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Round 1: Uzumaki Naruto vs Kurosaki Ichigo

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--- Quote from: Krozam on September 03, 2011, 10:24:40 pm ---Ichigo fights in a spirit form,

--- End quote ---

This. Also Ichigo would just cut his soul ties. :D


But wait, doesn't Naruto have the Nine Tails cloak form or something? Wouldn't this be the same as Ichigo spirit form (or bankai form)?


naruto obv!!

It would end in a draw because they are pretty much the exact same.  Idiots that unleash a hidden power when they are about to lose.

Fail contest :D

I like Naruto much more than Bleach, but I'd have to say if it's Ichigo versus Naruto, then Ichigo would win, especially if he was in his Final Form, despite Naruto's newfound Yellow Flash level speed due to his Kyuubi cloak. Speedwise they're both godlike, but and Naruto is more versatile, but Ichigo would win just because of share power...In his Final Form he can blow up a mountain just by swinging his sword once for god's sake...He also has even stronger defense than Naruto's cloak I think, since Aizen's full power level 90 Destructive Art didn't phase him at all...And then there's the whole Naruto wouldn't be able to see him thing...


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