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[RP] Enter the Cursed City

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Hollow nyan-chan:
After a couple of minutes of walking Eric felt a presence of something dangerous, but it wasn't close. He tried to sense if he could point the presence which way it came from, so he would know where not to go to avoid danger. He was so in thought if pin pointing the way of the presence that he noticed the screams of something too late.
He looked up to see someone falling from the sky in his direction. Eric moved by instinct a step or two away from his previous location and prepared the catch the person. "What the hell?" Eric said and caught the person. He was thrown down on the ground by the impact of catching the person in his arms. He gasped for air as he thought "Bloody hell is happening today?". He took a look at the person he had caught. A girl, it was a girl he had caught that had fallen from the sky in some way. It didn't surprise him too much, it's hell after all.
As Eric stood up, he asked the girl: "Who are you and why in heavens name did you come falling from the sky?".

((I believe I shall))

Stefan had been wandering the city aimlessly for what had felt like a good half-hour now. He'd already smoked 3 cigarettes out of complete boredom and perhaps just a little bit of worry that was creeping in at the sound of the shield-heads in the distance, usually Stefan did not have too much trouble with such creatures as he had the good sense to hide or run rather than fight, or to let some other poor fool dot he fighting.

Stefan had been in the process of lighting his fourth cigarette when he saw what appeared to be an Asian man and a...living...doll... Stefan's eyebrow raised quite noticeably and the cigarette hung from his lips unlit for a few moments before he managed to recover, flicking his thumb down the flint to spark the fire and taking in a deep drag to give him the time to size the pair up. As he drew the smoke into his lungs he noted their wary stance, he saw the doll's hand move to her weapon... They seemed more wary than threatening... Stefan shook his head as he ran through the scenarios and murmured to himself "Why deny Norton his fun." before approaching the others, taking his cigarette from his lips and blowing a cloud of smoke into the air before saying loudly enough to be audible in an English accent "I don't suppose you two have any idea where the bar is... I swear, the bloody thing moves every time I am dragged here."

"Xuzy" merely shook his head to indicate that he didn't know the man. He soon relaxed, understanding that the newcomer was just as surprised to see them as they were to see him. It wasn't exactly rare to see other people in this realm, but Xu Bai had never seen two others on the same visit.

There was another thing that bothered him about this man: he apparently possessed two souls. The other one was weak, suppressed, hardly worth a reaper's time, but the other one was pretty strong. The body was very much alive, so it wasn't the kind of oddity that would trigger Bai's reaper powers, but he could sense them. Probably because Ember was there. Even if he denied the transformation, he was still sensitive to souls in this stage.

I wonder if this man is possessed by some kind of a demon. Best be wary. Bai chuckled at the thought. Barely ten minutes in this realm, and he was already in the company of two potentially dangerous individuals.

"The bar? What bar? I have no idea what you're talking about." He had been here several times, but he had no recollection seeing any bar. What was more interesting, the man did not appear to be a denizen of this realm - so perhaps not a demon, after all? - but a frequent visitor, like Bai...

So the games have begun again. Vel'Nortin smirked as he sensed the portals open, transporting his players onto the board. He could see it on the map of the city, little figurines moving along. Five so far, and two getting chased by the shield headed demons! How delightful! He stood from the crimson armchair, and brushed his white suit. He then removed his white fedora, rolling it down his arm to his hand. As the hat tumbled, it changed, turning into a dark bowler.

With a flourish, Norton placed the hat upon his head, the suit transforming into his bartender's outfit. His face changed ever so slightly, becoming less angular and calculating, and becoming rounder and more mischievous. "Time to go to work," he giggled, striding through a door that led to the bar. Eventually his pawns would be drawn to the place, no matter where they were dropped on the map.

Meanwhile, Mina continued running across the rooftops. Eventually, she came to the end of the block and paused to breathe, removing the hood from her head in an effort to keep cool. A crust of gems lined her right cheekbone and both eyebrows, giving her a serious, alien appearance. Light glimmered off her eyelids when she blinked, revealing tiny crystals even there.

She frowned and forced the growth over her right hand, forming claws at the ends of her fingertips. "Time to use the express elevator," she decided, swinging herself over the edge, and digging the claws into the concrete. Or whatever the devil's equivalent to concrete is. Deep furrows were left behind her as she slid down with the scrape of stone against stone. Dropping to the ground with a soft thud, she tucked her hands into her pockets, keeping the claws hidden. She had learned pretty early never to waste a potential weapon here when anyone might attack at any moment.

Ember stares at the man for a while, before relaxing her hand. She didn't have senses like Xuzys, but she could probably handle this man with her martial skills. " A bar hm? maybe we can get a map. " She chuckled softly, her long raven colored hair swaying as she leaned to her left a little, crossing her arms. " Smoking kills, you know. " She teased, chuckling briefly to herself.

Sen blinked up into the odd red and cloudy sky. it was brighter here than where she had been previously, but also.. darker in a strange way. there were still those massive buildings, that weird smell.. and something.. more. The girl realized she was being held, and flinched, scrambling out of the mans hands and standing, stepping back defensively, giving a small snarl. She was confused. overwhelmed. and an overwhelmed Fury was very likely to become angry very quickly if set of.. which was bad. " Who are you!/ Whats going on!? "


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