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How to - Download with XDCC.

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this is really helpful... ;D

EDIT: somehow, i cant connect to server...can somebody help me?

Hanover Fist:
If you don't use PeerBlock, ignore this post.

If you do, you might get a "Connection failed" message like this on some IRC channels if you have lots of block lists.

For that particular download, you can Close the failed box and wait until the Get dialog pops up again. Then Disable PeerBlock, accept the transfer and Enable PeerBlock again.

Once you have the file going, you have time to play around and permanently allow that IP for the next time: On the main PeerBlock screen, find the IP address that was blocked - in my case it's in the Destination column. Now go into the List Manager.

Select your Permanent Allow list then View it.

Add a new entry.

Enter the description and IP range (that same IP address in both fields), then save.

If PeerBlock was the issue, your next Get from that bot shouldn't have a failed connection. Just keep an eye on the blocked IP addresses if you do get failed connections in new channels/on new bots or if IP addys change on you.

Hanover Fist:
Say there is a show you want that Doki isn't subbing. A useful IRC channel on the Rizon server is #NEWS. You can find bots from many - if not most - fansub groups there.

Once you've connected to Rizon in your IRC client, /join #NEWS

(Every time a file is added to a bot in #NEWS, an announce message is posted which contains the exact string you need for the xdcc send. If you're in the channel already when the announce arrives for a file you want, you can just copy and paste. However, anything before you join the channel, you won't see.)

So, after a show has been released, find the CRC of the show/resolution you want, either from the group's website like the Doki example at the top of this thread, or from a torrent site.

Copy the 8 character CRC string and do an @find in the #NEWS channel using that string.

The brown text you get as a result shows all the bots in the channel that have the unique CRC text you searched for in the filename.

When you're choosing which bot to download from, note that some bots have minimum download speeds or bandwidth caps. I chose the A|FanserviceBot since there is no minimum speed and it doesn't look too swamped in the slots department.

Copy, paste and edit the appropriate text to start the XDCC send.

And off it goes.

So thats how you do it Thanks Again :D

Hanover Fist:
Some bots have their packlists on web pages. Two bots I use frequently are Cerebrate and Ginpachi-Sensei:

Sadly, another favorite - the web packlist for #NEWS - has been down for quite a while.

Anyway, the newest packs (files) can be found at the bottom of the list.

On the Cerebrate packlist, just hover over a filename and it will display the "/msg Cerebrate XDCC send nnnn" text. You can type that to get your file inside any Rizon IRC channel that hosts Cerebrate, like #Doki or #NEWS.

(The Cerebrate hover display also shows you the md5 and crc32 checksums in case you like to check either of those after downloading. I tried to screencap it but the popup goes away as soon as I hit Alt.)

The command you type is usually the same except for which bot you're messaging and the number at the end. Once you've had some experience with IRC/XDCC, you can just look at the left column for the pack number and you'll know to type: /msg [botname] xdcc send [pack number]

Even easier, clicking a filename on the Gin web packlist will give you a popup where you can just copy and paste the xdcc send /msg into your IRC client.

One bonus about the Ginpachi-Sensei bot is that you don't have to be connected to any specific channel. It will send from wherever in Rizon you are. Cerebrate requires that you be in one of the same IRC channels as the bot, otherwise you get the -Cerebrate- ** XDCC SEND denied, you must be on a known channel to request a pack error message.

Another tip is getting multiple files from a given bot: Say you've looked at the Gin packlist and you decide you want more than one file. Use the xdcc batch command rather than the xdcc send command and it will send you all the files you select, usually one by one. If you want a group of files in sequence it would be:
/msg Ginpachi-Sensei xdcc batch 5909-5914 for all the packs from 5909 to 5914.
If you just want specific files, separate the numbers with commas:
/msg Ginpachi-Sensei xdcc batch 5909,5911,5914

Each bot will usually have some limit set to the number of files you can batch up, often 5 or 10. Batch sends don't work on every bot, only if the owner has set it up. Most bots will only send one file at a time and have the rest queued up, but some will allow two or three simultaneous downloads at once.

Finally, if you won't be watching while your entire batch downloads, you probably want to turn on the Auto-Get feature. In mIRC it's in the Tools menu under Options, then in the DCC section:

Most of the time it is safest to leave the Show get dialog selected. However, the Auto-get is useful if you won't be there to say OK to each individual Get dialog box as your batch progresses.

Have fun.

*edit* Another thing I thought of: Say you're in a Rizon channel and you see a bot announce a new file release. It sounds interesting and you're curious what else is there. Most bots have a text file with their packlist as the very first pack. If you do a /msg [botname] xdcc send -1 that will usually send you the packlist that you can check out at your leisure.

You'll want to be sure mIRC is allowing .txt files: In the Options, DCC section, Ignore subsection look at the list to see which file types are accepted.

If .txt files aren't listed, enter a *.txt into the File type box and click Add.


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