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How to - Download with XDCC.

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First off head over to mirc homepage and download a copy.

> Install it and run it.
> Click the little orange lightning button in the top left.
> Select the severs menu.
> Find and locate the rizon server (I have deleted all by rizon from my copy, the actual list is a lot bigger) and press the select button.

This will take you to the connect screen, on this screen add in a nickname and then hit connect.

The next thing you will need to do is allow the .mkv file format so that you can receive them. To do this:

> Go to tools on the menu bar and select options.
> Then scroll down to the DCC sub tree and select the ignore tab.
> Now just below where it says "Method:" it will say "ignore only", click it and change it to "accept only".
> In the "File type:" box type "*.mkv" and click add
> Click OK.

Next up type "/join #doki" and you will be in Doki irc channel.

Now to find a show you want. Lets say for example i want to download Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica episode 2 at 1080p. You can see the CRC code in the file name, in this case it's EA001B2A.

In the doki irc channel type "@find EA001B2A".

You will see a return string, in this case:

[20:41] -Doki|Yuki- XDCC SERVER - slots:[19/20], Min:10.0kB/s - /MSG Doki|Yuki XDCC SEND x - Found: #452:[Doki] Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - 02 (1920x1080 h264 BD FLAC) [EA001B2A].mkv,946M

The important parts here are:

> The command line to use "/MSG Doki|Yuki XDCC SEND x"
> The pack number "Found: #452"

So in order to receive the file you would type "/MSG Doki|Yuki XDCC SEND 452". A warning box will pop up, click OK, then click accept and the download will start.

Another box will pop up at the end letting you know it's complete. As you can see the download speed is generally pretty good.

Note: An alternate way to find the file send message is to click the XDCC link on the release post or at the top of the website and search for/select the file you want, it will pop up the exact line you need. So just copy and paste into mirc.

wow 4.44mb/s

I've had 6.4MB/s before, depends on server load.

And that's 4.44MB/s.

4.44mb/s would only be like 555KB/s.

thank you it took me forever on how to do this

One more thing you might like to do is change the location of your download - just so it's easier to find the files later.

In "Folders" select the top option (default) and select edit.
On the next window it says ‘Into this Folder:’ and below that it has a directory listing. This is where you select your default download location.
Make sure you click OK to save your changes.


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