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How to - Download with XDCC.

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--- Quote from: Hanover Fist on March 25, 2014, 10:32:22 am ---The 1080p XDCC link on the Doki Colorful page only shows pack 1434 on the Doki|Homura bot. :homura: I'm guessing that's where you tried the dl.

--- End quote ---

Yes, that's right. Thanks for your advice. I didn't notice that the file was on another Server as well, since the XDCC Parser on the Doki Homepage only gave me the one on Doki|Homura. I'm currently downloading the file from Doki|Nagisa now and just passed the 17%, so thumbs up... seems to work so far!

So again, thanks alot!

OK, that was too early... failed again, but now I'm thinking the problem is on my side, everything else seems to be quite unlikely. I will try finding a client which supports resuming Downloads, since ChatZilla doesn't...


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