protecting the city from a huge winged demon. Kanata and four other women man the fort at empire's edge in this post-apocalyptic future.

This was the first show in an initiative to make original anime unrelated to previous shows, manga or games. The visual style is beautiful and the slowly revealed world history was great. The trumpet renditions of Amazing Grace are haunting and raise goosebumps when integrated with the rest of the story. The DVD specials were also great fun with one a lighthearted romp and the other a good epilogue. Overall a great show and well worth the 14 episodes of time to watch them.

Thanks again to Random Curiosity for the screencaps.
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