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How to - Fix playback issues.


If you still have an issue after this, be sure to state the resolution, episode number and a time code of the issue, unless you want to be ignored.

Check the file

First thing to do is confirm the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) of the file. This is the eight digit figure in each file name. For this I recommend using animechecker. Simply open the progam then drag the file into the small box that appears in the bottom right of your screen. If your file is corrupt you will need to redownload it.

Correct file.

Corrupt file.

Visible artefacts

If you are getting a green screen, or flashes of green such as the example below, post a comment with the resolution of the file you are watching, the show and time code it happened. This is an encode error and we will need to reencode the show in order to fix it.

If you are trying to watch a show and the picture is blocking, distorted and generally unwatchable such as the example below, you have most likely downloaded a 10 bit (Hi10P in the file name) version of a show rather than the usual 8 bit (h264 in the file name) you normally download. You can fix this by either installing a 10 bit codec such as the latest version of CCCP or redownloading a 8 bit version.

Sound drops out during certain scenes

This issue is typically caused by heavy typesetting and occasionally karaoke. You can remedy this by altering a few settings in Media Player Classic. Press O to open options up and then go to the subtitle tab.

The first thing to try is drop the maximum texture resolution down to something like 800x600. This will result in a slightly less smooth font display, but reduce the drain on your CPU required to show them.

You can also try set sub pictures to buffer to 0 and see if it helps. Then try increase it little by little untill you find a working point. I've found that a higher value of at least 15 during heavy typesetting works pretty well for me for example.


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